Mane of Glory Recap #3


It was an exciting week in Sageukland with both our royal leading men laying claim to their lady loves….. or eunuch love as the case might be in Moonlight.  But there was plenty of conflict and hotness to go around, so join us as we chat about the best khottieness moments of the week. 


Before we jump into recapping can we have a quick moment of silence for the beauty that is Prince Bo Gum and Wang So?  Or if you can’t be quiet in the face of their gorgeous visages, a tone appropriate squeal of appreciation.  They both looked AMAZING this week and it should be noted.


Now back to plot based khottie appreciation…


Bitch Mom & Wang So

One of the most powerful scenes in episode 4 was between Wang So and his mother.  What does everyone think about this scene and does it explain Wang So’s dual persona?

JENNIE: Poor kid just needs a hug! I have no idea how she can call herself a mother. I knew from that moment where she wanted to look better than everyone else that the selfishness was a whole other level. The Karma gods better give us some good revenge.

KMUSE: I just knew he killed all those people to protect that psycho he calls a mother.  I hate her with the passionate hate of a hundred bad dramas.  I hope she grovels by the end and receives no redemption.


CLKYTTA: I don’t want her to grovel, I want her to suffer agonizing losses (that don’t include any of our hottie princes dying of course).  I want her power stripped away and for her to be exiled far away from any of her sons.  She will use his love for her to break him down even more, just watch.

KdramaJen: How could a mother do this to her child?  My heart was breaking for 4th prince.  His tears made me want to smack her and hug him!

DRAMA GEEK: Talk about mommy issues. I think by the end of the drama they should send her off to some savage place to be “adopted”.

She Is Mine

CLKYTTA: Those words literally turned me to mush.  It’s one of my favorite tropes when the hero grabs the hand of the person about to slap or beat the heroine and claims them as his person.

KMUSE: I agree with CLKYTTA.  But I appreciated the later scene when Su snaps at Wang So for claiming her as his.  Like she is his dog or something.  These two are just so cute together.

 JENNIE: Their personalities really balance each other well. I liked it even more when he asked if he could call her his person instead of his thing, and she almost agreed until she remembered what she was arguing about. Ha!


KdramaJen: So, that is THREE dramas this week where I felt like melting when there was a claim staked.  I love that she was spunky and would not accept it the way he said it, though!

DRAMA GEEK: I’ll be the kill-joy here. I hate when a lead claims someone else as theirs, and I cheer when the girl kicks that claim to the curb. Here I felt like So was doing it to knock everyone off kilter. Especially since everyone believes he doesn’t have a claim to anything in the city, or the palace. For So it was almost refreshing to see him feel that something might be his. Except she’s not an object, and I don’t think he considers her one at all.

The Other Woman/Sister


DRAMA GEEK: Excuse me while I find a bucket. Every time she comes on screen I gag. And the two princes discussing who should marry her almost sent me over the edge. I don’t think So has one bit of interest in her, he just likes going against his brother. I will block out all the real history surrounding her, and hope she becomes someone’s maid.

 JENNIE: They’re really good at making me hate all the bad guys. She needs to be fed some humble pie, ASAP.

KMUSE: I was infuriated when the princess said, “How fun would it be to turn an animal into a human?” The huge Ick factor aside (sorry, but a half sister should not be lusting after her brother… I know it was the times but EW.) the princess is a royal witch and personally can go burn with Wang So’s mother for all I care.

GIF EW.gif

CLKYTTA: This princess is a piece of work. If she’s going for the incest theme she needs to find her own level and hook up with Mad Bad Eyeliner Prince.  They can destroy each other and save the rest of the gang the trouble.

KdramaJen: She is so catty and mean.  I do not like her one little bit.

Princely Moments – Non OTP (One True Pairing)

 JENNIE: I’m an openly admitted EXO-L, but I’m not crazy about Hunnie’s acting. He’s much more manly than they’re letting him be, and he keeps standing up at awkward times and he’s just overall stiff. There’s room for improvement.

