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SJK 10.jpgAsk and you will receive!  We had a request to start writing actor bios covering various star’s filmography  and whether the shows are worth watching.  I especially like this kind of thing so am happy to be writing our first article in our new segment “Fangirl Stalking” starring everyone’s golden boy Song Joong Ki.  If there are specific actors you are interested in having us cover, be sure to give us a shout out in the comments. 

I figure the best way to go about this is first sharing the dramas I think are must watch works by the actor.  Followed by the shows that could go either way.  This means that they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you really could skip and not miss much (at least in regards of the actor featured).  These are the shows that are for those die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  So come join me as we jump right in to all things Song Joong Ki.


Must Watch

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – S Scandal (that name still gives me issues 5 years later) was the first drama I ever watched that included Song Joong Ki in the cast.  While SJK wasn’t one of the OTP, I felt that he was the runaway character of the show…….and with my heart. Think extreme busybody who loves to cause mischief in the form of a khottie and you have Ku Yong-Ha.  He was truly a joy to watch.

SJK 4.png

Running Man – A lot of you probably don’t realize that Song Joong Ki was one of the original members of the Running Man cast.  He played the hot brainiac of the group and was around for about 80 episodes.  I was devastated when he left but at least we will always have recorded evidence of when Song Joong Ki and Kwang Soo became BFF’s.  You can check out the Running Man early years now on Dramafever.  I personally think they are some of the best of the whole series.

SJK 8.jpg

Werewolf Boy – This movie was that moment when Song Joong Ki went from regular khottie to critically acclaimed darling.  Filmed right before he entered his military service, Song Joong Ki stunned audiences with his portrayal of a feral boy falling in love.

sjk 3.jpg


Depending On The Mood

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) – This drama is actually a 10 in my books.  However, I know that a lot of people don’t really enjoy the revenge genre as much as I do.   As for me, I will always be a fan of Kang Ma Roo’s (SJK) broken blank gaze as he seduces an unsuspecting Moon Chae-Won

sjk 11.jpg

Descendants of the Sun – I personally think this is Song Joong Ki’s best character to date.  Sadly, the same can not be said of the writing and his co-star.  So watch it for Song Joong Ki and maybe if you stare at him enough you can ignore the sub-par plot.


For the Die Hard Fan

Tree With Deep Roots – This is yet another drama that I absolutely love.  However, Song Joong Ki only played the younger version of the famous Joseon King, Lee Do.  After 3 episodes we say goodbye to our royal hottie and jump 20 years in the future.  Still worth a check for those die-hard fans.  Or anyone who also loves Jang Hyuk.

SJK 6.jpg

Penny Pinchers – I  didn’t really enjoy this movie.  Sure there were random cute scenes but as a whole it was very forgettable.  Watch this if you need fluffy Song Joong Ki filler but don’t go in expecting something amazing.

sjk 12

This concludes the first ever Fangirl Stalking.  I look forward to covering a lot more asian actors in the future.  Remember to let me know if there is anyone specific you would like to see featured.

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  1. Ooh. Love love this new feature! Song Joon Ki!!!!!! Lol. I will check out a werewolf boy based on your recommendation. I have a feeling it’s going to be a sad movie though so I have to prepare myself. Next up, can we have Yoo Ah In pretty please with a cherry on top? Thank you :).

  2. My first intro to Song Joong Ki was Triple – where TOP’s current GF ignores our boy throughout most of the drama and I was throwing things at her stupidity LOL He utilized his ice-skating ability in that drama!

  3. I’ve only seen him in S Scandal and Tree with Deep Roots. Tried Nice Guy but had such a hard time buying him as a hard hearted ladies’ man when he was still young and baby-faced.

    Would love for y’all to dive into Eric Mun’s filmography. I’m looking forward to his Another Miss Oh starting today, and I’ve seen Discovery of Love and Que Sera Sera.

  4. I have watched Triple (twice!) and though SJK is not in much of it he is the #2 reason why I watched – The #1 being Yoon Kye Sang (my first K-drama bias). But I could tell even then that he was going to have a great career. With S scandal I FELL in love with him – in that I wanted to be his Unnie. But with his latest drama I finally get what people mean when they call him hot. He has grown up nicely. Enjoy the new posts.

  5. Hello! Ah can you do the same version for Seo Inguk pretty please? I just discover this hidden gem this year(shame on me!)and I cannot wait to read your opinion about him! I always loved to read what other people thinks about my bae and you know what? Because of Seo Inguk, I have discover this great blog of yours so I need this kind of review about my Bae too! Many thanks in advance! Oh before I forgot, I am super love his Louie character in SKL, so so so much love, haha.

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