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KBS2 has a new drama coming out this September, called Girls’ Generation 1979. That Korean title is gonna make it show up in some interesting web searches….

Anyway, the cast includes Bona from Cosmic Girls/WJSN, Lee Jong Hyun from CNBLUE, Chae Seo Jin, and Yeo Hoe Hyun, and the plot synopsis makes it seem like another slice of life drama, with a dark mystery underlying it all.

Girls’ Generation 1979 is set in 1970s Daegu and follows the turbulent lives of a group of teenage girls, led by Lee Jung Hee (Bona), the second daughter of the local toy factory’s owner. Jung Hee is a cheerful 18-year-old who doesn’t like school and rebels against her teachers’ attempts to control her. Much like other girls her age, she daydreams her way through class, falls in love in an instant, and loves pop music.

One day, a transfer student from Seoul, Jung Hye Joo (Chae Seo Jin), joins their class, becoming the center of attention and causing jealousy and bickering among Jung Hee and her friends. Girls’ Generation 1979 is the story of the growing friendship between Jung Hee and Hye Joo, despite their initial rivalry. Woven into the plot is the mystery of the growing number of sexual assaults in Daegu and the female workers at the toy factory who keep disappearing, one by one.

Girls’ Generation 1979 will air on Mondays and Tuesdays from September 11 through October 3rd on KBS2. (Yes, you read that right. Our sources say there are only 8 episodes, so soak up the gorgeousness that is Lee Jong Hyun while you can!)


Happy viewing, kdrama fans!

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