KdramaJen: I have seen this young man make girls swoon while running around on stage.  This is not one of those moments.


KMUSE: If they were trying to desexualize Prince #10 (EXO Prince) than they totally succeeded.  He reminded me of my eight-year-old son trying to look cool to my oldest daughter’s besties.  In the words of my daughter…….”She is out of your age range, dork.”

CLKYTTA: Oh I think EXO Prince is cute and comic relief and absolutely not a romantic threat in any way.  He’s that goofy guy we all know who thinks he’s awesome and has no clue that he’s there for comic relief.

DRAMA GEEK: For my own safety, I think I’ll decline to comment on all things Prince 10 from here on out. 🙂


KMUSE: Oooh!  I want to hug and pat Ji Soo’s bottom and tell him “fighting”.  I’m an ahjumma so that kind of thing is allowed right?  All kidding aside, I like how Su’s casual interaction with all the princes are breaking down emotional barriers.

CLKYTTA: I loved how she went straight into Noona mode with him.  He’s trying to be all manly and keep face and she’s hugging him and telling him he can be anything he wants to be when he grows up.  I was glad to see Ji Soo Prince acting more Ji Sooish and less like Scooby Doo on roller skates.


JENNIE: This is the Ji Soo that steals my heart!! He pulled out his noona killing guns this episode, and I was shot dead.

KdramaJen: Ji Soo!  This was SO much better than last week.  Yes!  Let him have some serious moments where he is not dressed like a crayon and he will shine!

DRAMA GEEK: Ji Soo needs to just hang out with Su and So all day. Su’s instant Noona-ing of him was super cute, and I could totally see them being besties. And his scenes with So were tense and angsty. Yet, I could see them being great brothers if history would have allowed.


KMUSE: Thank the kdrama gods.  They gave Ji Soo something more to do than giggle with the EXO prince.  Angsty or angry Ji Soo is always the best type of Ji Soo.  I loved that his confrontation with Wang So brought out his awesome inner angst.

 JENNIE: Will you just look at that face! He has really good angsty expression. Love those!

DRAMA GEEK: Yup, going toe to toe with So brought out the angry puppy I love.


KMUSE: Prince Baek Ah also had a few moments of intensely well-done angst.  Realizing that his brother and Su were in mid-crush, he is furious with the two.  Confronting both Lady Hae as well as Su for acting inappropriately.  You could tell it was killing Baek Ah that his first love was suffering.

KdramaJen: “Big” was better this week too.  I loved his emotional reaction to learning about the poem.

DRAMA GEEK: Total props to Daebok. Okay, okay Nam Joo Hyuk. He underwhelmed me in School 2016, but he’s doing a great job here. His character voiced the frustration I was having with the characters. Your wife/unnie is dying, STOP making googly eyes at each other. It’s just wrong. And how tragic for him that his one sided love also found herself in a one sided love.


 JENNIE: I’m glad someone loves her as much as he does. However, I’m afraid it won’t end well.

CLKYTTA: This one sided love really got me.  This prince isn’t a playboy, he’s in a doomed one sided love affair.  I think when the inevitable happens and Myung Hee is gone he’s got a 50/50 chance of going to the dark side.

KMUSE: This scene just goes to prove that despite all the heart flutters and crushing going on between Wook and Su, it is Wang So who really gets her.  It was hilarious that Su gave an emoji picture rather than a poem.  Great way to remind the viewer that she is from the future.

CLKYTTA: That cracked me up!  I think it was a  great way to bring the character full circle and remind us that she’s a modern girl trapped in the past.

KdramaJen: If one is illiterate and can’t communicate, then an emoji is definitely the way to go!  So cute!  And having everyone act it out was kind of adorkable.

