Podcast 127: Doom at Your Service Episode 1-6

Our motto here at DWASOK is, you can never have too much Seo In Guk. Okay, maybe that’s just Kmuse’s motto. That, and you always need a hot serial killer to make your story better. Now, there aren’t any serial killers in this story, but there’s plenty of Seo In Guk to go around for both the recaps and our podcaps. We had a ton of fun talking about all the hot almost kisses and one very sexy real kiss, along with turtlenecks that eat heads and the darn potted plant of DOOM.

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The Maknae’s Spooky Journey through the Classics: White Christmas

It’s been a while since I did a journey through the classics–all the airing dramas lately have been top-notch, and it’s been difficult to find time for old fan favorites. Kmuse insisted that I needed to have White Christmas under my belt, though, and since she rarely steers me wrong, I pressed play on the first episode. Come see if it was the right Halloween drama for me!

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Heartbreak and Hotties Highlighted in Man Living in My House 3rd Teaser


I am very interested in Man Living in My House (Sweet Stranger and Me) after watching all the promos.  The concept of a heartbroken women heading back to her childhood home and discovering an unknown step-dad (who just happens to be her age) is unique.  And since I am sure there will be some type of valid reason why he married her mom that doesn’t give me the icky feelz (there better be a reason or I will be cranky.) I am anticipating their romance. Continue reading