Kmuse’s Musings: It’s a Winter Wonderland

fotorcreatedI am officially stuck in my house. For those of you who are unaware, if you are in Portland and it is snowing it means you stay home and wait out the storm.  The roads are horrible and the drivers on the aforementioned roads are worse.  So what do I do during my forced hibernation?  Write a post about my favorite winter drama moments of course.  Just because I choose to not frolic in the snow doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching it on my TV.

Pinocchio Snow Kiss – Not only did the snow and lights make this scene extremely romantic but it is also my favorite Park Shin Hye kiss to date.  She and Lee Jong Suk really made a cold wintry moment smoldering hot.

That Winter, The Wind Blows Sibling Frolicking – With winter actually in the title, you would logically expect a lot of beautifully shot winter scenes, right? Instead what we had delivered was a lot of crazy (supposed) sibling romantic snuggling.  Let’s just say that I have never had the urge to cuddle my brother when playing in the snow.  I was usually too busy trying to stuff his face into a snow bank.

My Love From Another Star Stops Time Winter Kiss – OK, so maybe this kiss was an invasion of her person because she couldn’t officially give her permission.  But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful and romantic (if you could get past the whole permission thing.)  For an alien from another planet, this leading man really knows how to make this scene work.

Reply 1988 Secret Santa – I loved two scenes in episode seven despite them not having any snow (you could still tell it was hella cold, so totally counts) which puts both into my favorite winter list.  The first was when the parents are trying to give the youngest girl, Jin Joo, a Christmas miracle. She has wished for a Snowman for Christmas, and the parents are determined to give it to her.  Since there is no snow, they get creative and make a snowman out of ice… which promptly melts when it rains later that night.  But it is all good since Jin Joo’s snowman really is code for an ice cream cone.  I wish my kids were that easy to satisfy.

The second scene was between Taek and Deuk Sun’s secret Santa debacle. Deuk Sun is sure that Taek is going to bring her a pair of pink gloves back from his tournament only to be disappointed when he forgets. Taek remembers in the last seconds of the big day and runs out to apologize.  Sure the scene isn’t overwhelmingly wintry, but Taek going out in the cold in only a smile and his white t-shirt, puts this on my favorite list.

Nirvana in Fire Angsty Bromantic Fight – When I decided to do this list, Nirvana in Fire was one of the first dramas to pop into my head.  Even a year later this scene is strongly imprinted on my mind, so it had to be added into the post.  This scene didn’t have to have snow to make it work.  However, the snow added a kind of surreal beauty that was so stunning I might have gone overboard in snapping screencaps.

Secret Garden Christmas Smooches – This moment sticks in my mind because it is one of the very few that has references to Christmas (seriously, start counting them on your fingers.  There are less than you would expect.) It also is one of those transition dramas where you started seeing an actual intense kiss, and not the classic wide eyes with no head movement style that was more common before 2010.  Both these things make it a must watch wintry moment for this viewer.


This concludes my list of my favorite winter themed moments.  Did yours make my list?  Feel free to share any that I may have missed in the comments.  I still have a lot of time to on my hands while I am stuck inside and some drama discussion would be appreciated.

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  1. I’m across the river in Vancouver, but I can’t stay inside because I have to move to a new apartment today. What timing!

    My favorite winter scenes are also from Healer and My Girl, with a special shout out to My Love From Another Star.

  2. I like this list, I love winter theme romance dramas, somehow every moment look so warm, cozy and chrismassy (although in reality, it must be hard to brace the cold).
    One unforgettable winter drama is Marry Me Mary. Crazy plot aside, i love how cozy and adorable GeunGeun couple are in this drama, it’s like the perfect winter romance.

  3. A memorable winter scene for me comes from Padam Padam. It has the same PD as That Winter, but I prefer the winter scenery in Padam a lot more. The problem is that the scene is somewhere at the end of its run, and not a lot of people managed to even reach the halfway point of that drama.

  4. It’s not Christmas themed per-se but there is some sweet wintertime romance at the very, very end of the Korean film My Tutor Friend 2. I’ll wade through a lot of poop jokes for Park Ki Woong.

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