DRAMA GEEK: This scene was everything I’ve wanted from the princes. They were adorable and I LOVED that So figured it out. He doesn’t just find her amusing like Wook. He seems to know she’s an outsider like himself, and he pays attention. I died when I realized it was an emoji.

The Korean Wizard of Oz


KMUSE: I can’t help but feel that this guy is totally in the know about the future.  Just the way he takes Wang So under his tutelage.  Anyone else think that the Astronomer guy is placing his bet behind the royal pony he knows wins the future king race?

CLKYTTA: I think he pulled her in on purpose.  Some people are born in the wrong time or have lives that don’t go along the path that they should and I think he’s changing her path as well as the princes.

 JENNIE: What a great title for him! The way he avoided her when she first saw him says it all, he brought her there for a reason.

KdramaJen: I must say, he looks a tad bit more put together in this life.  I wonder how much he knows and what role he will play in the future.

DRAMA GEEK: He knows all and sees all. He brought her here and he has a plan to get the 4th prince his kingdom. Now if he can just do something about that whole marrying his sister thing. I believe in you K-Oz.

OTP Favorite Moments


CLKYTTA: When he’s destroying the prayer rocks and she stops him. She’s not afraid of him and she knows he’s hurting. I love the sense of awareness that fizzles between them that we get from this interaction.

KdramaJen: I loved the picnic scene and the way we can see him slowly softening toward her.  He has this sweet side that just hasn’t been nurtured.  Come on!  Someone nurture this poor boy!


KMUSE: I love that our OTP really are just friends at this point.  Wang So isn’t on her radar as a man, and to be honest, I don’t think Wang So really looks at her as anything but a friend right now.  Sure Su amuses Wang So, but what is really important is that she just sees him as just some random dude and not the scary deformed prince.  Thank goodness the writer is delaying the romance feelings for these two.  I can barely handle the Prince Wook, Lady Hae, and Su triangle right now without adding the intensity of Lee Joon Ki’s dark prince into the mix.

 JENNIE: Agreed, she needs to get over her crush on Wook first.

DRAMA GEEK: Um…. everyone picked the good scenes. LOL. I liked the snow scene too because they’re both comfortable with each other and they actually just talk. Also when she sees him in the palace. It was nice for her to see him in his new duds. I also like that right now they are both strangers in this place, and they are starting to become friends.


Alternate OTP Favorite Moments

Episode 5 was all about Prince Wook and his burgeoning feelings for Su.  Hers as well, but I think we can all agree that the focus was really on Wook and his awkward marriage situation.


KMUSE: I am so conflicted.  On one hand, they have some crazy good chemistry, but on the other, I feel so guilty shipping them anytime his wife shows up on screen with her stoic yet devastated looks.

CLKYTTA: I’m ok with this.  Myung Hee is that noble character who just wants her husband to be happy.  She’s not mistreated; she knows she is in an arranged marriage and they have affection for each other even though it’s not love. She is dying and she wants to make sure that Wook is taken care of.  If she weren’t sick, it would be an absolute no go, but it’s obvious she’s fading fast and putting her home in order before she leaves.

 JENNIE: Ugh, I’m having shipping issues, too. I also want him to be happy, but I want him to do it right. I’m glad they didn’t kiss as that would complicate things, that was a close call.a12a28

KdramaJen: Kang Ha Neul is totally killing it in this role!  He is making my heart flutter with all of his tortured looks.  I know it is wrong, but he is just so TEMPTING.

DRAMA GEEK: I’m split down the middle because I’m LOVING Ha Neul. He really is beautifully stoic and his eyes mesmerize me. But… his wife is literally dying while he woos Su. I know she knew he didn’t really return the affection she had for him, and that is was arranged from the beginning, but she’s on her death bed coughing up blood and he’s out there playing follow the leader in the snow.


KMUSE: I did appreciate that they showed Wook being guilt ridden about his feelings.  That helped me not feel that he was a total Cheating McCheaterpants.

