Legend of the Blue Sea Recap: Episode 7 & 8


We had a week of jealousy induced rants, dramaland’s best cameo, and the slow burn of a burgeoning mermaid relationship.  Come join us as The Fangirls chat everything concerning this week’s Legend of the Blue Sea.

The Historical Flashbacks Continue


KMUSE: The past story continues to be hit and miss for my tastes.  One thing I did love was historic Lee Min Ho being a bad-ass by getting all angry and efficient.  Seriously, look at this face.  How can viewers not be moved by his gorgeous features?  And I guess other stuff happened as well… like him finding his mermaid and stuff….but really I am in it for Historic Lee Min Ho visuals, not so much the plot.

CLSunbae: I’m right there with you on the lack of enthusiasm for the flashbacks. It’s not that I don’t like it; it’s more like I’m watching two different shows and I find it disorienting. At this point, I have a lot of questions about their history that aren’t really getting answered yet. I would enjoy a saeguk mermaid tale, like the one we get in the flashbacks, and I’m loving their modern-day incantations, but I’m not sure I need both at the same time. Also, I was burned so hard with Rooftop Prince and the characters getting into the same situations in the past and the future. I mean, it was really cool at first but it got so old in RP. I hope LOTBS doesn’t drag it out like RP did.

 CLKYTTA: I’m not hating the flashbacks, but I’m still bored by them. I do enjoy looking at historic LMH though.

JENNIE: I’m still getting confused about who was who in the past and who they are now in the future. I mean, I have it mostly figured out, but needing reminding every episode isn’t the best writing. It’s not the worst plot I’ve ever seen, though. By far not the worst.

Drama Geek: This week’s past episodes didn’t bother me and I really liked seeing how much past LMH cared for her. And I loved seeing present LMH dream about it. I’m not totally invested in the past like I am the present but I still like seeing the connection.

The Ultimate Debate: Past Mermaid or Modern Mermaid?

DramaGeek and I had a small debate while watching this week on which version of the mermaid is a better character.  So I thought it would be fun to bring the question to the group.  Which of the mermaids do you like better…and why?

KMUSE: I am Modern Mermaid all the way.  Sure, historic mermaid has that whole regal vibe, but really what else is there?  She doesn’t adapt or think for herself and in the end she is only a damsel in distress who is super pretty.  I would take the crazy modern mermaid any day.

CLSunbae: I like modern mermaid better but I’m also confused by the two different versions. Why does she have super-human strength now but not then? I mean, saeguk mermaid got kidnapped and held so easily. Are we gonna see a Rocky-style montage where she works to bulk up so she’ll never be in that situation again? Also, she seemed to understand a lot about the Korean language and culture in the past but is helpless now. Did she never check in on society in the intervening years? All that being said, I freaking love her insane helplessness in the present. Her mannerisms, her misunderstanding of modern expressions, her attempts to imitate the modern way of life — it’s a nonstop delight.

 CLKYTTA: Modern mermaid, tails down! CLSunbae, we decided that there have to be two different mermaids.  The tail colors and personalities are different.  I like our crazy modern mermaid, she’s got what it takes to win the guy and save the day.

JENNIE: For sure different mermaids, they both were reincarnated. Modern Mermaid has my vote, she’s quirky and cute and innocent and I want to be her.

Drama Geek: I think in our discussion I was saying that I’d seen online that a lot of people like the more serious Past Mermaid and think the Modern Mermaid is a bit too cheesy. I love Ji Hyun doing the full on cheese so I like this version better, who does appear to be a reincarnation. I also think this Modern Mermaid might be more clueless because the mermaids are said to be dying out and probably didn’t have interaction with land as much as they did in the past. That’s just my guess.

Snow Confession Take Two (Minus the Crappy Song **thank goodness**)

KMUSE: Was my priority Joon Jae’s super sexy voice saying “I love you”? Nope, it was on whether or not they were going to ruin that moment a 2nd time with that horrible screechy song.  And since I was so focused on the music choice (thankfully, not the song I shall refuse to name) I didn’t get the feelz that scene could have produced.  At least I had recovered by the time Joon Jae started getting all crazy jealous……….of himself. BWHAHAHA!

CLSunbae: Can I just say? I was so RELIEVED at how the scene played out in this episode. Last week, they ended it with what appeared to be a love confession from him. And I was like a deflated balloon in that moment. I’d felt very little romantic tension between them (yet). I didn’t get to enjoy him being in love with her (which is like, why I even watch Kdramas) so I was really worried they were going to skip ahead. When it was revealed that he was simply asking her to repeat the phrase, whoosh! Phew! Glad you tricked me, drama gods! Because now I get to watch the slow burn of him realizing his feelings for her. Yay!


 CLKYTTA: I am really appreciating the chemistry between these two.  I love that he’s still trying to figure out who she is, and he’s not bothered by her crazy.  I have high hopes for this couple because I think when the big reveal happens that he’s going to handle it well.

