Upcoming TvN Drama The K2 Releases Teaser, Poster, and BTS Stills


I am really trying my hardest to resist this drama since I do NOT enjoy this writer.  Their previous works of Reset and Yong Pal started out really strong and then just petered away into annoying confusion.  But since I usually give an actor three strikes, I can do the same for a writer, right? Especially when the stills and teaser make my heart race with anticipation. b11

**SYNOPSIS: Kim Je-Ha (Ji Chang-Wook) is former solider for hire. He is also called K2. He is hired as a bodyguard by Choi Yoo-Jin (Song Yoon-A). Choi Yoo-Jin is the wife of a presidential candidate (Cho Seong-Ha) and the daughter from a chaebol family. Meanwhile, Ko An-Na (Yoona) is the secret daughter of the presidential hopeful. She is also a recluse.

Ji Chang Wook is looking AMAZING.  His arms make my heart palpitate. I am also a sucker for well-done fight scenes and from everything I have seen so far, the drama should have action in large doses.


Even Ji Chang Wook’s BTS (Behind the Scenes) shots of his practicing the fight choreography are gorgeous.  As are his arms, his chest, his legs………. Pretty much physical perfection.


The K2 will air on TvN starting September 23rd.



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8 thoughts on “Upcoming TvN Drama The K2 Releases Teaser, Poster, and BTS Stills

  1. I really hope Yoona’s character isn’t anything like the female lead in Yong Pal. Her initial description sounds very close. And Yong Pal had awesome action at the beginning and then it all ended. BOO. I will watch just to see Chang Wook being all cool and sexy as the bodyguard.

  2. It’s not promising that I wasn’t even interested enough to try and watch any of the writer’s previous shows. Plus Yoona is not a great actress. Buuuut, just look at that man. Those arms! That tan! The moves! How can I not watch!

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