Suspicious Partner: Episode 11 & 12


We finally take a few steps forward in the romance department, only to be stopped in our tracks due to an annoying ex and her selfish feelings.  UGH.  What does a kaddict have to do to get some skinship action around here? Come join me as I chat about relationship beginnings, my new favorite character of the drama, and why I think our defendant looks guilty as heck.

WOOT!  Yay for cute characters coming together to create a law firm.  I love every single one of them and their group dynamic is just adorable.  I could watch them banter and bicker for hours and if the romance never gets off the ground, I might just get my wish.


We have a new murder and a new client for our fledgling law firm to defend.  Enter, loner and all around shady looking character, Hyun Soo.  Hyun Soo is a delivery boy who often delivers packages to the murdered chef.  But before we start talking about Hyun Soo, let’s take a moment to chat about the murder itself.  Our favorite DNA Tech Killer is at it again.  Murdering a famous chef and we learn that he is possibly punishing men who are getting away with raping women.  He leaves a biblical verse written in blood on a giant photo of the chef at the crime scene.


But that photo is not put into evidence since instead of calling the police and keeping the crime scene intact, the chef’s wife goes crazy and tries to claw off the words on the painting.  I would just like to point out that the words could probably be cleaned off with some strong bleach.  Maybe she should have consulted YouTube on how to remove blood from glass before she went berserk and staged the murder as a robbery.

Instead of the murder being treated as a crime of vengeance, the police start to look for a thief.  Enter Hyun Soo who just happens to look hot and sketchy enough in a ball cap to be the murderer that was IDed by the neighbor.  Personally, if I was a khottie, I would vow to never wear black clothes paired with a black hat.  Everyone knows that that makes you either a serial killer, a professional thief, or someone that was framed and is on the run from the law.  It’s drama logic 101 people.


Also, am I the only one getting creepy vibes from our innocent murder defendant?  We know that he didn’t murder the chef, but I swear the Hyun Soo still comes across guilty as all get out.  Of course, I might still be projecting from this actor’s last drama I viewed where he was a mass murdering gang thug named Praying Mantis.  I guess I might be guilty of typecasting……..maybe.

I promise I will get to discussing our OTP’s romantic situation in a minute, but first, let’s discuss my new favorite character and his interaction with the rest of the cast.  Yup, you guessed it, frenemy Eun Hyuk is my new favorite character.  I just find him fascinating and I personally think that the development and pain of his character is coming across better than our leads.


The last episode we discovered that Eun Hyuk was indeed the “other man” that was involved with Ji Wook’s girlfriend.  Pining from afar, he was in love with her for years and ended up making a very bad decision.  Since that night he has been repenting and trying to make it up to Ji Wook.  Even to the extent of ignoring Yoo Jung when she (annoyingly) hunts him down to discuss why Ji Wook won’t take her back.  UGH, her actions really annoy me.

I was very impressed that despite his long time crush on Yoo Jung, there was no hesitation when he told Yoo Jung that he didn’t want to see her again unless it was on accident. Awww… I love that he is not straying from Team Jay Wook in this situation.

We see some bonding between Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk this episode but I want to state that I think it is completely platonic.  There is no way that Eun Hyuk is going to threaten his relationship with his ex-bestie over a woman.  But it is nice that their friendship continues to irk Ji Wook.  I died laughing when he turned the hose on Eun Hyuk to break up his and Bong Hee’s tete e tete.

When it comes down to it, what impresses me the most is the depth and pain that Eun Hyuk is showing us.  I even teared up when Eun Hyuk went home and the happy mask fell from his face, tears pouring from his eyes as he attempted to deal with the pain of his love for both Ji Wook and Yoo Jung.  All around, Eun Hyuk was the star of these episodes in my opinion.

Finally, let’s take a minute to chat about our OTP (One True Pairing) who’s relationship is pretty much a pull and push war which is frustrating me to no end.  In episode 11 JI Wook is finally starting to really notice Bong Hee.  He misses here when she is gone, he stares at her in a romantic stalking style while she sleeps.  He supports here when she lies to Yoo Jung that they are in a steamy romantic relationship.  Just look at the way he stares at her?  This is the face of someone who is feeling the urge to fall head over heals in love.  Which means things are looking up for some possible upcoming skinship.

And then…..nada.  Instead of first smooches and more romantic stare contests, we get nothing.  Mostly because cheating hussy Yoo Jung ruins everything and causes Ji Wook to freak out over the idea of starting a new relationship.  Grrr.  So mad.