KdramaJen: Mr. McCheaterpants looks darn sexy while full of self-blame and guilt.  Again, Kang Ha Neul is giving me moral compass issues.

DRAMA GEEK: Yes, his guilt is helping me still feel for his character.


CLKYTTA: I’m totally confused as to why anyone would take an obviously consumptive person out for a stroll in the snow.  The last scene was heartbreaking, but it was also a catalyst for what’s to come.  Everyone is single now and she’s already got the late wife’s blessing.  Will he go for it or will he play noble idiot?

KdramaJen: You would think a transplant from the future might suggest growing some mold and making some antibiotics or something.  I don’t know.  She managed to make soap.  Seriously, though, I would think she would at least think, “Hmm.. It’s snowing.  My cousin has obvious respiratory issues. Maybe a walk is not a good idea.”


KMUSE: Was I the only one that found it very awkward that Wook’s final moments with his wife had Su trailing behind them like a third wheel?  I know that they were trying really hard to show that his wife wanted him to move on and marry Su.  Which is all fine and dandy, but I think it would have been a much stronger moment if it had just been the couple alone.

DRAMA GEEK: His wife knew she was on her death bed. She knew this would be her last walk with her husband, and Su knew it too. When she asked her to put her makeup on her, their internal conversation was beautiful. Why on earth Su walked with them is beyond me. I really wish they’d had this moment to themselves. It was beautiful and sad. But it still felt off because of Su’s presence.


Our Thoughts:

Since I know there is a lot of discussion about this drama and its drop in the ratings, does anyone have any thoughts as to why?  Or what you would change if you could?


KMUSE: I would literally pay money to see the director do some long distance shots.  I have no problems with closeups for emotional emphasis.  But when almost every shot is a giant head on my screen, it totally loses the impact.  Not to mention I feel bad for the beautiful clothes and hairstyles that so many stylists put countless hours towards.  Seeing angsty expressions on Khotties is usually one of my favorite things.  However, this time, it is just too much.

Not to mention that the subs show up on everyone’s faces during the close-up filming.  Not cool for us that are trying to enjoy the cinematography.  What do zits and subs have in common?  They both don’t look great on our Khottie’s chin.  Grrrrr…

CLKYTTA: Kmuse, thank you for saying what I was thinking!  I’m literally counting eyelashes and wondering how many times they are going to do a closeup of Kang Ha Neul’s nose.  I think the ratings are suffering because there are so many good dramas out right now and people are trying to juggle what they are watching.


 JENNIE: I agree with CLKYTTA, although I’m really enjoying this show if I had to pick one Sageuk it would be Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

KdramaJen: I am completely sucked into this story.  The acting appears to be more consistent and now I just want Wang So to show his mean mommy all of his awesomeness. He is slowly starting to show his playful side, and I am loving it.  As far as ratings, I think there is a lot of competition.  Luckily, I don’t have to choose between this one and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, but if I did… Well, it would have to be Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.  Sorry, Wang So.


DRAMA GEEK: I think there are a lot of factors with the domestic audience. And maybe a bit too complicated and possibly political to figure out. But I will say that I think people are wanting lighter dramas right now. I didn’t finish Doctors, but it got super high ratings and it was the much fluffier of the two medical dramas going head to head. The same is the case with Moonlight and Moon Lovers.Thankfully for me, Moonlight is not only fluffy, it’s also wonderfully director and has a killer cast. I’m glad I don’t have to choose between Wang So and Prince Puppy Bo Gum.


Love is the Best Medicine


DRAMA GEEK: I loved every moment of him trying to figure out if she’s the dancer. He was already attracted to “him” before the dance (even if he didn’t want to admit it) and now those eyes are making the prince so confused. What’s a boy to do when his bff eunuch looks like a tantalizing girl? Shower her with medicine balls apparently.

CLKYTTA: I loved when he popped the medicine ball in her mouth.  He’s so protective of her and she has no clue.

