Squad 38 Episode 16 (Finale) – Pros & Cons

1ad1dsvsdx20.jpgWe are at the end of yet another drama and it is time to calculate all the factors and decide whether this drama is a keeper or whether we should shove it into the kdrama vault and forget it exists.  Which means it is time for us to balance out the pros and cons. 

PRO: We finally have a complete picture as to what the con was and how it was executed.  Thank goodness because all of those quick phone calls at the end of episode 15 were stressing me out.1ad1ds.jpg

CON: Even though the story went step by step through the chronological history of the phone calls it remained a bit confusing.  Especially since we did not receive any foreshadowing to help us know what was part of the con and what was inprov.


PRO: All of the bad guys got kicked in the butt with the karma train.  Our Con Team tricked President Choi, Crooked Detective, Director Ahn, and The Mayor into shuffling money to each other and were taped in the process.  This provided the Con Team with evidence of money laundering.

CON: Jung Do had to sacrifice himself in the process of the con to get the concrete evidence to convict the bad guys.  He was filmed shuffling money from one person to the other connecting the bad guys.  He then turns himself in as a witness of illegal money laundering.


PRO: We had a wonderful moment where Jung Do and Seong Il got to say goodbye before Jung Do turned himself into the prosecution.  Meaningful looks were shared, promises were made, and their bromance remains intact.  It was beautiful.

CON: I was a little sad that Jung Do couldn’t say goodbye to the whole Con Team.  He knew they would have issues with his sacrifice so he avoided confessing all of his plan.

PRO:  The Tax Team took back all $100 million that President Choi owed the state.  It was karma that President Choi had to lose so much because of his illegal shenanigans.  I also loved that Seung Il got to figuratively twist the karma knife in the end.  It was adorkable.


CON: Poor Seung Hee never really made it as a strong character.  She fell the way of almost all OCN women and became barely a footnote in her own drama.a6.png

PRO: I loved that some of the bad guys found forgiveness after serving their time and making amends.  At the same time, I am glad that all the evil doers didn’t feel guilty about their actions.  The mix of reactions makes things much more believable.  I hate dramas where everyone and their dog has an epiphany and then a happy ever after.

PRO: Ma Dong Seok’s cameo of his character from the drama Bad Guys was EPIC!!!!  For those of you who have seen the drama Bad Guys, you will recognize the intro scene for his character Woong Chul who is a gangster in prison.

CON: Sadly, a lot of viewers have not watched Bad Guys and I noticed the cameo went over most people’s heads.  There was a lot of talk about this indicating a season 2 but I have to say that, in my opinion, it was really just an awesome cameo.  It also makes me want to go check out Bad Guys again.




I really enjoyed this drama.  That said, I think I enjoyed the first half a tad bit more than the latter.   Once Jung Do went to jail that second time, he and Seong Il just lost a bit of that vibrant energy that was present before everyone knew what the long term revenge con was.


It was the difference between the honeymoon stage of a bromance and one that had become complacent due to being comfortable with each other.  Both are good stages but one is just a tad bit more exciting and new.


I really had fun with this drama but I think I am ready to say goodbye to our Con Team.  If they make a season two I would watch but naratively I think they have told the story that needed to be told.  It also helps that Seo In Guk is currently filming his new drama so he won’t be gone long.  Be sure to check back often to see all the news on Shopping King Louie.  Thankfully a Fangirl’s work is never done.

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  1. at least they leave the footnote/disclaimer on the bad guy character… loving how we start with bsi… n then jail jungdo… n end with jail jung do… and sort of bsi. i have to say even with other inguk drama….. i have some moments when i question the ending a teensy bit (n this question lingers to most kdrama) … but this ending was kinda smooth for me. sacrifice for the greater good… with jungdo like… im a con artist.. its a given im gonna serve time at some point yet again. THAT “HYUNG” HITS ME HARD! no manly bromance bear hug tho. n no sexy lips action. sokay inguk ah… i will see it in ur next romcom. altho deep down kinda wish tht louie wasnt as soon coz i kinda dont want people to let go or move on from jungdo. jungdo is damn amazing.
    p/s: i realized in soompi n wat not sooyoung fans was kinda piss off n stuff. which i get seeing i starting to wonder where sunghee is. kinda make sense too tht the squad are the main focus… n sunghee is a mere voice of reason. have a feeling coz its SM content, so sm would wanna put one of their own, necessary or not. at least sooyoung can act.

  2. Squad 38 is in the same league with Bad Guys and Signal…exciting, well written and acted, and very memorable! This was one of the funnest dramas I’ve ever watched; I soon resigned myself to knowing that I had no idea what was coming next.

  3. It is only today that I saw the finale, and was nicely surprised by the Bad Guys reference at the end. I thought I was imagining things, and actually had to go back to check on the names of the characters, but I was right! Very nice. I really enjoyed it.

  4. ,,,and now I need to watch Bad Guys! Thanks for the explanation–I was so confused!! That said, I still am hopeful for a second season. This writer created one for Vampire Prosecutor, so it doesn’t seem completely unlikely that they could do the same for this drama. And the scene of the second case of “flying money” shows the entire tax team as participants, so I have hope that Sung Hee will become more active in the next season. Hey, I can hope!!

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