JENNIE: Are you all nuts? I thought this scene was crazy good. Like I was fangirl screaming and laughing through the whole thing! This is why I’m majorly obsessed with this show. It’s exactly the type of thing I love!

Drama Geek: This scene round 2 had me with all the feels. Plus she just looks so dang pretty in that outfit. I’m glad they used a different song the second time.

Jealousy Looks Good on Lee Min Ho

 CLKYTTA: I love that he’s in the role that a girl would normally be in.  He’s doubting himself and second guessing all over the place while trying to convince himself that he’s not falling for her.

KMUSE: I could watch Joon Jae talk bad about the other guy/himself for hours.  It is just so funny to watch him feel so much jealousy and know that there is really no one else in her life but him.


CLSunbae: Okay, these scenes could’ve been really stupid. I generally hate the easily-fixed misunderstanding trope but it was so well done here. He doesn’t remember what he said to her. She can’t reveal it. But she also wants to be honest so their conversations about “the other guy” made sense and were relevant. And ohmygosh! That I could live a life where I was in the position to make Lee Min Ho jealous!!

JENNIE: Seriously, best jealousy scene, EVER! I was laughing so hard my kids were shooting me crazy looks. It was just… *sigh* perfect.

Drama Geek: I can’t get enough of jealous LMH, though the guy he’s jealous of later could win for best jealous guy ever. But I’ll talk about that in a minute.

Chatting Bad Guys…….Who is Scarier?


KMUSE: For some reason I just have the urge to compare things this week.  Not only did I compare Mermaids, but I also compared the bad guys with interesting results.  In my opinion Evil Stepmom is much scarier than the serial killer. She gives me chills.

CLSunbae: I still hate her from Bachelors Vegetable Store so I’m right there with you. Plus, bad guys who are bad guys aren’t as scary as bad guys who pretend to be good guys. The way you see her, in flashbacks, be so cruel to baby Min Ho and then so “nice” in front of the dad — urgh! Sets my teeth on edge! I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

 CLKYTTA: Evil Stepmom has power and power is way more scary than being a murderer.  She can manipulate things into being that can ruin not just one life, but several.  This actress is doing a great job in making me fear what she is going to do to our couple.  We all know she’s going to do something really diabolical, she just has that look.

JENNIE: I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s murdered before. She has all the tendencies. And she would totally get away with it too because of her position. It so creepy how she listens into all of her husband’s phone calls then works her magic to get what she wants. Come to think of it. Butler dude is in a hospital because of her. Grrr.

Drama Geek: Hmm… I think my bet on who will be the most evil is his step-brother. He’s just skulking around and I can just tell any minute he’s going to off his step-dad right after he twists a ring on his finger and asks about his health. And I’m also wondering if he’s might want to off his mom too.


KMUSE: The music tells me I should be scared.  The shadows covering the upper part of Hammer Killer’s face tells me I should be scared.  But every time I see this actor, all I can think is him as the sweet dad in the Reply Series.  I just can’t buy him as being super scary no matter how much the drama is trying to make me feel that he is. #BadGuyFail

CLSunbae: Haha, Kmuse! But you speak truth. I love him too much to take him seriously as an evil dooer. There are some Korean actors who, the second they appear on screen, I cringe because they’re so successful at portraying bad guys. He ain’t one of them. *squeezes his cheeks*

 CLKYTTA: I keep saying that he’s just not a believable bad guy!  I know he’s trying to branch out, but he’s everyone’s dad, not a murderer. Plus, I fell for him way back when I watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and I just can’t see him as a bad guy.  Don’t even get me started with the teeth.

JENNIE: Alright, I’m going to agree with you all. He’s one of those guys that maybe has the right face for a bad guy, but not the right temperament. I still can’t see him without thinking about all his sweet father-child talks in the Reply series. What they need is the dude from I Can Hear Your Voice.

Drama Geek: I’d be curious to know what roles he usually plays in movies because I know he’s in a lot. I’m not sure I blame his lack of sinister on the actor but maybe just more on the writing. Or it could be both.

Mom VS Mermaid


KMUSE: I couldn’t stop laughing when the Helicopter Mom got all flustered at Chung’s awesomeness.  Yet again proof that Chung can wear anything and look like she is on a runway.

CLSunbae: This scene was perfection. The way the other mom sized her up; the panic at being behind the latest trend, and sweet mermaids obliviousness to it all. But above all, I love it when snobs get their comeuppance. Plus Se-Hwa is so adorable, even when she’s playing tough, that even evil mom can’t help but be sucked in by her charm. I really could watch this actress in this role all day.

 CLKYTTA: I really like that they are continuing this little relationship between our Mermaid and our little student.  It broke my heart though to hear how jaded the little girl was.  I hope that we see a really good happy ending for her.