KdramaJen: So… I was texting Kmuse at that very moment. There were definite exclamation points.  That was…intense.

 JENNIE: Oh my goodness, I was worried for the first few episodes I would have SLS because I love Jin Young, but Bo Gum swept me off my feet. He’s amazing!

KMUSE: I love me some good finger to mouth skinship.  Especially when you realize that the finger is left there long after the medicine has been consumed.  Prince Park Bo Gum’s lack of understanding of personal space is one of my favorite things about this drama.

Friends Torn Apart by Politics

CLKYTTA: I sense that these three were a force to be reckoned with when they were younger.  I’m curious if the bromance can be renewed and our little friend triangle can be complete again.

KMUSE: I was surprised at how deeply I felt the two boys pain over being on separate sides politically.  The thing is, I can see where both of them are coming from.  One is looking at the situation as the future King and sees the festering boil that is his Step-grandfather.  And sweet 2nd lead has to feel some allegiance to his family and can’t just turn his back on them……… unless they are after his eunuch crush.  Then all bets are off.

DRAMA GEEK:Why oh why does adorable second lead have to be a Kim? The three boys could have grown up to be quite the threesome. But unfortunately the Kim faction wasn’t happy with things and I suspect that all the shite that went down ten years ago had something to do with why these boys aren’t close anymore. I hope that this episode shows that our boys will join forces when the need arises.

Bodyguard’s Secret

1b8KMUSE: Noooo.  Say it isn’t so Guard Kim.  You can’t be sneaking around politicking behind our Prince Bo Gum’s back.  My heart might be broken right now and no amount of sexy assassin hair is going to make this OK.

CLKYTTA: I’m going to give Guard Kim a chance to explain. There has to be more to the story.  There has to be!


KdramaJen: Guard Kim will not betray the Puppy Prince.  I just know it.  I hope…

 JENNIE: He’s got to get his priorities right. (Nods to Harry Potter fans)

KMUSE: And while we are on the subject of Guard Kim.  How did our eunuch girl not recognize Guard Kim when he was running away from the guards?  His mask was off, she got a full on look at him.  Sorry, but that mane of glory is crazy distinctive.  I would recognize that hair anywhere.

DRAMA GEEK: Sexy assassin hair covers all sin for Guard Kim. I feel like he is in a very similar position to Yoon Sung. He wants to do what’s best for the people and he knows how weak the king is and he knows how strong the Kim faction is. So I feel like his sneaking around is kind of a back up plan if the prince isn’t able to assume the throne and take full power.

Our Alternate OTP

Making a Move

KMUSE: I finally feel that Yoo Sung has passed that dithering 2nd lead hurdle as to whether he is going to openly pursue our lovely Eunuch.  I always hate when the 2nd lead just stays in the background and does nothing to progress his love interest.  At least here, I feel he is making a valiant effort….even though our leading lady seems a little oblivious to the fact.  I can now be satisfied as I watch him lose to Prince Go Bum and not feel that his character was wasted.


Also, kudos to Jin Young who is killing this role.  Many of you might not be knowledgeable about his past acting roles.  Often he is accused of playing the same character ever single time because he can’t act.  I think someone took that to heart and signed up for some acting lessons because Jin Young is doing an amazing job.  Who knew that he could at least hold his own (to an extent) against Park Bo Gum.  Let’s give the idol actor a round of applause and hope his success continues.

Will Kill You For Love

1b41KdramaJen: JinYoung as Kim Yoo Sung was just fierce when he threatened the baddie eunuch.  I really thought he might kill him on the spot.  This was a great scene because it showed a side of him we haven’t really seen yet.  His eyes were all flinty and full of malice.  It makes me think he might be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

 JENNIE:Goodness, he was awesome in this scene. I love how hard he’s fallen for her without regret. Poor kid is going to be lonely forever.

KMUSE: His hotness level went up 75% after this scene.  So sexy.

