Suspicious Partner Episode 25 & 26

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 7.26.00 PMThis was not my favorite episode. Our heroes do things I’m not too happy about but thankfully they change their minds before completing the act. Except disposing of something actually means just sticking it in a draw, and ends up complicating things in the end.

The burning question in everyone’s mind is, did Bang die??? The answer is thankfully no. He’s rushed to the hospital and our little band of lawyers is not far behind. Ji Wook is devastated and everyone hovers around him. The doctor gives them good and bad news. He made it through surgery and his body should recover, but the blood flow to his brain was cut off long enough that they don’t know if he’ll have brain damage.

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Prosecutor Cha is called and she takes on trying to find evidence to place Hyun Soo at the crime scene. Of course, Ji Wook isn’t just going to stand by and do nothing. He called Hyun Soo to meet him somewhere but the asshole just waltzes into Bang’s hospital room.

Everyone in the room responds about like you’d imagine and Ji Wook tells Hyun Soo he shouldn’t be there and they should find somewhere quiet. Hyun Soo disagrees and says they should go somewhere noisy. So… they end up on an overpass.

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Hyun Soo is truly delusional because he confesses that he killed all of them and then expects Ji Wook to understand him now that someone close to him has been hurt. Ji Wook says he doesn’t at all. (Yeah, not everyone becomes a psycho revenge killer when their loved ones are harmed.) Hyun Soo tells him then he’ll just have to kill everyone close to Ji Wook and then maybe he’ll understand.

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Hyun Soo goes to leave but Ji Wook stops him and decides to deck him. They fight each other and I found a bit of pleasure in the fact that Ji Wook pretty much owned him.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 7.35.53 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-23 at 7.36.16 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-23 at 7.36.27 PMThey get arrested and Ji Wook won’t  settle so they both end up in jail which gives Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee a chance to look in Hyun Soo’s apartment for evidence. Which I think is stupid because whatever they find will be tainted. But then we see that Ji Wook told Eun Hyuk that if he couldn’t find anything to make sure they had a knife to plant.

Okay, seriously? This is how Bong Hee was almost convicted a crime she didn’t commit. Yeah, I know he already confessed but it is sooooo not cool that they’d do the same thing. After Ji Wook’s released from jail (he agrees to settle the next morning) he discusses the knife with Eun Hyuk. They have Ji Wook’s clothes that are covered in Bang’s blood so they can put the blood on the knife and then plant it back in Hyun Soo’s apartment.

Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk argue over who should do it and then Bong Hee joins them saying she’ll do it instead. Oh for the love of all that’s sane. Bong Hee was framed for a crime herself, how can she agree to do this? But we find out that almost everyone in the firm is playing the blame game. They all feel responsible for Bang getting stabbed. Whether it was going to see Bong Hee instead of Bang or canceling on drinks like CEO Byun did. So that translates into possibly throwing away their life and career to take down the bad guy.

Hyun Soo is totally OCD and notices all the tiny shifts of his stuff, tipping him off that they were in his apartment. He sends Ji Wook pictures of everyone that Wook loves as a threat. Ji Wook confronts him right away, and tells him to stay away from them.

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This spurs Ji Wook to decide the knife was a bad idea and says he’s going to discard the knife and catch Hyun Soo the right way. Instead of literally getting rid of the knife like he should have, he sticks it in a draw. The other lawyers agree with him and they keep digging into Hyun Soo’s past.

Bong Hee found a list of people on Bang’s desk so they start there and interview them again. One guy is pretty cagey with Eun Hyuk. He tells him that he didn’t know any of the people Hyun Soo killed but once Eun Hyuk’s gone he gets freaked out that the other guys are dead. And he’s right to be scared because Hyun Soo is following him and looks to be thinking of when would be the best time to off him.

That knife that they didn’t discard gets taken to of the drawer by a person wearing gloves and placed back into the holder in Hyun’s Soo’s kitchen. We only see dress shoes so we are left in the dark as to who planted the knife.

Prosecutor Cha finally gets a search warrant and searches Hyun Soo’s house. When he sees that they find the planted bloody knife, he makes a break for it.

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Ji Wook was tipped off to the search (I think, it could have been that someone called him to notify him that the knife was now in Hyun Soo’s apartment) and he arrives just as Hyun Soo speeds past. He follows behind the police and then another man in a car follows him. It’s the cagy guy that Eun Hyuk interviewed. They all chase Hyun Soo until a car hits him in the intersection. It’s the the cagy guy and he speeds away leaving Hyun Soo sprawled on the ground.

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My Thoughts:

Now that we’ve gotten through all that we’ll talk about a few character moments. I loved that our little family rallied around Bang and truly acted like a family. CEO Byun’s loud rambling in the hospital room really showed how much he cared. And his story about his dad being silent but once his mom was in a coma he wouldn’t shut up was adorable.

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Bong Hee was a support to Ji Wook but I wanted to kick all of them in the butt when they allowed self blame to cloud their judgment. If Bong Hee hadn’t been framed by having a knife planted in her apartment I probably wouldn’t be so hard on the three lawyers, but I was very disappointed they considered it. Yeah, they all said it was a last resort but it really shouldn’t have been an option.

I am glad that they worked as a team and didn’t keep everything from each other. I couldn’t handle them lying and trying to do things on their own.

As for the killer… the synopsis says he has amnesia and keeps repeating the same murder and thus far there has been nothing of the kind. My guess is we will now enter a short interlude where they all think they’re safe and then the killing will start again. We have a lot of drama left for him to be dead so this is the only thing that makes sense. And we do still have that planted knife that will come back and bite someone.

If you missed the epilogue you should go back and watch because it was the only cute moment of the episode.

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