Top 5 Kpop MVs: Addictive Beats

With a kaleidoscope of rebel vibes, refreshing summer colors, and deep musings, what the one thing all this week’s MVs all have in common?? Undeniably captivating rhythms that grab on and don’t let go!! Check out these new song drops that hijacked my eyes and ears!!

Xdinary Heroes – ‘Test Me’

I wasn’t certain if Xdinary Heroes was going to be of those groups that debuted strong and then couldn’t follow through. I needn’t have worried. Back with a new mini-album, their title track ’Test Me’ is a total punk band bop!! It’s impossible NOT to sing along with the “ooh-ooh-ooh-aah”s in the chorus. If this song is your jam, definitely give the whole album a spin – it’s great!!

MONSTA X – ‘If with U’

The Universe app has been producing a steady amount of MVs for their collection of gathered artists. But I often find the songs released via this platform don’t get as much attention as they deserve. Case in point: this MONSTA X track. Don’t miss out on all the beautiful vocals and harmonies in ‘If with U’!!

STAYC – ‘Beautiful Monster’

This new song from STAYC caught me by surprise! I really love the flow of the music in combination with their vocals, plus the bright and carefree vibe of the MV! And maybe, just maybe, that big horn sound during the chorus intrigued me . . .

ZICO – ‘Seoul Drift’

ZICO is back from his mandatory military service and just dropped this techno-pop style single ahead of a brand new album due out next week! ‘Seoul Drift’ has a strong, driving beat, which contrasts the post-pandemic musings of his lyrics. Are we really okay? Are we ready to resume life as ‘normal’? See for yourself what ZICO has to say.

P1Harmony – ‘둠두둠 (Doom Du Doom)’

Do you ever push play on MV and it immediately brings a smile to your face? “This is my rhythm, this is my song” – I couldn’t agree with you more, P1Harmony. This song is definitely going on my summer anthems playlist! I love the music and I love the humorous MV – it’s just SO MUCH FUN (dum dum)!!

Bonus Track: Jay Chou – ‘Greatest Works of Art’

I HAD to share this fantastic MV my C-bestie sent me last week!!  Jay Chou’s nod to famous artists gone by is a magical adventure featuring amazing talent and deep reflections – an absolute delight!! 

There you have it music fans – all the songs I couldn’t escape this  week!!  What song(s) did you fall in love with on first listen recently? Let me know below!! Check out our YouTube list for easy listening:



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