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It’s valentines day which means it is the time to think about romantic dramas we can watch with our loved ones, or alone with a huge quart of chunky monkey ice cream.  Hmmmm I think if it was a choice between the ice cream and watching a romantic drama with my husband I might go the ice cream route.  Sounds like a good Valentine’s day to me.  Now the hard part is finding just the right romantic drama which is something the Fangirls would like to help you out with.  Come check out our top romantic dramathon picks and make your Valentines Day perfect.

Cracktastic Romance

Kmuse’s Picks


Hotel King

This was one of those surprise dramas for me.  I actually did not really enjoy the first several episodes, but around episodes 3 magic happened.  Or maybe I just had a bit of a Stockholm syndrome moment.  Either way, I was so addicted to these dysfunctional lovebirds.  You can’t beat a really well-done makjang drama and this is by far one of the best with a great love story to boot.  You can’t beat that age old “we might be siblings but I love you in a non-sister way” trope for amping up the angst.

History of the Salaryman

This drama sounds like the most boring thing ever in the synopsis and then ends up being HILARIOUS.  While not being your traditional pretty boy/rich girl OTP (One True Pairing) they are perfect in this meta-comedy and end up being made for each other.  If you can go succeed at being hobos together on the run than your relationship can weather any storm.

TurtleMaknae’s Picks



I finally watched this drama, a bit late and loved it. The romance between the two characters was so cute. He is so clingy and like a child but in a cute, endearing sort of way. The need each other, take care of each other and fill in what each other lacks. So cute! i love when they snuggle.

Oh My Venus

I love how they fell in love slowly but passionately. They have so much aegyo to each other and it’s ridiculously adorable. I love that he just wants her to be healthy and safe, getting fit just happens to be the way to do that and she wants him to be happy and not in pain and helps him find out how to do that.

Straight up Traditional Romance

Kmuse’s Picks


Reply 1997

This is the drama I have watched more than any other drama (11 times and am still looking forward to the next watch) and it continues to stand up.  And sure Seo In Guk is my #1 bias, but it is the great storyline that makes this a must watch for people who love a good romance.  It is a slice of life drama which follows a group of friends from high school to present day.  The focus is on Seo in Guk’s unconfessed love for his best friend.  It is 100% romantic and just plain awesome.

City Hunter

Say hello to the #2 drama I have rewatched the most, which might be because it is my gateway drama when friends show an interest in trying something Korean. It has everything action, revenge, and a sexy romantic Lee Min Ho in very deep V shirts.  It is a must watch for the kdrama romantic.

Clkytta’s Picks


Noble, My Love

This is a web drama so it’s short, but I loved it.  Pushy rich guy, and a hardworking poor veterinarian meet and he falls hard for her.  He’s been burned by love before so he comes across as overbearing and pushy and a lot of people complained about that, but keep watching.  He’s not trying to rule her, he’s just clueless.  Even though it’s a short drama, the characters are well developed.  I enjoyed the back and forth between our hero and heroine and I loved how spunky our heroine was.  This is one I like to watch when I don’t have a lot of time.

I Need Romance 3

Two words, sweet potato. I love Sung Joon, no, let me rephrase that, I love Sung Joon’s character in INR3, he’s funny, sweet, strong and totally and completely sexy.  Modern, independent woman has a man from her past show up on her doorstep, but he’s not a former flame and their memories of the past are completely different. I loved all the snuggling in this one, I love a good snuggle scene and this is  full of lots of skinship. The side stories are interesting and fun and this is the only one of this series that I really liked.

TurtleMaknae’s Picks


Reply 1997

They are childhood friends turned lovers! How more traditional can you get? I love it.I love their relationship. It’s probably not the healthiest but it sure was a blast to watch.


The love between an idol and a normal girl probably isn’t most people’s definition of tradition romance but this one is. They were childhood friends who dated before but kinda ghosted each other due to an uncomfortable situation caused by their young age. They met again by chance and fell back in love. Aaaaaaa…… Anywho their love is just like anyone else’s only they have to keep it secret. Shhh!

Tragic Romance

Kmuse’s Picks


Kang Koo’s Story

This is the perfect drama if you don’t have a lot of free time or if you don’t want to cry for more than a few hours.  With a short 2 episodes, it is sweet, romantic, and sad all in one strong drama punch.  Not to mention that no one does tragic despair better than Lee Dong-Wook who plays a thug who secretly moves to the coast to take care of his dead best friend’s sister.

My Spring Day

There is always a chance with heart transplant stories that tears will be the norm.  This drama is no different.  But while there are tears, it remains one of my favorite sad romances.  Truly likable people falling in love and making every day count like its the last.  If you want a drama that is going to give you romantic feelz while you cry, then this is your best pick.

