Top 5 Kpop MVs: Battle of the Bands

Are you ready to rock?? This week we’ve got an excellent list of videos that will fulfill any K-band cravings you might need satiated!! Fan faves, indie vibes, and debut group spotlights are all waiting for you after the jump. . . Let’s go! 가자!!!!!!

Young K – ‘let it be summer’

I have missed Young K SO much!! Newly returned from his military service obligations, he came and dropped what might just be the BEST summer anthem song of all time!! For those of us who wish for endless summer, these lyrics are spot on. And if I ever wanted to jump inside a MV, it would be this one — such beautiful scenery! Oh, and did I mention the rock guitar-led music is fantastic too?! What are you waiting for?? Push play already!!


It’s been almost a year since FTISLAND last brought us new music and I am THRILLED that they have a new album out!! In their title track ‘Sage’, Lee Hong Gi’s powerful vocals are perfectly matched with the ebb and flow of the song’s instrumentation. You don’t need to understand the lyrics to feel the emotional clash between melancholy and triumph in this powerful rock ballad!!

ONEWE – ‘Omnipresent’

With a couple of their members currently serving in the military, I didn’t expect to see a new single drop from ONEWE! This unit, featuring rapper and guitarist Giuk (formerly CyA) and drummer Harin, was a fantastic surprise!! Giuk’s signature vocal color, the fantastic guitar riffs, and the brilliant drum grooves come together to create the perfect song to rock out to!

1415 – ‘Trouble’

Okay, so this is not exactly a rock duo. However, I stumbled onto this MV recently and I immediately fell in love with the simple acoustic guitar and drumbeat rhythm of the song! Add to that the unique and refreshing vocals, and it was giving me a rock-band-lite kind of vibe!!

RIIZE – ‘Get A Guitar’

Yes, I totally admit this is a stretch, as this is a newly debuted boy group and not a rock band. BUT I just couldn’t pass up sharing this fun and funky, guitar-focused bop! I’m impressed with these rookies — they’ve got strong vocal harmonies, as well as smooth and groovy choreography! Check it out!!

Who won the battle to make it to the top of your playlist?? Drop in the comments and squeal over your favorite K-bands with me!! 



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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Battle of the Bands

    • Yes they are, AND they are also label mates with CNBlue and N.Flying!! I just watched some great concert collab clips between Ft. Island and CNBlue and N.Flying – such fantastic energy and camradiere!! FNC definitely has a great line-up of artists on their label!!

      Get a Guitar is such a great song – can’t help but loop that one!!

      • Will look into this. P1Harmony and SF9 have such different vibes to me, so it’ll be interesting too see where the others fall. P.s. I love Keeho

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