My Secret Romance: Episode 6 – A kiss to build a dream on

IMG_4961How dare you leave us hanging! Was it a dream or not? I thought for sure they would reveal it in the epilogue. But the writer is toying with us. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out if our couple’s lips actually met.

Hospitals really work

IMG_4955Who knew one trip to the hospital could bring so many good results! Cha Jin Wook has to be admitted because he ate too many of Yoo Mi’s sandwiches. Let’s all say it together – awwwwwwwwwwwww. Our Butler Bestie is smart enough to call the one person his boss wants to see and Yoo Mi rushes to his side. What follows is a welcome amount of truth telling as she admits that Hyun Tae is not her boyfriend, and Jin Wook clarifies his not-a-relationship with Stalker Chick. (What IS her name? I’m not sure it’s worth learning.) Jin Wook even tells her the jewelry box is for someone else, but passes out before sharing all. Stupid sedatives. He’s touchy-feely, even in his sleep, as he grabs Yoo Mi’s hand and she stays with him late into the night, which Secretary Jang reports to him in the morning. (Have I mentioned before that I luv him? Yes? Just checking.) But the real perk of hospital time was another kiss. Or was it all a dream? Jin Wook isn’t sure and neither are we. He ponders throughout the episode, but the answer is never revealed.

Now who’s getting handsy!

IMG_4970Our buttoned-up nutritionist hops aboard the skinship train this episode as she feels up everything from his leg to his pecs. (I think “My thighs surprise a lot of people” made me laugh harder than any line in the show.) Now she even feels comfortable enough to smack him when he deserves it. Their relationship started to feel so natural that it was surprising. Just like his thighs. (Made me laugh again, just thinking about it.)

Don’t you dare!

IMG_4990I wasn’t laughing at the “meet cute” between our second leads. They better not palm Stalker Chick off on sweet, supportive Hyun Tae. Her character is irredeemable. When you think about it, she hasn’t done anything too heartless compared to some drama females. But she’s so pathetic. Can the writer really inject enough pride and self-respect into this girl by the end of the show to make it okay? I’m not holding my breath.

That’s a Dramaland 1st

IMG_4975What a strange sight. The hero had to . . . wait in line for a table! Even flashing his expensive, black, business card did nothing to sway the restaurant manager. We all know dramas rarely reflect reality. (For example, I have never once been offered a piggy back ride by a hot guy who’s worried that my feet hurt.) However, I really enjoyed this slice of everydayness. Cha Jin Wook turned from selfish playboy to responsible, but still selfish adult after one night with Yoo Mi, three years ago. Now she’s turning that stunted adult into a human being by showing him the real world. That’s something we can all root for.

Hooray for honesty!

IMG_4986The amount of straight talk in this episode was shocking. Not only did the hospital scene clear up multiple misunderstandings, but our hero actually admitted why he forced Yoo Mi to eat with him. He wanted to spend time with her, and didn’t like to eat alone. Jin Wook even took her by the hand and not the wrist after this admission. And what did all this honesty get him? Yoo Mi dresses up to meet him. Offers to sit with him while he eats breakfast. And even wonders to herself if this is like dating. Truth = Progress. I hope he remembers this, next week.

IMG_4958I believed the kiss was a dream from the previews. But I’m wavering after watching the episode. Yoo Mi making a move like that is completely out of character. But so is their  first night together three years ago. The girl’s got a hidden, wild side. Question is, did it come out that night in the hospital room? How about we take a vote? I included a poll at the end of this post. Everyone can share their opinion and then we all get to gloat or bemoan when we find out the truth. Now if we could only get little “I Voted” stickers with Sung Hoon’s face on them!

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  1. I think her wild side is something she has been supressing since the exposure of her mother’s former career in erotic film during high school. I’m sure the attitude from her peers was “like mother, like daughter”. She couldn’t even have the normal youth experience of showing an interest in boys because she would have been harshly judged and shamed. This formative experience has made her an interesting character.
    It seems like Hyun Tae was sympathetic, but didn’t come out opennly in her defense during high school. Perhaps that is why he is still in the friend zone.

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