CLKYTTA:This guy is no ordinary Second Lead, he’s really got the dividing line between first and second lead all squiggly because he’s really showing so many first lead traits.

DRAMA GEEKI love that his character is just as strong as the prince. He’s thoughtful, caring and playful. And he knows when to pull the guns out to protect those that he loves. I look forward to seeing this actor in more sageuks. He has a really great historical presence.

Saving The Damsel

KdramaJen: I love, love, love that our early bromance trio worked together to save their friend/lover/eunuch.

JENNIE: I was almost worried for a moment she wouldn’t get back until after she was in China, but I should’ve known they had a plan to save the girl and the kingdom. I was doing the happy dance when he got his comeuppance!

Drama Geek: I have to admit that I was a little annoyed at the prince because he wasn’t helping by trying to stop the convoy. I’m actually a little upset at myself for not having more faith in him. I kind of wish the actors they got to play the Chinese officials were a little better. That scene was good, but it could have been epic with the right bad guy.

Our OTP Favorite Moments

Diving into Love

KdramaJen: I squealed.  Like really make a high pitched keening sound that made the dogs bark.  THIS was one heroic moment full of layers upon layers of meaning.  The PRINCE jumped into the water to save a mere eunuch.  No wonder rumors have been flying.


 JENNIE: Wet Bo Gum, need I say more? Honestly, for the first time I felt how deeply he had fallen for her, despite not meaning to. So sweet.

CLKYTTA: My heart stopped, I clapped and had to pause it so I could appreciate all that was happening.  My deep thought at the moment was, how does he still look so sexy underwater?


Drama Geek: Okay, the diving in was swoony, and wet Bo Gum is nice. But my favorite parts of this scene were when all the eunuchs jumped in after him, and when they walked away and the princess was left in the boat. That’s what this show does the best. It’s touching and hilarious almost at the same time.

Festivals & Wishes

KdramaJen: :  Is there anything sweeter than someone making a wish that your wishes will come true?  I am not sure my heart can take these sweet gestures that just betray his feelings at every turn.

KMUSE: Just when I think he can’t get any more swoonworthy, he goes and does something even better than his last swoonworthy moment.  I think I might as well just lay down while watching this drama because Prince Bo Gum keeps making me swoon.


 JENNIE: That other girl thought he was buying her a lantern, ha! She’s going to be a hurt later one.

CLKYTTA:When I saw what was written on the lantern my heart jumped, he’s already fallen so hard for her and he has no clue.

Drama Geek: Prince + wanting her wish to come true = Noona Love 4Ever.

Jealousy Sucks

KMUSE: Oh dear heavens! Prince Bo Gum’s expressions were priceless.  I think that jealous Bo Gum is my favorite type of Bo Gum.

KdramaJen: Wow.  Nothing like announcing you are going to go get frisky with the girls to convince someone you are not really the innocent girl he saw at the dance.

 JENNIE: He took that hard, but it opened his eyes to his feelings. I’ll take it.



Drama Geek: Haha. I died when she cozied up to the gisaeng. And it brought about one of my favorite scenes. The doctor pronouncing him sick with love for an unattainable person. Poor puppy. Bwahahaha.

Pervy Qing Emissary

1b35KdramaJen: Gross.  Nasty.  He gave me chills.  I was expecting Hottie Body Guard to kick in the door.  When I saw it was the Prince, I think I was as shocked as our lady eunuch!

KMUSE: Yet again, all I can really say is “ew”.  I was so happy when Prince Bo Gum drew his sword on the icky perv three separate times.


JENNIE: Nasty, aggressive, A-hole. Thank goodness our prince saved the day. Although I’m sad he didn’t hear the whole conversation about how she was the girl dancing. Then again, our show would be over.

CLKYTTA: This guy is more than just nasty, he scares the snot out of me.  This scene really showed how helpless she was and how the people in power could do whatever they wanted.

