Squad 38 Episode 8 – A Quickie Recap


It’s time to begin some new cons and let some side characters shine as we do a speedy recap of Episode 8.

Sorry for the very late recap.  My PC died this week which ended up being both a blessing and a curse.  Sadly, it made me slow on blogging since doing stuff on my phone just doesn’t work very well.  On an up note, I was able to make some crazy headway into my “currently watching” pile of dramas.  Silver linings right?


So this is going to be a very very short recap.  Thankfully we just watched mostly setup for the next stage of our con game so it is easy to breeze through this one.

The New Marks

Since Mr. Bang is obviously very astute and used to getting what he wants, the con team goes to his weak points.  Namely his two children.  Mr. Bang’s daughter is cautious but has an addiction to buying antiques.  She likes gifting/collecting antiques to avoid all those pesky inheritance taxes.


Mr. Bang’s son is not the brightest bulb and runs a vitamin pyramid company.  He is easily conned by Min Joo into falling for a fake Chinese antique scam run by Jung Do.


Loan Shark Madame & Min Joo

I loved that we got to see some of the side characters in our con-team take center stage.  It was a lot of fun to watch  Loan Shark Madame and Min Joo step up front and center in the scam.  Now if the writers could just find something for poor Seung Hee to do, I would be happy that our girls are representing.


Seo In Guk in Glasses

Do we really need to say more than this?  That boy looks mighty fine in a pair of spectacles.

Seo In Guk with no Glasses

Yet again, self explanatory.

I warned you this would be a super short recap.  I promise to have a more in depth recap for Episode 9.

Til then,


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