Top 6 Kpop MVs: Comebacks That SLAP

Just hit me in the feels and call me emo, kids. iKON is BACK and my world is rejoicing! Add to that some emotional entries from SEVENTEEN and Agust-D, and it’s been a productive couple of weeks in kpopland! Come see what songs have me reaching for the tissues, and which ones have me dancing along in solidarity.

iKON – “Tantara”

I AM SO HAPPY! I’ve loved the solo efforts that the iKON members have been making, but seeing something so strong and so upbeat come from iKON after their switch to a new agency is making me smile from ear to ear. Let the party begin!

ONEUS – “Unforgettable” 

ONEUS has reinvented themselves once again, and I’m loving this effort! There’s a dark sort of happiness to the MV – contemplative and rich and somehow still upbeat despite being the end of the world.

BTOB – “Wind and Wish”

BTOB is all together again, now that Sungjae is back from the military, and this song is just so HAPPY, even though it’s reflecting on a breakup, full of good wishes for the one they’ve parted from. I’m loving how much of a bop it is. The rich solos from everyone, the layered harmonies, just EVERYTHING – I’m a fan. 

Seventeen – “Super” (손오공)

“I love my team, I love my crew.” SAME, Seventeen, same. Their confidence just oozes from this MV, and the positive reflection on their career so far is engaging. They’re taking this comeback seriously, and I loveloveLOVE the fashion-forward hanbok they got to wear! The references to Sun Oh Gong (The Monkey King from the iconic story Journey to the West) are absolutely BRILLIANT.

Park Jihoon – “Blank Effect”

Park Jihoon definitely embraced the darkness within in his last drama, Weak Hero Class 1, and continues the trend with “Blank Effect”. There’s an interesting contrast between his tormented self and his hidden sadness in the MV, and it’s deftly portrayed. Not that I would expect anything less from Park Jihoon. He’s very, very good at what he does.

Agust D – “Haegeum”

The spiritual successor to “Daechwita”, “Haegeum” is defiant and thoughtful – everything I’ve come to expect from Suga’s solo personality. Haegeum means not only the traditional instrument, but liberation from the banned, according to Suga’s interview with Jimmy Fallon. 

(I also highly recommend watching “Amygdala” if you’re in the right place for it, but take those trigger warnings seriously – Suga doesn’t hold back, and I was brought to tears more than once. I have to applaud his use of a distortion filter and the muted color palette to deepen the meaning.)

What’s hit your playlist lately, music fans? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!

Until the next wave of comebacks, I remain —

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