Drama Geek: The guy was gross and the situation gave me chills. But dang did I cheer when the crown prince kicked his way in to save her.


Prison Romance

KdramaJen: Kim Yoo Jung is just awesome in this drama.  She really made me believe she would be willing to exchange her life for our Puppy Prince. I am so impressed with her acting!

 JENNIE: The prison cuddling was just too cute! I love how she tried to get him to leave and he wasn’t having any of that.


CLKYTTA: I loved how he gave himself an hour to be with her.  He had to see if she was ok and try to do what he could for her.  I’m not sure who was comforting who.

Drama Geek: These two and their closeness. And by that I mean physical closeness. If you watch all their scenes, there is rarely much space between them. I loved that he sought her out to just be with her for a while.

KMUSE: I loved the close prison snuggling (or the closest to snuggling we are likely to have at this point).  But what I was really thinking throughout this scene was how absolutely perfect Park Bo Gum’s face was.  The lighting just made him look like an Asian angel come down from heaven.  Absolute perfection.


Prince Bo Gum’s Dramatic Entrances

KdramaJen: Watching Prince Bo Gum wielding a sword and kicking butt was pure awesome.  When he strides toward his eunuch love and slashes through the ropes…it was just epic!  I might have watched that scene more than once.  Maybe twice. OK. It was five times… So swoon-worthy!

KMUSE: You would have to be blind to miss Prince Bo Gum’s love for his Eunuch after this scene. These were not the actions of a rational prince, these were the reactions of a man in love.


Drama Geek: When Guard Kim said he’d take care of everyone and Prince Puppy was like, “You should have told me that before I got out my sword.” I busted up. Again, great action and onscreen presence mixed with that perfect amount of humor. Also, can we please acknowledge Guard Kim’s eyebrow? Yes, just the one. He keeps the other hidden, but all he needs is the one. This guy is only 18, I am so excited to see his career take off.


You Make Me so Angry (aka “I Love You”)

KdramaJen: When one is suffering from “nun’s disease,” it is common to feel angry toward the object of one’s forbidden love.  Park Bo Gum is playing this part so well.  It is so freaking obvious that he is helplessly in love, but all he can do is say she makes him angry because “I love you” cannot be.  AHHH!!!  This show is SO good!!

KMUSE: I am so glad that they actually referenced the big, not so secret, secret involving the prince’s love for his Eunuch.  The way Prince Bo Gum was sending out “I love you” vibes there is no way that the palace staff would miss it.  Even Prince Bo Gum was totally aware that he had crossed that line with his bestie. His expression below and his words at the dramatic sunset scene scream “crap, I am love with a man and I don’t care”

 JENNIE:: I about died at the end when he told her he was more angry when she wasn’t around so she would just have to stick by him. I may or may not have turned into a puddle.

CLKYTTA: Watching him walk through the flags like an avenging angel made every fangirl’s heart flutter.  The whole drama could have ended happily there with him rescuing her and riding off into the sunset.

Drama Geek: This could have been corny. Music, flapping flags. Then… Bam! Drama Geek on the ground from swooning so hard. They road off into the sunset like the drama heroes they are. Making my heart patter after them.

Our Thoughts

KdramaJen: Overall, I feel like I have a schoolgirl crush every time I watch this drama.  I am so in love with it.  Seriously, I feel my heart race like I am in 6th grade again.  The feels!!!!  I wake up every Monday full of anticipation for both of these dramas.  They just keep getting better and better!

 JENNIE: I just saw yesterday that Kim Yoo Jung wasn’t the first pick for this role, but I’m so glad she took the part, because she is slaying it. Shipping them so much. One of the best romances I’ve watched in a while!


CLKYTTA: Now I’ve always liked Park Bo Gum, I adored him as Taek, but I am madly and wildly in love with him as the crown prince.  He is no pretty puppy, he is oozing masculinity in this role.  I am having some serious daydreams about his prince coming to my rescue. I’m loving both of these dramas, but my heart is totally bound up in Moonlight right now.