JENNIE: Another scene where I laughed out loud, and it messed with our leads plans to take her money. Maybe a good thing since she’s employing his mom. (Which is also a hilarious relationship. The character depth is so good!)

Drama Geek: It saddens me that this little girl would get teased because her mom’s divorced, but I know it is a reality. I was dying when she held the little twerp up in the air and that the mom’s reaction to her outfit. It isn’t her fault though because this lady makes anything look good.

Is Nam Do Good or Evil?


CLSunbae: No, but really. Is he?? I can’t tell! I really hate Cha Si-A and I need her to gets to stepping. Why is he helping her? What are Nam Do’s longterm goals? Is he just a low level backstabber or is he going to do some serious damage to our main couple? I really wonder. But I take comfort in knowing Lee Min Ho’s character is much too smart to put too much faith in this guy so really, how much damage can he do? *knocks on wood*

KMUSE: I am just cringing every time he comes on the screen now.  Betrayal is in the wind.. it is only a matter of time.

 CLKYTTA: I’m going to say he’s shades of gray.  He’s not evil, but he’s probably going to betray his friend if the price is right.

JENNIE: Yeah, if money’s involved, he’ll take money’s side. But I do think a small portion of him cares for his house mates. It’s a conundrum.

Drama Geek: I could totally see him try to sell our mermaid for the right price, but might feel conflicted. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but he seems to be all about the money so it’s a possibility.

Best Cameo of the Year: Jo Jung-seok

CLSunbae: Yes. My only complaint with this entire scene is I want to see Jung-Seok in mermaid form. Stat. Make it happen, Korea.

 CLKYTTA: Sigh, who could walk away from him even if he is a merman?  I’d be happy to volunteer to see if we could make things work. I’d even move close to the ocean and everything. Oh, sorry, I got a little lost in my fantasy there. What I loved the most about this cameo is how sincere his character is toward her.  He treats her like his little sister and he’s doing all he can so things can work out for her.

JENNIE: Oh my goodness!! Once again I was screaming and laughing at my screen. My kids thought I had gone insane watching this episode. I MUST see him in a mermaid tail someday! *Sigh*

KMUSE: I was especially happy that his cameo covered both episodes.  It wasn’t just a quick flash and then he was gone within 3 minutes.  His character played an important part in moving the plot forward and I was sad when he died.

Drama Geek: Okay, I finally get to talk about the bestest cameo ever. His character was the absolute sweetest and made me wish for a second that they’d met as mer people and had little mer babies. They have great onscreen chemistry and I’d LOVE to see them team up for real.

Crying All the Way to the Bank


 CLKYTTA: This had to be one of my favorite scenes this week.  I loved his character and I wanted him to stay and be her guide!

JENNIE: Can I just say I loved every drama they picked for crying. All of them made me cry, too! If only my tears were pearls…

KMUSE: Woot for our Mermaid now being financially stable.  Puts her on more even footing with our leading man.  Even if she is just planning on giving him all the money anyway.

Drama Geek: This scene killed me. I was just dying and really happy that she finally found a way to not live off of him (for her own self worth) but I’m a little sad she won’t be throwing together giveaway outfits.

The Past & Present Collide

KMUSE: I find it fascinating that both men are having visions of each other’s life.  Especially when historical Lee Min Ho finds out he is going to die in 20 days.  Does this mean he can change history?  Can’t wait to find out.

CLSunbae: Um. I’m less enthused. Only because a lot of ambitious writers try to pull off these past/present/otherworldly connections to varying results. Just tell me one story. I’m not sure how much I need the saeguk turn of events. I’m enjoying the present day timeline on its own. All this is born of a very real fear that once all the details are revealed — it won’t actually make sense. (I’m looking at you, Bride of the Century, Rooftop Prince and Lost.)

CLKYTTA: Now the historical part is finally starting to get interesting.  We have some kind of a connection and I’m going to safely say it’s a past life connection.

JENNIE: Knowing Kdramas, he will die in 20 days. They don’t mess with history. But it’s what he does with that time that’s important. Somehow he’s going to let his future self know that he needs to get together with mermaid girl, or something.

Drama Geek: But… if the present is mirroring the past will our LMH die in 20 days too? Will our girl have to go back to the sea?

How Long Will It Be Before You Love Me?

KMUSE: Haha. Poor Chung and her lack of understanding on how relationships work.  However I do appreciate that her direct questions make Joon Jae start to confront his feelings. Otherwise they could be living together for years before he begins to face his inner demons.

CLKYTTA: I like this direct approach, and it seems like it’s working with him too. I think that is one of my favorite things about this drama so far, it’s not getting bogged down by stupid stuff.  Crosses fingers that I didn’t just jinx it.

JENNIE: I was seriously moved by this scene and everything she said about love. These two are yin and yang which will make them balance really well.

