Shopping King Louie Episode 10- The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping King Louie

a1It is the episode we have all been dreading for weeks.  That moment where something huge comes between our OTP and causes a rift that can’t just be fixed by Louie being his cute adorable self.  And since I don’t want to dwell for long on these moments of sadness, I decided to do a quick recap today highlighting the Dos and Donts of this episode.

DON’T: Pronounce someone dead until you do a DNA test.

Stupid Hot Cop.  I was all excited that for once it looked like we had a completely competent member of law enforcement in a drama. Trust me, this doesn’t happen very often.  Instead, we end up with a scene where Hot Cop literally drives Bok Sil to the cemetery to announce that Bok Nam was the one who died instead of Louie. This is before doing an actual DNA test. We know it can be done since they did the same test to confirm that Louie is, in fact, Louie so I think this is just a random scene to push the plot forward.

DO: Reunite Louie and Ma Ri in an awkward and hilarious way.

Hahaha, I couldn’t stop laughing at these two reacting to each other now that Louie is back in his rightful place. I especially appreciated the flashback to their youth where Ma Ri and Louie’s relationship was at pretty much the same level as now. For once we don’t have a 2nd lead female character being super evil. Ma Ri is more inept and entitled, with a side of narcissism and has no qualms about just wanting to be liked and wealthy.

DO: Have sweet scenes between Bok Sil and Grandma

I loved how they dealt with this whole meeting between Grandma and the women her grandson loves.  We didn’t get the usual, “you are not good enough to date my rich relative.” trope that is the kdrama standard.  Instead, we watch two women understand that there are some serious issues coming between Bok Sil and Louie’s relationship. Not only the fact that Bok Nam died instead of Louie but more along the lines that Bok Nam stole Louie’s car and belongings and was the cause of Louie losing his memory.


DON’T: Ignore telling Louie why Bok Sil is upset and avoiding him

This was the #1 issue I had with this episode. It is understandable that Bok Sil is devastated over her brother’s death. I don’t understand why instead of talking to Louie about it, Bok Sil just runs away and leaves him a note. And then later, lies to him about not loving him anymore.


And it wasn’t just Bok Sil. Hot Cop, Joong Won, and even our butler couple all conspired to leave Louie in the dark.  I think this was a huge disservice to a sweet and confused Louie.


DO: Objectify Hot Cop for the joy of Ahjummas everywhere

.;a10.pngAdmit it, you all appreciate the beauty that is Hot Cop as much as Ma Ri’s mother. She is just visualizing what we are all thinking.


DO: Force Joong Won to wear ahjumma pants and suck at backwoods chores.

Watching Joong Won attempt to gather water, chop wood, and start a fire while wearing ahjumma pants was epic.  I could watch him mess up at country  chores all day long.


DON’T: Have anymore poop jokes.

Ick.  Just 100% ick.  I feel so bad for poor Downstairs Hyung.


DO: Show more scenes starring our favorite new butler super-couple.


I can’t get enough of these two’s adorkable courtship.  Long live butler couple.


DO: Have more bromance moments between Louie and Joong Won.

These two characters have such wonderful chemistry. Joong Won is the grumpy uncle mentoring the energetic little Louie puppy. From watching Louie punch Joong Won (and then promptly apologizing) to seeing them flee from a dreaded spider they just make me happy. Yet another relationship that transcends past the usual leading men drama trope.  I think that they make each other better due to their unconventional relationship.

DON’T: Make Louie cry.

I have a guilty confession. I adore it when Seo In Guk cries because he does it so well.  Who didn’t have a total broken heart when watching Louie realize who died in his place and what that meant to his relationship with Bok Sil?  It almost made it OK that everyone didn’t tell him directly since seeing Louie realize it on his own was a powerful moment.



I just hope that the separation angst doesn’t last too long.  This show is at its best when our OTP (One True Pairing) are together and as much as I love Louie’s ability to cry, I don’t want to see him crying for very long.


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  1. Oh Louie I was so heart broken for our little Wang puppy. I agree 100% with all your do and don’ts except the butler couple I just cannot warm up to the butler couple. For some reason I want to fast forward through all the scenes that they share. Also I want to know what Louie’s butler is up to because I think it’s something fishy.

  2. this angst was so unecessary and there is no logic. Bok Shil might have been rash and acting under huge pressure but to a person who´s been nothign but sweet and devoted to you, how can you tell them I hate you go away? the writer is a sadistic person. there was just absolutely no justification to say it. in real life, if you do this to someone, they might kill themselves. what kind of an example does the drama want to set? this is a drama that is probably watched by people 15 and over, in a very sensitive and emotional age and you never know what might affect them severely so dramas should be more careful even if they want to create an emotional scene, they should think of the effect of the words they put in characters´ mouths some teen will go and say it to their friend cause if it was an ok thing to tell Louie it is an ok thing to say to a friend, right? and the firend might jump from a rooftop. there.

  3. C’mon this is only a kdrama
    When u fast forward a scene from an episode, i guess i will lose interest in a drama..please be patient and observed..
    You migt lose some interesting or important story if you do that..
    I dont think the hot cop is stupid..the case is closed and how to check the dna test when the a dead person or body already burned. Its different case with louie where the dna test done from louis childhood tooth and with louis blood watch..hmmm

  4. This made me Seo In Guk fan. He can cry and not just all cutesy, mushy act and he can cry well. I can feel the pain he’s feeling. I’ve never been attached to any Korean actors (for 10 years I can only remember Lee Min Ho’s name) as deeply as I am too him. I’ve watched all his other dramas several times after this.

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