Drama Geek: I really don’t know if I can ask for a better OTP. Both of these two are slaying their characters. Their depth of emotion coupled with their comedic timing makes this drama watcher a very happy camper. But it’s not just the OTP. I’m enjoying all the side characters too.

KMUSE: Everything is literally perfect.  I could not be happier with the story, the romance, and the cinematography which is phenomenal.  My only complaint is that we have to limit the blog post so I can’t use all the screencaps I get.  So here are a ton of extra Prince Bo Gum goodness that was extra.  He is so beautiful that it deserves to be shared.  Even if out of context.


That is all for this week, but be sure to check back every Thursday for a new edition of Mane of Glory.  Because our love for hot guys with lots of hair will never die.

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  1. Wow! You noonas have outdone yourself. This is a fablulous recap for both dramas…you left nothing unsaid. I love all the great screen shots too. I’ve taken a lot of screenshots of the palace, in SH. Amazing sets for both dramas! The lantern lightings in MDBC were so lush and inspiring! Also her soap presentation scene …heck the entire queen versus queen, king enters scene was charming as all else.
    Great job on these recaps! Know that I am squeeing and all aflutter like the rest of the fans! : )

  2. I agree with you guys that maybe the audience is currently liking more fluff than serious stuff but then we have wed-thu where w gets more ratings than jealousy incarnate which is lighter and refreshing. But I am curious as to what didn’t even pull the audience to watch the first episode. Were they so put off by the pre production format after uncontrollably fond that they didn’t even tune into watch the first episode of a very hyped drama or the fact that such time travels are not so liked?

    I am still watching scarlet but it is pretty obvious that the show is somewhat a let down, i mean i’m still onboard but it isn’t as great as many had hoped that it would be given all the hype. I believe it is the writers and directors fault. What sets moonlight apart is the direction and the humor in what actually is a very cliche premise but that alongwith the acting make its execution well done.

    • I am enjoying the story and the actors (for the most part are really good). But the directing is not my thing. I enjoy a fuller picture rather than just the faces. Also you think with as much money as they had and all the time of being preproduced, they could have cleaned up some of the inconsistency in filming. But it is still better than a lot of dramas out there so I will watch to the end.

  3. This ‘contest’ between these two shows is soooo artificial. I have hated the ratings war all my TV watching life and am thrilled that it is mainly irrelevant nowadays. Scarlet Heart Ryeo is not as well-beloved as Moonlight Thru Clouds, that’s true – but it’s popular! People are streaming it etc. At some point SK will figure out how to gauge the ACTUAL popularity of a show vs which one wins some narrow ‘timeslot’ contest.
    I think of Healer, for instance. Didn’t ‘win’ it’s timeslot. Didn’t matter

  4. Guys! thank you so much for your awesome idea of creating this “Mane of glory” section. 😀 There are never too many pics of khotties with long hair and with Moonlight and Scarlet heart there is plenty of material to enjoy…I am happy to find other people to share this guilty pleasure 😀
    These days I am divided between the forbidden fruit that Kang Ha Neul is playing (so well) and the absolute perfection that is Park Bo Gum. And I never thought that anyone could put me in that dilemma since I am super-fan of Bogummy, haha!! …Ok, Bo Gum is still my number 1, and I do not see that place being taken from him easily 😀

    Btw, of all the pics my favorite is the scene where the crown prince looks at his eunuch when he has her on the horse: you can see in his eyes that he feels vulnerable in front of her, as if he realizes her power over him…awww, I love him so much. Hopefully he will get the deserved recognition and gets some nice projects in the future so we can see him often in our screens.

  5. Am currently following both shows and loving both too 🙂

    Thanks for your post 🙂

    May I know who were the initial choice for Kim Yoo Jung’s role as Hong Ra On?

    She & PBG are so cute together 🙂

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