Shopping King Louie Episode 3 – The Shopping King Rides Again


Life is hard when you don’t know how to navigate the real world.  Just ask our OTP (one true pairing) who must be one of the oddest couples out there when it comes to life experiences.  They come from two very different sheltered backgrounds where big city living was just a pipe dream.  Now they must learn to live like the rest of the world and thankfully they are super cute while doing it.

Moocher Hyung

We have a new character leaching onto our OTP.  Introducing Moocher Hyung who lives downstairs.  Not only does he have a similar wardrobe to Louie, but he also has tons of free time (He is a professional “student”) to hang out with our amnesiac hottie.


I foresee a lot of stress in our future thanks to this guy.  So far Moocher Hyung has been just slightly skeevy, but I am not sure that he will ever be a solid sidekick.

The Shopping King Rides Again


Now that Bok Sil has received her Ginseng money as well as a new higher paying job, it is time to go shopping.  Something that is right up Louie’s alley.  Louie hears items “talking” to him right and left and finds all the best buys in the street market.

Surprisingly, Bok Sil is not overly frugal when it comes to buying stuff.  Maybe it is because she has never had the money to buy such luxuries.  Or maybe Louie is starting to rub off on her.  Either way, our cute duo does some serious shopping, even buying cell phones which Louie declares is essential to existence.

Louie’s Identity

Can I just say how thrilled I was that the super expensive diamond encrusted underwear are back in play?  Hahaha, what a wonderful way to give Louie his name back.  I am also enjoying how Louie remembers really random stuff from his past life.   Mostly about shopping and designer items.  It causes Moocher Hyung to wonder if there is more to Louie than his current hobo amnesiac status.

Moocher Hyung even goes so far as to guess Louie’s real identity since Louie seems to have knowledge of expensive things but has never actually cooked before. Which he promptly dismisses once he sees Louie loving cheap commoner coffee.  Heh.


Romance is on the Horizon

The burgeoning romance continues at a slow burn for Louie and Bok Sil as they begin to cohabitate. No huge breakthroughs but tons of cute moments that show a newly awakened awareness.  Below are my favorites.

Louie’s pouting over Bok Sil wanting  to be separated from him is adorable.  Nothing like a chastity curtain to curtail late night snuggling.


One of my favorite scenes was in episode 1 where Louie saw Bok Sil on TV and fell head over hills for the backwoods girl in a documentary. We have part two where Louie once again goes into full enraptured mode as Bok Sil gets rid of a bug.  Nothing is better than falling for a girl who can dispose of those scary spiders.

It isn’t just Louie falling into like.  Bok Sil is also obviously aware of her handsome roommate.  As shown by Bok Sil’s expression as Louie gets her all spiffed up for her first day at her new job.  Now I suddenly have the desire to make my husband learn to do those cloth roses.  Maybe he will think it is romantic if I don’t mention that I saw it done on a kdrama.


The Love Triangle Begins


Louie is not the only one noticing Bok Sil’s unique charms.  Joong Won is also a tiny bit smitten by our leading lady.  Why else would he hire her for a job when she literally has no qualified skills?

Louie’s Trials in Adapting

Things are not all flowers and sausages for our fish out of water hero.  Adapting to a poverty lifestyle is hard.

  •  There are horrible bugs out there just waiting to attack.


  • There are evil people in the background hoping you stay dead for their own personal gain.


  • Not to mention creepy stalkers in raincoats that might have murdered the last three people living in your rooftop apartment.


  • And worse of all, you are unaware of how scammers work.  Poor Louie is tricked into putting all of Bok Sil’s money into a phone scammer’s account because of his lack of common sense.  Not that there should be that much left after his constant internet shopping spree.


When it comes down to it, changing one’s basic lifestyle is hard, even when you don’t remember what your initial lifestyle was.  But with Bok Sil by his side, I am sure Louie will get it right in the end.

My Thoughts:

This show remains super cute and fluffy.  I love watching our leads figure out modern conveniences and frugality and above all I love seeing them fall in love.  As long as we focus more on the OTP and less on evil CEO’s I will be a happy camper.


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9 thoughts on “Shopping King Louie Episode 3 – The Shopping King Rides Again

  1. Oh, his reaction to that bug!!!! TOTALLY on the floor with his facial expressions – SIG has the most mobile face! And I too would be out the house if it were a spider that size & I had nothing to kill it with from 8 ft away…LOL
    I bet that girl doesn’t care if Louis is dead or not – she can just marry him if he’s not. Her DAD on the other hand… We will see whether she’s just a liar & schemer or truly evil, I’m sure.

  2. I LOLed so much when he declared that the bug is having sooooooo many legs! God, his expressions are to die for! And believe me Am not an obsessed fangirl 😂
    There’s nothing much to the plot though. Quite slow infact. But the OTP is total love & Am fully into the show for them. 😉

  3. Moocher Hyung AND his mom make me grind my teeth. So annoying. But he is teaching Louie and Bok Sil how to survive practically, like when he showed them how to use an oven/stovetop. Louie and Bok Sil are from two extremes of life, but they meet in the middle because of their naïveté and lack of street smarts. They are becoming the perfect OTP.

    I hope Louie takes down that scam ring when he gets his memories back! I felt so bad for him.

  4. I could just watch the Louie-bug freak out on a loop. It was that hilarious. But what makes it even funnier, I recently saw SIG on the Law of the Jungle reality show. He was giving an interview to the camera when a bug flew at him and he literally spazzed, jumped up, and ran away. Talk about art imitating life.

  5. I keep on feeling that Louis will do something that will make Bok Sil really mad and give up. Or someone will befriend them but ends up betraying them. I am really ready for something fun and light after watching Kdramas for 10 years! And this was it! yes, there are people who take advantage of them. I like how Bok Sil didn’t cower to Mari, she felt betrayed and she won’t let it happen again. She’s smart. It was kinda heartbreaking to see both of them being taken advantage and seeing how frustrated Louis was but everything was done in a light hearted mood. You enjoy what you are watching.

  6. When i first watch this i thought that unemployed neighbor is evil.
    I got a feeling that he wants to use Louie in some way, like scam him or something.
    I mean why would an unemployed person wants to buy food for a man he didn’t know before? It’s really suspicious.
    Fortunately he doesn’t do that but i still didn’t know why he do that until now.

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