First Impression: Once Upon a Small Town

Have you ever wondered what an idol would look like holding a squealing pig while her costar stuck a needle in its butt? Or maybe how the same two beautiful people might fare while trying to help a cow give birth? I never thought a cutie vet having to take over his grandpa’s small town practice could be so calming. Come find out a few reasons why this fangirl is ready for farm country.

Small Town Charm

I have realized lately that I am addicted to the small town feel of South Korea. I need at least one drama in my rotation where everyone knows everyone’s businesses and they love each other like family. That means that this drama spoke to me when I wasn’t really expecting to start it. I clicked play and was happily calmed by the small town animals and the people that take care of them.

Cute Couple Alert

Ahn Ja Young (Joy) doesn’t have family of her own, so she has become the town’s adopted family and she helps everyone, including the town vet. This means when Han Ji Yool (Choo Young Woo) is tricked into covering for his grandfather while he goes abroad with his wife, Ja Young is stuck to his side. There is a childhood backstory, but it isn’t annoying me like some do. These two have an easy banter and a fun feel to their relationship. I don’t see it being that complicated or angsty, and I’m here for that type of romance.

Drama Format

Each episode clocks in under forty minutes and they’re dropping three each week. The show is also slotted to be twelve episodes. That means it’s the perfect size to be a palate cleanser among on the dark and intense dramas coming out right now. A little bit of puppy saving sunshine to lighten up your day.


Yup, I said it. She isn’t always my favorite, but I do like watching her when she plays a sweet character, and in this she’s an abandoned child who wants to be loved and appreciated by everyone. She flaps her eyelashes at the male lead, hoping he’ll remember her from their youth. She pairs well with the male lead who is fairly new to acting.

Will I Keep Watching?

Like I said in the format part, this show is a nice breath of fresh air amid all the darker fare. The shorter episodes make it one that I pop in and watch after I finish an episode of Little Women (my next first impression!) and lighten my heart.

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