Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 7

With Netflix adding more and more Asian content every week, there is tons of stuff to check out. Come join me as I give some new suggestions as well as dramas to skip, since not every show is not created equal.

Recommended Dramas & Movies

Meteor Garden (2018)

Are you yearning for a classic drama story without all the extreme abusive situations that they usually include? Then try the Chinese drama, Meteor Garden. This adaptation of the story (same as the Kdrama Boys Over Flowers) manages to keep the binge-worthy feel of the show while getting rid of the hazing and abuse of its predecessors.

Master (Movie)

Do you miss Kim Woo Bin as much as I do? Then try Master! He truly shines as a swindler that is double crossing his boss. This movie came out just before his medical leave and will give you that little bias boost that you need to get you through this hard time.

Kim’s Convenience

I just finished season 3 and could not love this TV show more than I already do. Come find this hidden Canadian gem about a Korean family who owns a convenience store and combines their eastern culture with their western surroundings.

Bad Dramas Ahead

Usually, I only give one bad show review in this segment, but I literally had a dream I was writing this post and had two that needed to go here. So, just in case that is the universe’s way of warning to you avoid these dramas…here we go


This movie had critical aclaim so I went in expecting to love it. I HATED THIS MOVIE. Not only was the plot really at a snail’s pace, slow but you don’t like any of the characters. Not even Yoo Ah In’s naked bottom scene made this bearable. (Clkytta: I want those hours of my life back!)

There are spoilers for this next drama that I am warning people away from.

Well Intended Love

I saw this pop on Netflix and immediately added it to my queue since I usually love this type of trope. However, then I heard some very disturbing details regarding the plot. Not only does the leading lady NOT have cancer but she is mislead about her health because the leading man wanted to force her into marrying him. WHAT THE FUDGE IS THIS ALL ABOUT? Talk about a horrible basis for love. You can’t tell someone they are dying, make them marry you for money to fight the illness, then declare that they are totally fine, and you just did it out of love. That is wrong on so many levels that there is no way to justify this relationship in a positive light.

There you have it! My latest list of Netflix hits and misses. To check out my other recommendations click HERE. And be sure to follow the blog to get all the latest Asian drama information.

Til our next great drama,


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6 thoughts on “Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 7

  1. Thank you for agreeing with me on “Burning”. A truly awful movie with no redeeming value. I saw it in the local theater, but I had a pass so no money wasted, only my time. I couldn’t even review it on my blog because it upset me so much.
    YAI looks emaciated in his scenes, and you cannot convince me that the saggy nekkid buns we saw in “Burning” was the same set of buns that filled out those blue jeans so well in “Secret Love Affair”.

  2. Thank you so much for this honest review! I just downloaded the first episode of Meteor Garden! I can’t wait to watch it even if the plot will be familiar. Kim’s Convenience looks like so much fun! I’ve been missing Kim Woo Bin, now I can watch him again!

  3. i love Kim’s convenience!! esp the dad – too funny. i find myself being in their situation once or twice during my younger days and can relate to them.

  4. Saw Burning at TIFF last year. Excellent film, excellent directing, excellent acting. I’ll watch again on Netflix.

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