Kmuse’s Book Review (September 1st, 2022)

This week’s book recommendations have a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you want romance, thrillers, or true crime, we have you covered.

The perfect romantic getaway read

Heartbreaker by Sarah MacLean

Heartbreaker is my first Sarah MacLean book, and I have to say I was very satisfied. The chemistry was on fire, and the action moved the plot along at a good pace. Adelaide Frampton was such a unique heroine and I loved the mix of master thief and wallflower. Add in Henry, a Duke who could always find Adelaide, no matter what disguise she was wearing, and you have an OTP (one true pairing) you can root for. My only note to those wanting to read this book….it creates a world that has a very different social structure than we often find in this genre. If you want the usual tropes of dukes and ladies who are worried about society, this isn’t that type of book. MacLean really does enjoy making her own rules when it comes to societal interconnections. Heartbreaker was a fun read and well worth the time.

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If you are looking for “justice no matter what the consequences” novel

Long Gone by Joanna Schaffhausen

I think what originally sucked me in when reading Long Gone by Joanna Schaffhausen was how it made me think of one of my favorite older tv shows, Rizzoli and Isles. There are obvious differences, mostly there not being an Isles character. But the cop with the family drama just really struck a similar vibe.

Long Gone has been my favorite book that I have read in the last few months. Detective Annalisa Vega is such a well-written character that I quickly connected with her trials. The mystery was wonderfully intricate, and I enjoyed untangling all the various threads. I will be buying the author’s backlog, and I rate Long Gone 5/5 stars.

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True Crime that makes you think…

Slenderman by Kathleen Hale

I was shocked at how much of this story, which I had heard about in various podcasts, I had wrong. So much of the information out there is sensationalized, to the point that I hadn’t realized the victim wasn’t dead. While the story did cover the attempted murder that shocked the nation, it focused more on the perpetrator’s undiagnosed mental illness. Also, it examined the cultural trends in identifying and dealing with mental illness in our judicial system. It was fascinating and I could not put this book down. I highly recommend it to anyone that has an interest in true crime as well as society and mental illness. I give this book 5/5 stars.

*Disclaimer* This book is written with a focus on the justice system and mental illness. So while the book covers the crime itself, it is more about how to punish those with mental illnesses. Because of this, it can come across as more sympathetic to the perpetrators. I don’t want to say I support the horrible actions that occurred, but seeing how society deals with unique mental issues is very interesting to me. Hence the high marks for this novel.

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