Kpop MVs: Classic and Contemporary Covers

We all have those favorite songs — maybe classics from before our time, or current music we’ve connected with on a deeper level. Because of their popularity, these songs often get an updated sound from an artist or group who also feel a strong attachment to the music and/or lyrics. So join me this week as we check out a few cover renditions I’ve been collecting to share!!

G-Dragon – ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

I don’t think there is anyone who’s unfamiliar with this well-loved ballad from Elvis. It’s a classic with a twist however, as G-Dragon adds his signature sound and gives us an upbeat rock rendition in homage to the king of rock ’n roll!! 

Young K – ‘Everglow’

I love Young K’s covers and his rendition of ‘Everglow’ is hauntingly beautiful in its simplicity. The electric guitar and Young K’s voice are the perfect combination to showcase this classic Coldplay song!!

Nam Dong Hyun – ‘As Long As You Love Me’

As a proud Backstreet Boy girl, I absolutely love this acoustic, one-man cover!! Nam Dong Hyun excels in playing multiple guitar parts AND harmonizing with himself for the lyrics — fantastic presentation of a teenage favorite!!

P1Harmony – ‘good 4 u’

I’m sure there are MANY versions of this Olivia Rodrigo favorite, but not only do I enjoy watching the boys of P1Harmony rocking out to the song with their fun MV, I also loved the addition of their own Korean rap break section as well! 

Maddox – ‘Easy On Me’

If you’ve not had an opportunity to hear Maddox sing before, you are in for a treat — this man’s vocals are AMAZING and he sings the most beautiful cover of this Adele classic I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. Just sit back and enjoy!! 

Kim WooJin – ‘Castle On The Hill’

I have a soft spot for Ed Sheeran songs, so imagine my delight when I came across this cover from Kim WooJin! His voice has a lovely mix of range and power, and he really nailed this version of ‘Castle On The Hill’!!


ATEEZ are always giving back to their fans, and members WooYoung and SeongHwa gifted fans the most beautiful covers on their most recent birthdays!

WooYoung – ’12:45’

This simple piano version of Etham’s original song, accompanied by WooYoung’s emotionally raw vocals, was absolute perfection! My only wish is that we could have had a full rendition!!

SeongHwa – ‘Angel Baby’

Forgive me while I gush!! SeongHwa is my ATEEZ bias and I love this love song as dedicated to ATINY. Accompanied by a MV filled with his flawless visuals against a backdrop of several European cities, his sweet vocals had me swooning HARD!! 

I love the variety and reimagining of song covers! What are some of your favorites?? Drop down to the comments and let me know!! 



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