Kpop Crossover Groups: Must-See Covers

When you wake up to a new cover (of one of your favorite Kpop songs) from one of your favorite crossover groups, you know it’s going to be a good day! I absolutely love, love, LOVE vocal harmonies (I mean, who doesn’t?!) and deep bass singers, so today’s new music inspired me to share a selection of covers you don’t want to miss. These five quartets boast some truly phenomenal talent!! Are you ready?! Let’s dive in—

La Poem – ‘Answer’ (ATEEZ)

I first discovered La Poem thru their cover of ‘La Tempesta’ and quickly grew to love their range – they’ve covered everything from Broadway soundtracks to opera to popular western artists, as well as Kpop. After seeing their collaboration with ATEEZ during Kingdom: Legendary War, and now listening to their gorgeous cover of “Answer,” I can’t gush about them enough!!

Miraclass – ‘Decalcomanie’ (Mamamoo)

I never knew I needed a cover of a Mamamoo song from a male quartet, but Miraclass’s own jazz-style rendition and harmonies were just fantastic! And they just really looked like they were having a blast interpreting this song!  

Lettamor – ‘Don’t Say Any Word’ (Kim Hyun Sik)

Slowing it down a bit! I found this modernized doo-wop style cover of the classic Korean ballad from the ’80’s very soulful and moving. Just sit back and soak up the beautiful vocals of Lettamor featured here.

Forte di Quattro – ‘The Sound of Silence’ (Simon & Garfunkel)

‘The Sound of Silence’ has been covered endlessly, by artists around the world, but this haunting interpretation gave me goosebumps! And their stage for Immortal Songs was absolute perfection – I was transfixed!!

Forestella – ‘Bad Romance’ (Lady Gaga)

As with all the above groups, Forestella was also formed from the Korean reality TV show Phantom Singer. Their success over the last four years has garnered them an absolutely warranted, huge fan following! Their stunning vocals and larger-than-life stage makes this cover of “Bad Romance” very memorable!! 

Are you new to Kpop crossover groups? Or do you have a playlist full of favorites from this genre?? Drop down to the comments below and let me know!!



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