Heartbreak and Hotties Highlighted in Man Living in My House 3rd Teaser


I am very interested in Man Living in My House (Sweet Stranger and Me) after watching all the promos.  The concept of a heartbroken women heading back to her childhood home and discovering an unknown step-dad (who just happens to be her age) is unique.  And since I am sure there will be some type of valid reason why he married her mom that doesn’t give me the icky feelz (there better be a reason or I will be cranky.) I am anticipating their romance.

** SYNOPSIS: Hong Na Ri works as a flight attendant. Her mother passed away 3 years ago and she doesn’t have any other immediate family members. Hong Na Ri returns to her hometown to visit her mother’s grave during her death anniversary. There, she sees a young man at her mother’s grave. The man, Go Nan Gil, introduces himself as her father. Before Hong Na Ri’s mother died, she married Go Nan Gil. He now lives at her mother’s house and runs the small dumpling restaurant that her mother ran. ~~ Based on webcomic “Woorijibe Saneun Namja” by Yoo Hyun Sook.


What I take away from the teasers so far is:

  1. Someone has a quirky sense of humor.  I loved the 1st two teasers (See underneath the 3rd teaser on the off chance you have not seen them) and the humor used when promoting the I am your father concept.
  2. I equally enjoy the more serious melancholy feel of the 3rd teaser.  For some reason the thought that our leading men will help our leading lady out during a time of emotional stress works for me.
  3. The pops of color in the cinematography are gorgeous.  I really hope that this is the same filter they will be using for the actual drama.  The brilliant pink of Lee Soo Hyuk’s jacket, the popping blue of Kim Young Kwang’s sweater, the gorgeous teal of the house in the background….it is a visual feast and I really hope we get more of it in the future.

Man Living in My House airs on October 24th.

3rd Teaser

2nd Teaser

1st Teaser

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