Kmuse’s Book Reviews (July 23, 2022)

Are you spending these super warm summer nights wishing for a little bit of romance? Then I have some great book suggestions for you! Come find out which recent romance novels have tickled my fancy in this week’s book review.

The book to read if you are looking for down-home hijinks

First Bride to Fall by Ginny Baird

Nell Delaney uses a bet between her sisters to give her that extra push to go after her long-time crush Grant. The only negative? If she can’t convince Grant to become engaged within thirty days, she will be duty-bound to enter into a marriage of convenience.

I am not always a fan of fast-moving romances that use a lot of sizzle and flash, ignoring the fact that our OTP (One True Pairing) doesn’t actually know each other. Ginny Baird avoided that pitfall in her book by putting her characters through the wringer when getting together. I loved that the plot was super sweet and mostly angst-free, yet still felt genuine and swift-paced. It was the perfect romantic novel combo that is so often missed. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series and see how everyone’s stories end.

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My favorite read of the summer!

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting by Sophie Irwin

Kitty Talbot must marry for money and has only twelve weeks to do it. What is a girl to do but go to London and find a rich man? Her quest hits a slight snag when she encounters Lord Radcliffe, brother to one of her suitors.

This book was one of the most enjoyable romance novels I have read in years. There was banter, a smart heroine, and a swoony male love interest. I could not have asked for a more likable pairing. From start to end, I was 100% Team Kitty. Watching her bowl over society with her single-mindedness was absolute perfection.

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American Korean OTP(one true pairing)? Yes please!

Booked on a Feeling by Jayci Lee

Jayci Lee’s romcom Booked on a Feeling features an overachieving lawyer. A failing bookstore. A childhood friend. And the chance of a lifetime.

I’m really excited to see more representation coming to romance novels. I was especially excited to read a romance novel where two Korean Americans were the OTP (One True Pairing). Booked on a Feeling brought all the swoony feels wrapped in a strong narrative. It was the perfect combo of adults finding a new direction in work and a new shift from friends to romance. The two changes in our lead’s lives worked seamlessly to bring us a fun and romantic story. Booked on a Feeling was my first book by this author, but hopefully it will not be my last.

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Are you looking for a good contract relationship? Then this is your book

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Hannah Brooks, bodyguard extraordinaire, finds herself guarding the body of megastar Jack Stapleton. Jack returned to Texas to take care of his sick mother, but has the slight problem of a stalker fan, hence the need for a bodyguard. They are forced to pretend to be dating and quickly fall for each other, but can pretend become a reality?

I give The Bodyguard a 4.5/5. I have been burned lately with women’s fiction that stated there would be romance, and then there was little to no romance. This was NOT the case in The Bodyguard. The story was full of quirky romantic hijinks, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as Hannah and Jack fell in love. If you are looking for a fun and fluffy romcom, then The Bodyguard is a must-read.

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The LGBTQ fairytale retelling you didn’t know you needed

The Fatal Rose by Sarah Bryant

The Fatal Rose is a retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, but it was the creative filling out the narrative which elevated The Fatal Rose to something unique. Florian and Ren were so well developed that the time flew by, and I was very invested in them attaining their happy ending. But it was not just the OTP (one true pairing) that I enjoyed. The creation of the cursed castle and its inhabitants was fascinating and helped flesh out the beautiful world-building. I give this book a solid 4.5/5 and would happily read another work by this author.

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