Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 7

With Netflix adding more and more Asian content every week, there is tons of stuff to check out. Come join me as I give some new suggestions as well as dramas to skip, since not every show is not created equal.

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Kaddict Problems: New Teaser Overload

I have barely survived this last batch of dramas with my sanity intact.  Especially considering that my current schedule includes two Chinese dramas that air 6 to 8 episodes a week.  So what am I to do when a whole new batch of teasers are released?  I don’t even have time to give them each an individual blog post, let alone watch the dramas they are promoting.  Which means it is time for some tough love.  So join me as I sift through the upcoming shows and rank the best to worst…at least via their teasers. Continue reading