Suspicious Partner Episode 31 & 32

1a34.jpgAHHHH!  So much angst it makes me want to skip this week and jump to next week.  However, I am a dedicated blogger and will suffer through all the noble idiocy for my readers.  Thankfully, it looks like we might be jumping to happier times sooner than later.  So let’s jump right in and discuss what happened so we will be all ready for our happy OTP to return.

The Breakup

We all knew it was coming. Bong Hee knows what Ji Wook was so poorly hiding from her. The fact that her father was convicted of killing his parents is a game changer, at least for Bong Hee. Ji Wook continues to fight for their relationship to remain normal which is something that I have to give him credit for. It is a rare kdrama hero that doesn’t at least dump the damsel when parental murders are involved.


In the end, they come to the agreement that Bong Hee will simply take a “vacation” from work and Ji Wook. This compromise came after Ji Wook’s refusal of Bong Hee’s resignation letter. Luckily he had Bong Hee sign a two-year contract so she can’t just run away. They say that time heals all wounds… Hopefully, this time of reflection will heal quickly since these two are meant to be.

Frenemies 4 Ever

OH MY GOODNESS!  Bong Hee leaving Ji Wook’s house and crashing at Ji Hae’s house was the plot twist I never even knew I wanted.  This new dimension to their relationship was pure perfection.  I especially loved how Bong Hee stated that to crash at a friend’s house was shameless but to crash at someone’s house she hates is revenge.  Ha! And then Ji Hae agreed with Bong Hee’s  logic and let her stay on her couch.

Who knew that I would end up enjoying Ji Hae’s character so much at this point.  She turned from home wrecking hussy into a snarky coworker, a twitterpated twit, and a pretty solid frenemy.  So many layers for what is usually a pretty straightforward character trope.

Hospital Smooches

SQUEEEEE! And here I was lamenting that we were not going to get any good skinship til they got past the whole my dad killed your dad shtick. Moping herself into a severe fever, Bong Hee is taken to the hospital by Ji Hae. Who promptly calls Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk. They, of course, rush to Bong Hee’s side which results in a great kissing scene. A kiss that Bong Hee doesn’t remember since she was more or less delirious. Well, if I was going to dream of anything in a fevered state, it would be Ji Wook. He is might swoon worthy. It also looks like they are slowly moving us past the worst of the separation angst.

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Korean Harry Potter

You know I usually ignore the crime of the week. They tend to be pointless except to move our character’s to self-realization. This week is no different except for the fact that the client is the cutest little glasses wearing ball of fluff EVER. Seriously, I would totally be open to adopting another child if they were this adorable..;a1a2s4a4

Witnessing a murder at a gas station, the kid is being forced by the police to testify. Little Harry Potter calls in Bong Hee who had previously taught his taekwondo class. Taking on the case, Bong Hee is forced back to the offices and her co-workers who are thrilled to see her. Even if she is bringing a kid into their lives, and not just any kid, but a kid who Bong Hee decides needs to stay with Ji Wook until he decides to testify or not (Ha, his expression was priceless.)

This brings forward a few questions,

  1. The boy says he is an orphan who is living with an ugly aunt and uncle.  That is all well and good, but shouldn’t they be present as the boy’s guardians?
  2. I admit that sleepover shenanigans are adorable.  But again?  Is sleeping in the same bed with some random non-related person kosher?
  3. And this is important enough to mention more than once. The kid has witnessed a murder, is still going to school and getting picked up by adults that he has only known for a few days. Where the bejibbers are his legal guardians? Sorry. As a mom, this is a hard part to get past.


Regardless of the legalities of living with JI Wook, little Harry Potter bonds with the older man and they both gain the strength to face their demons. Harry Potter’s by IDing the policeman who had murdered the store owner. Ji Wook’s by remembering that when he picked out Bong Hee’s dad as the killer, it was only because the evil Attorney General had coached him on who to ID. Ugh. That man is pure slime. But on an up note, the doubt of Bong Hee’s father and his guilt is running strong and it is only a matter of time until the truth comes out and our OTP can be smooching again.

He’s Back

We went a whole two episodes with almost no serial killer drama and I was thoroughly enjoying the break.  Sadly, that hiatus is over since Hyun Soo is awake and looking creepier than ever.  Being the queen of bad luck, Bong Hee is in the room with the killer when he arises from his coma.  Eeek!  I want to know why he wasn’t handcuffed to the bed rail?  You would think a serial murder suspect would have a little bit more restraint than just the random person coming into his room to spout monologues.



UGH. I can’t decide if I am happy our bad guy is back or annoyed he wasn’t gone longer? A lot of people are thinking he is going to either have amnesia, or possibly fake amnesia. Either way, I have a feeling he might slip through the cracks again to cause havoc. But seeing him up and about, I have one burning question. Why the fudge did the cops not have him handcuffed to the bed? He is a known criminal, most likely a murderer, and there he is free to roam as soon as he opens his eyes. Consider me baffled by the lack of restraint for a criminal.

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