Top 5 Kpop MVs: Captivating Kpop

This week’s kpop offerings are colorful and vibrant and enchanting – in a word, they’re captivating! Come see how Oneus, Kim Jae Joong, CNBlue, Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung, and new artist AF (Archaic Future) are lighting up screens in this week’s top 5 kpop post.

ONEUS – “Same Scent”

I’m loving Oneus’ new album Malus, and “Same Scent” is one of my favorite tracks. I mean, it’s Oneus – guaranteed I’m gonna like most if not all of the tracks on their album. But the slower, more intense feel of “Same Scent” is captivating, and the rich yet stripped down details of the MV fit it perfectly. 

Kim Jae Joong – “Nobody Like You”

The energy in this newest single from Jae Joong is so mature and resonant. I really love the vibrant comic-style colors that fully saturate the video, and the calm confidence of Jae Joong’s voice. This one is gonna be on repeat in my car!

CNBLUE – “Let It Shine”

CNBlue’s post-military musical offerings have been really engaging, and “Let It Shine” is a great example of that. I’m loving the almost rockabilly sound they’ve been leaning into, and the MV is all rockabilly, from the studded shirts to the mechanic garage they’re all hanging out in. 

Choi Yoojung – “Sunflower (P.E.L)”

I’m loving Choi Yoojung’s smooth vocals and the colorful street fashion permeating the MV. The wistfulness captures that end-of-summer feeling beautifully. It almost makes me think there’s time for just one more vacation before summer’s truly over. 

AF – “Fireball”

Do I feel a little bit lame because I don’t know who AF is? Yes. Am I fully entranced by his vocals, enough that I don’t care that my knowledge is lacking? Also yes. The feel of this MV is burning and smooth, and the artistry feels like a beautifully shot indie film. The vintage filters and use of blurred motion add great depth to a gorgeous melody.


Y’all, I’m sorry, I could not find the name of this song. But that doesn’t matter, because LISTEN TO KANG TAE OH’S VOICE! Goodness, is this man multi-talented or what? I love his range – in acting and in vocals. May the next two years go by quickly!

What new music have you got on repeat this week, music fans? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!

Until the next comeback, I remain —

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