Cinderella and the Four Knights has a Khottie filled 1st Teaser


The synopsis for this drama just speaks to my inner Disney fantasy loving soul.  Or maybe I just love a reverse harem story that stars Jung Il Woo.  Hmmmm.  Yup, I think it might be the 2nd reason.  Either way, I am super thrilled that Cinderella and the Four Knights is only four weeks away from premiering.  Which means teasers, stills, and promos galore in our future!


The first teaser is pretty self explanatory.  They are rich, have fast cars, and are really really hot.  Oh, there is also a girl, but so far we are focusing primarily on the khotties.

**SYNOPSIS: A spirited, smart and nice teenage girl, good at sports, hates her home life due to her new stepmother and stepsister. She dreams of escaping her home where she’s treated as an outsider, and one day she helps out an old man and he extends an unusual offer to her. She’s invited to come live in a giant mansion and attend a prestigious high school, where she gets to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. There are four other inhabitants in this house — three beautiful brothers and one bodyguard — who are stubborn and free to do as they please. She opens their frigid hearts and they become their own little family and find love along the way.

Cinderella and the Four Knights is set to air on August 12th on TvN.


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