Drama Geek: Dear wardrobe people, you are getting closer and closer in the sweater department to the pink fuzzy monster from Heirs, please keep our guy in less fuzzy things. I’m getting horror flashbacks. With that said, I loved her being so honest with him, and that her meeting the other mermaid helped her get the courage to speak up. That and realize what the second lead girl is up to.

The Korean Obsession With the Flipping Little Mermaid Story


KMUSE: I hate the constant referencing of The Little Mermaid story in Kdramas. It is slightly less annoying when the story is literal, but I am still annoyed.  I also call BS on the whole reason  Jo Jung Seok’s girlfriend dumped him.  I hope the rest of her life is miserable.

CLSunbae: I have noticed this preoccupation with the Little Mermaid and that it’s very much with the original story. Whereas the Western world keeps whitewashing these fairytales to make them happy and kid-friendly, Koreans really like to explore the dark side of sacrificing everything for love.

CLKYTTA: Out of all the fairy tales and legends out there why do we keep getting this one? I know it’s a mermaid story, I know! That doesn’t mean it always has to be The Little Mermaid. 

JENNIE: I really dislike her reasons for leaving a sexy merman. You couldn’t suck it up?? Why did he have to turn to bubbles? That seriously drives me crazy. Not to mention how that RUINED Surplus Princess, an otherwise amazing show.

Drama Geek: I was a little confused about if the ex knew he was a merman or not or if she just left him because he kept secrets. Either way, she sucks. I’ll make our sexy merman happy cry so he can give me a ring. 🙂

It’s a Trap!


CLKYTTA: I was pleasantly surprised at this scene.  I kept thinking, you idiot! why are you going in alone?!  I’m very interested in why Reply Dad was scrunching his eyes like he knew that LMH was going to try to hypnotize him.  Has he been hypnotized before?  So many questions.

JENNIE: This scene was intense!! Both of them played it smart, which makes me think it’ll be harder to defeat the bad guy. That’s a good thing, more drama for me!

KMUSE: I also appreciated that they pulled in the visions from the past again.  Joon Jae recognized the killer from his dreams and maybe is starting to believe the odd visions more. A good moment that was well written.

Drama Geek: I messaged Kmuse right away about how happy I was to have a smart hero. So glad he planned ahead. But I was sad they didn’t have him pull out his City Hunter fighting skills. I guess this guy is more smarts and trickery than kick ass but I’ll take it.

Stay With Me

CLKYTTA: It seems early for her to be considering going back into the water, but it made a great catalyst for things to move forward with our couple.  I’m curious what will happen next week now that he has told her that he has plans.

JENNIE: I think it was the right timing. She lost her friend and now she’s faced with a choice. For once she considers the most safe and sensible thing. It gives me hope for her character growth.

KMUSE: I also think it was a good time for her to have that conflict. She is very simple and when something clicks in her mind she tends to go with it, whether it makes sense or not.  Not to mention, it is similar to the historic mermaid always leaving for her LMH’s own good. I was glad that this pushed Joon Jae into facing his feelings sooner than later.

Drama Geek: Her knowing she might cause Joon Jae pain was probably the biggest catalyst for her wanting to leave. And I was super happy he finally stopped denying he might like her. I’m hoping within the next few episode he finds out she’s a mermaid. His past self was able to handle it and so will Joon Jae.

Our Thoughts:


CLKYTTA: Our mermaid is starting to change a little as she realizes how important love and being loved is to her lifespan.  I hope that she keeps her playful side and that we don’t get bogged down by misunderstandings and desperation.  I’m starting to connect more with Joon Jae’s character. I’m really curious about how the whole past life thing will progress with him.  He’s not made the connection of who she is in his modern world, but he knows that she is someone who was once very important to him.

JENNIE: I guess I’m alone, but I think this is the best drama I’ve watched all year, if it can keep this momentum. So far I haven’t been disappointed, so my hopes keep rising. I love all the characters and their relations to each other. Plus, MERMAIDS!


KMUSE: I am really loving the romance in this drama.  It is sweet and at the same time very realistic despite the magical theme.  Joon Jae is gun shy on love and commitment for good reason.  He has literally been deserted by everyone that he cares for.  Even now, he doesn’t trust his best friends and realizes that they would likely betray him if given a chance.  He is not one to put himself out there.  So that these feelings have been scary for him makes total sense.  Despite all that he doesn’t run away from Chung but instead keeps her nearby until he can process.  It is a great change from what we usually get from leading men.

Drama Geek: I agree with everything Kmuse said. I also think that finding out she’s a mermaid will help him trust her. And it’ll help him understand how serious things are. The last thing he wants (or can handle) is for her to suddenly disappear. And I always think couples are stronger when the non supernatural member finds out about the others true identity.

Til next week,

The Fangirls


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