4 Reasons You Should Check Out The Chinese Drama “Go Princess Go”


I had a ton of family staying at my house this last week, so needless to say, I needed some serious drama therapy as soon as they left.  And whenever I need a pick me up, be it due to illness or roving in-laws, I head straight to the cheesier side of dramaland.  Yup, I want fluff.  Fluff so fluffy it could be confused for cotton candy due to the fluffiness.  So I was ecstatic when I found the Chinese drama Go Princess Go (subbed on Viki).  Now this is grade A fluff. So come join me as I give you a few (slightly shallow) reasons to check out this gender bender time traveling fluff of a drama.


#1. It is a reverse gender bender……….kind of

I have been saying for years that I would love to have a plot line where a guy dresses up as a girl and goes about society, rather than the usual girl faking her gender trope.  And I guess I finally got my wish.  If you can call a playboy getting knocked out at a party in 2015 and traveling through time 1000 years, only to wake up in the body of the crown princess, getting my way.  Yup, we have the ultimate “dude looks like a lady” situation going on here.


Life is hard when you are a totally hot lady just looking for love in all the wrong harems.  Especially when you have two very sexy men, one being your husband, who are suddenly interested in the new you.  Not to mention all the women have no clue that you are really trying to seduce them.  I am having a lot of fun watching all the hijinks in the court and how the new, quirkier, more masculine, Zhang Peng Peng.

#2. Crystal Zhang is flipping hilarious

Crystal Zhang might be my new C-Actress crush.  She is hilarious and luckily is able to make me believe that she is a dude in a girl’s body.  Not so much by how she acts, but by a mixture of how she looks at life, and the guys voice over through many of the scenes.  I think I am going to have to check out some of her past work.



#3.  It is the best kind of fluff drama when you are searching for something super fluffy.

Sometimes a drama addict gets overwhelmed with super serious and intense dramas.  It is times like this that an extremely cheesy drama is necessary for one’s sanity.  This is just such a drama.  I highly suggest you don’t start watching expecting any type of epic romance or plot.  It is obvious that the director and wardrobe department decided to just reach for the big cheese in the stars.  How else would you explain our leading man looking like the love child of Highlander and Batman?



#4. I am enjoying all the cheesy romance and seduction attempts.

There is just something so amusing about watching the crown prince and 9th prince try and win the love of Zhang Peng Peng.  All of the scenes containing their wooing just makes me smile.  It doesn’t make sense and it is seriously messed up (talk about the ultimate case of catfishing) but oh so funny.  As I said earlier, just sit back and turn your brain off.  Otherwise, you might be overwhelmed by the nonsense and fart jokes…. but if that is what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed.


And if deep down I kind of wish Zhang Peng Peng would hook up with her husband, then that is my own deep issues.  Because this drama messes with your OTP feelings since really you shouldn’t have ships between the three guys (even though one is a woman…….. kind of).


So come give Go Princess Go a chance.  You never know, it might be the Chinese drama of your dreams.  Or then again, it might be a dude pretending to be a princess, dressed up like a good Chinese drama.  Either way, take a chance and let me know what you think.


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  1. Couldn’t say it better – cheesy with a side of cheesy followed by a cheese chaser. But sometimes, that’s what you want. I’ve been watching in unsubbed so I’m really happy Viki is picking up the slack.

  2. I’m still laughing out loud…at the drama and at your post, both! Especially that hilarious “we shouldn’t have ships between the three guys” sentence is one of the best things I read these past few days. BTW, the farting scene made my sister one true fan (she still believes that, through this odd plot, the drama producers make their own statement against all the crazy censorship…)
    PS Needless to say, the “love child” is quite impressive 😉

  3. Thank you so much for recommending this! It’s so camptastically fun and has a heart. Even if they aren’t historically accurate, the costumes and the sets have such a great design POV.

  4. I did find a lot of humor, but this ain’t your fluff drama. it was freaking awesome, insanely brutal with the honesty. This drama showed so much imagination in set and costume design it is already legendary. It will capture your heart and set your imagination on fire.

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