Just in case you were thinking there would be some valid reason for Yoo Jung to cheat, you would be so wrong.  Personally, I was thinking that the writer would throw in some kind of twist.  Maybe a tragic illness, random amnesia, or even Yoo Jung thinking that Ji Wook had also cheated and she was getting revenge.  But nope, her explanation over her inexcusable actions was that she simply loved Ji Wook to much and was feeling neglected.  Uhm… WHAT?  You cheated because he was a workaholic and now you realized that wasn’t a deal breaker and you want him back?  What a pile of crappola.  Yoo Jung’s reasoning and selfish behavior is so annoying.  Even more so since I kind of like the actress playing this character.  She makes me want to like Yoo Jung even as I write her off as a shameless woman.

Thanks to having to face his ex-relationship trauma, Ji Wook is just not in the right frame of mind to start a new romance.  Something that becomes obvious when Bong Hee confesses and instead of excepting her love, Ji Wook turns her down.  Guess we will have to wait another week before we get any OTP development since our ship is stalled for the foreseeable future.

My Thoughts:


I continue to really enjoy watching this drama and feel very connected to the characters and their relationships.  I do have one tiny, minuscule criticism though.  I really wish that Bong Hee would be a bit more….I am not even sure if this is the right word, but self-sufficient when around Ji Wook.  She seems so confident whenever she is out and about on her own.  But get her near Ji Wook and she seems to become less an individual and more of a vapid doll who’s only thoughts are about her crush.  And it is only when she is alone with Ji Wook.  Get Bong Hee around the other firm members, her nemesis, or even her mother, and she has so much character and spunk.  Get her next to the focus of her crush and then nada.  I hope that this is something that will change once our couple finally hooks up.  I personally would like to see our OTP as equals and not just a khottie and his sidekick.

BONUS:  Enjoy some pretty Ji Wook.  Oh my word, this man is beyond attractive and deserves to be appreciated.

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  1. Yay! I looked forward to your thoughts because EP 12 was so epic. Like you said, I feel for Ji Wook because he’s just so overwhelmed right now. I also understand Bong Hee because she waited two years for this. I hope this rejection makes Bong Hee a stronger and more independent lawyer so that when she does get with him, she’s an equal like you mentioned.

  2. I agree with you about:
    – the murder suspect, the way he talked and smiled and all those glances…
    – Eun Hyuk, he knew it was his mistake and it was unforgivable, hence, he did not really explain his side but he would do everything just to stay beside his friend
    – and JI Wook 😀 😀 😀 oh my! I love romcoms where male leads are good looking and good in acting, not just all sugar

    I like Bonghee too! Somehow, the fangirling vibe makes her human(one of us) and since she doing it now, she will not be too annoying when she does it at the climax (you know those strong girls who lost their backbones completely just because it is ep 12 onwards) or hopefully, she will not be like that at all.

  3. I also feel connected to the characters, especially Eun Bong Hee. She got it all in episode 11 and 12. The strangling, the car park scene and the rejections.

    Actually, I find Bong Hee character quite strong. She always takes the first steps to take care of herself. Like moving away from JW because she felt that she was inconveniencing him, not telling him who strangled her, etc. JW on the other hand played with her emotions; always helping her and even bringing her back to the house, but then asked her to not tease him or fall for him. But at the same time, she doesn’t hide the fact that she finds him cool and he had helped her out of difficult situations. In other words, she is self-respectful and confident, and not pretentiously strong to not be honest with her feelings.

  4. I think Ji Wook said it, that Bong Hee’s most noticible quality is her shamelessness i.e. Sassy, “I don’t care what you think of me.”attitude. With Ji Wook though, she does care, very much, what he thinks of her. That makes her try to tone it down and try not to push herself on him. Given her strong feelings and heart on the sleeve style of love, it is very, very hard to restrain herself.

  5. At first I did not want to start this drama … yeh even with Ji Wook in it (especially with the K2 debacle). But I was curious … and my curiosity killed me (I am a cat you know!). I was hooked. It is true that currently I am more fascinated by the secondary characters … but nonetheless, it is a really funny show and as I like to laugh … they got me ;-). I am really on the same line of thinking when reading your article!

  6. Can I say I so bond with our leading lady cause I too have always had the same problem – get ME near any guy I really crushed on & I become a tongue tied idiot who vapidly agrees to do whatever he wants. It’s sad & I’ve gotten a LOT better since my teens/20s, but OMG!!! Of course as any of my relationships matured I got over that, which shocked my various BFs LOL LOL LOL
    Ji Chang Wook would most certainly have that effect on me HA!

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