Clkytta’s Picks

sorry i love you.jpgI’m

Sorry, I Love You

So Ji Sub’s character is so complex and tragic.  I hated this drama the first time I watched it because it was so sad, but I kept thinking about it.  So I watched it again.  It’s one of those you watch when you need a good cleansing cry.

TurtleMaknae’s Pick’s


School 2015-Who Are You?

This one is tragic turned happy! Twins who don’t know they are twins until one dies and the other forgets everything and becomes the other! Not the only twist! The Live Twin falls for the Dead Twin’s friend who is in love with the Dead Twin! Then the school clown/weirdo falls for the Live Twin as the Live Twin! Then the Dead Twin comes back! Does the Dead/Not Dead Twin love the childhood friend? Does he still love her or does he now love the Live Twin? Twist, Love, twist!

A Touch of Magic

Kmuse’s Picks


My Love From Another Star

I have so much love for this drama. The chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyeon is off the charts.  Not to mention it is rare to get a drama with an alien theme, let alone an alien theme that is super romantic.  If you are looking for a good laugh and a little bit of magic, this is the one for you.

I Hear Your Voice

Lee Jun Suk is one of my favorite actors, but who knew I would love him even more when he took on this noona romance.  He and Lee Bo Young were such a fun odd couple and I can’t count the many times their bantering made me smile and squeeee.  Not to mention the mind reading aspect was a surprising twist.  Just writing this makes me want to go check it out again.  Maybe this will be my own Valentines Day rewatch.

Clkytta’s Picks


Secret Garden

This was one of the first kdramas that I watched, and it’s still my favorite. Poor orphan girl, rich conceited guy meet by mistake and sparks fly. They drink a magic wine and suddenly they switch bodies.  Hilarity ensues and they have to depend on each other and they come to know and appreciate each other’s lives.  I appreciated that there was more to the story than just magic wine.  Kim Joo Won’s mom is a total piece of work and is one of my favorite kdrama villains. What do I love the most about this?  Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won had so much chemistry they sparked all over the screen. I would love to see them as a couple in another drama.

Bride of the Century

I debated on putting this one on here, but I liked about 99% of it, so…   BotC is like a modern fairy tale, complete with a family curse and mysterious identical girls who aren’t twins.  It gets a little shaky in places, but I really liked how they wove the curse throughout the drama. This drama isn’t all serious, there are a lot of really sweet moments and some extremely funny moments.  The chemistry between our two leads is good and I really enjoyed seeing Lee Hong Ki as the hero.

TurtleMaknae’s Picks


Oh My Ghost

A woman in love uses a ghost to get the man she loves and a virgin ghost uses the woman in love to use the man the woman in love loves to move on. Wow, that was a mouthful. Needless to say, man falls for woman and is in love but also thinks she a bit crazy. Kinda Crazy, Kinda Cute!

The Master’s Sun

I need to touch you to survive! Romance that starts with physical touch! Oh la la! Lol, not completely. It’s more of a Dog and a Cat fought until they fell in love. The guy is scary but ghosts are scarier! However, Love is the scariest and triumphs over all!

Hanbok Romance

Kmuse’s Picks


The Moon Embraces The Sun

I would rate this as my #1 romantic historical drama.  It is also the one I would suggest to those of you who are not really into historical dramas. It is a made up monarchy (unlike the majority of sagueks) which gives the writer the ability to amp up the romance.  Sometimes it can be depressing when your OTP is separated by historical accuracy, but with this show, you don’t have that problem.  It is pure romance from beginning to end.

King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang

Yes, I know this is a really long commitment but the great writing and intense romance makes it worth the effort.  There is intrigue, a long-lost princess, impostors, and birth secrets galore combining to make the perfect historical romance.  It is truly a hidden romantic gem of a drama.

I hope our suggestions help you make this holiday even better, or really any day when you want to get a little bit romantic.  Is your favorite on the list?  Feel free to share your own choices in the comments!

Til Next Time,

The Fangirls

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  1. In King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang, I especially liked that a various times in the heroine’s life, there were three different men who might have been her romantic leads. Each was right for that moment – but she was the one who could decide when to stop. I think I might go rematch some episodes now.

  2. History of the Salaryman, King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang and Noble My Love are my favorites. I’m so excited you mentioned them!!

    • as a whole, I actually thought King’s Daughter was the better story. More of a long term strong story where Empress Ki had those bursts of really good narrative in between down swings. But loved both. If you liked Empress Ki, I bet you will love King’s Daughter.

  3. Loved seeing Secret Garden (still in my top 3 all-time favs) and Bride of the Century (not mentioned very often), in the list, Clkytta!!! Think I’ll have to watch both again very soon! Altogether a great list…thanks!

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