Suspicious Partner: Episodes 15 & 16


This episode is full of cat and mouse antics between Ji Wook and the truth regarding the chef’s murder.  It is so difficult when one knows that something is true, but can’t actually prove it.  Something that Ji Wook comes to know first-hand as he fights to unravel the mystery of Hyun Soo.

HA!  I knew it.  There was no way this actor could be an innocent misunderstood sweet character (Yes, I know I am typecasting, but I can’t help it.  He will be Praying Mantis to me til he dies).  That’s right, Hyun Soo is our big bad murderer and Ji Wook knows it.  Ji Wook, if you remember, had gone to the cafe to meet the birthday couple that was part of Hyun Soo’s alabi.  Only to discover that Hyun Soo was not the guy eating alone in the background of their videos.  In fact, every aspect of Hyun Soo’s alibi could be found on the memory/neighborhood events board on the wall of the cafe.  And as Ji Wook says to himself, “If one thing is a lie, than everything is a lie.”

Now knowing that his instincts were spot on, Ji Wook hurries back to the restaurant where he had left his staff and Hyun Soo alone, only to pass our good natured killer along the way.  Which means it is time to play clueless and try and drink some answers out of the possible murderer.

Sadly, we learn little other than Hyun Soo has no family since they died somehow (my guess is through some type of violent crime which explains his need to murder rapists.).


Throughout the episode we also discover that as long as Bong Hee remains unaware of his true identity, Hyun Soo has no intentions of harming her.  In fact, I would almost say that he is feeling some kind of attraction to our clueless heroine.  Talk about creepy.


How else would you explain his need to be constantly contacting Bong Hee to thank her and offer to take her to dinner.  A dinner that Ji Wook crashes, badly faking coincidence.  I am not sure if Hyun Soo has realized that the cat is out of the bag, but judging from their expressions after leaving this compromised dinner, I think he is suspicious that Ji Wook suspects something.  Once again, all I can say is creepy creepy creepy.

Clues continue to unfurl as Ji Wook looks into the Chef’s murder as well as into Hyun Soo’s background.  I have to agree with Drama Geek because I’m questioning how all of this stayed hidden during the trial.  You would think that a lot more details would have been brought to light, but our lawyers are slow on the uptake, and only now after connecting the rape aspect and the CSI bad guys connection to Hyun Soo do they start to see the big picture.


It is also important to note that there is discord between our killing team. Hyun Soo seems to be the dominate bad guy, and CSI boy is nothing but a lackey.  A lackey who “screwed up” when leaving evidence to indicate Hyun Soo is the killer.  Hyun Soo gives him a stern talking to with a side of crazy killer threat and then leaves.

Being with no other options, CSI killer contacts Ji Wook, only to get a busy phone signal.  Which prompts him to then contact Bong Hee and ask her to meet him at a deserted location in the park.  Unbeknownst to CSI Killer or Bong Hee, Hyun Soo is listening in on their conversation with a annoyed expression on his face.  An expression that clearly expresses that someone is going to be dying sooner than later.

Bong Hee agrees to meet CSI guy without a second thought and makes her way to the park.  Well, no second thought until she actually reaches the parking lot and suddenly gets spooked, calling Ji Wook to come and get her.  I feel like giving Bong Hee a pat on the head and telling her good job.  Its shocking that for once we have a leading lady that realizes that bad things can happen when meeting random guys in dark and deserted parks.


And thank goodness Bong Hee got spooked since we witness our CSI guy waiting in the park, but not alone for long as Hyun Soo comes walking up behind him.  We don’t actually see the CSI guy’s death, but judging from the music, it is eminent.


But enough of all this sad stuff.  Let’s focus on what is important, namely SMOOCHES!  Yes, that is right.  Because of Ji Wook freaking out over Bong Hee’s possible attack, he finally mans up and expresses his romantic feelings through sexy stares and finally kissing.  I for one, was very satisfied that all this will they or won’t they, is over and we can get on with cute couple moments.

Random Thoughts:

How sad was Eun Hyuk’s product placement inspired birthday party for one?  I guess it was kind of hard for the writers to figure out how to get camping equipment into the storyline.

Also, how shameless was cheater ex?  I know the show is trying to make us not hate her so that she can hook up with Eun Hyuk at some point, but I for one, am not buying it.  She continues to act like Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk are the ones in the wrong for not accepting her back into their lives.  Seriously?  You cheated with best friends and you expect them to get over that?  UGH, I really dislike her character’s actions and no attempt to make her thoughtful is going to fix that.


Let us end on a happier note than talking about cheating exes.  Namely, let us stare at the beauty that is Ji Wook.  Darn, that is one fine specimen of a leading man.  He looks amazing in scene after scene.  So bye for now, and I hope you tune back in with this week’s recaps.  We promise they will be out a little earlier.

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  1. Ugh that ex really is the worst. I can’t imagine there is anything she could do to redeem herself in my eyes. But they’re going to try anyway, right? Also Ji Wook just gets better looking as he gets older and he was already mighty fine to begin with so….Yeah

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