Top Kpop MVs: Ready, Set, Play!

This week’s kpop is full of adorable idols, fun MVs, and great songs that make my playlist happy. Come see what Wonho, Stray Kids (AGAIN! YAY!) N.Flying, CNBlue, and new-to-me group DanJerous have for us! 

Wonho – “Don’t Regret” 

The buffest cinnamon roll in kpop has released another emotion-laden single, and I’m loving it. I really need to listen to the rest of the album, but in the meantime, enjoy Wonho doing what he does best – singing and showing off exactly how fit he is. 

Stray Kids – “Super Board”

My kids LOVE this song because of the “nyooom” sounds, and I’m happy to say they’re as playful and fun in the MV as they are in the song. There are even toys involved at one point, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m also enjoying the punk fashion moment I’m seeing in kpop, and Stray Kids ROCK IT. 

N.Flying – “I Like You”

This little bop is so fun – I love lighthearted N.Flying, and we get plenty of them here! Oh yeah, and I really enjoy the song too. It harks back to the early N.Flying days, where they were more playful. I’m glad to see it again!

CNBlue – “Trigger” 

Have I mentioned that I really love CNBlue’s new album? I do, and “Trigger” is such a great single. Also, check out the RIDICULOUS amount of bling on Yonghwa’s guitar. It’s blinding and I love it. 

DanJerous – “High Five”

The ENERGY in this MV…I love it! DanJerous is new to me, and I’ll be watching out for more from them, because they are a lot of fun. 

What will you be adding to your playlists, music fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know. And watch out for next week’s post, because it’ll be full of fun Halloween MVs!

Until the next comeback, I remain–

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