Seo In Guk Channels His Inner Homeless Hottie in 2nd Shopping King Louie Teaser


The new Shopping King Louie teaser makes me want to take another look at the homeless people in my city. Just in case there is an amnesiac khottie in hiding.  What?  This is a totally believable situation … if you are in Dramaland.1b1.png

Luckily we are in Dramaland. Which means our homeless Seo In Guk is just cute, adorable, and doesn’t smell like a sewer.  It is also perfectly OK to have him follow our leading lady (Nam Ji Hyun) around like a baby chick imprinting on the first person he sees.  Is there such a thing as innocently stalking, because that seems to be what is happening in the teaser.


I am still undecided as to whether I will be recapping this drama.  It all depends on whether the first episode inspires my blogging brain.  Either way, I will be watching with bated breath as Seo In Guk brings yet another new character to life, making us fall in love with him, all over again.


Shopping King Louie will be replacing W-Two Worlds on Sept. 21st.


CLICK HERE for Naver link.  Will replace with youtube as soon as it is available.

0 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Channels His Inner Homeless Hottie in 2nd Shopping King Louie Teaser

  1. Homeless hottie. awwww. Yes, you do want to take them home, feed them, give them a bar of soap, razor and clothes and just let them clean up. The last time I saw a homeless hottie onscreen was Adam Baldwin in the indie film “The Keyman: Finding Redemption.” So sad.

    It’s been years since we had a good Home-Shopping Network drama. The 2 biggies that stand out for me are Daljah’s Spring and Rooftop Prince. But I know there were more afterward. Like Queen of Office had it as part of the plot, so hilarious.

    I’m not sure what this is about, but I’m glad it’s replacing W, so I don’t have to add more to my growing Live-watch plate! Whew! The trailer is so cute. Though there’s nothing cute about his sorry situation. 🙁

    I look forward to this one. Seo In Guk grew on me after I watched I’ll remember you. I wasn’t really a fan. But he’s a very good actor and now I am.

  2. Hello, back again! I looked up the drama synopsis, and apparently the lead girl is an “angelic” country bumpkin. I get so wary of those character descriptions. We all know those country kdrama bumpkins, and they are scrappy and tough. Sure, they’re angelic, to everyone BUT the leading guy. They get slappy & pouty and rude, and many times guy hasn’t done much to warrant her hatred. I HOPE that’s not the case here. Makes me angry. She’s very cute though, not sure about her acting abilities, but I’ve never seen her dramas.

    • Usually I would agree, but I adore this actress and she does the country bumpkin so well. What Happened to My Family is one of my all time favorite family dramas and she had a similar personality. She rocks that type of character

      • That’s good. I look forward to seeing her. I wasn’t judging her specifically from the trailer, I meant in general. The trailers are cute and they look adorable together.

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