While You Were Sleeping Episode 29 & 30

This drama just sneaks up on a kaddict. Here I am minding my own business attempting to watch really fast before bed and them BAM! All the feelz. Come join me as I gush (Yes, there is some serious verbal gushing about to happen.) and share all the best moments of Ep 29 & 30 of While You Were Sleeping.

Who’s the bigger bad guy?

For a while there I was starting to think that maybe Yoo Beom was not the big bad we assumed he was.  Sure, he is a scummy lawyer with almost no ethics, but he did feel remorse and tried to wash his guilt away (literally.)

But after this week I don’t think we can give him any kind of leeway.  Yoo Beom and The IV Killer decide that they have to quiet Hong Joo before she reports their secrets.  Which means it is finally time for Hong Joo’s death vision to come true.   Using her wits to find out the location and time of her death from the serial killer chick, Hong Joo provides Jae Chan the info he needs to come save her.

But before Hong Joo’s rescue, Yoo Beom uses the situation to kill off his blackmailer,Serial Killer Girl, pop a pill to make sure he is drugged when help arrives and set the stage for him to become the victim/survivor. UGH, He is such a scuzzbucket.

Yoo Beom has been consistently horrible, but I think his scummiest moment comes when he goes to apologize to the son of the man he framed for the serial killings. Not only is he full of lies and lackluster apologies (making the gesture only for the cameras) but he openly smirks at the kid when the cameras couldn’t see his expression. I don’t blame the kid for attacking Yoo Beom. If anyone deserves a beating it would be him. I just am sad that because of Yoo Beom’s manipulation of the facts, him getting attacked just adds to his notoriety.

Saved in the nick of time

But before we jump too far in the future, let’s take a step back and discuss how Hong Joo is rescued. Due to her finding out her location for Jae Chan’s vision, Hong Joo is injected with poison but saved by Jae Chan who gives her CPR till the Paramedics arrive. Thank goodness our IV killer likes to monologue so that Jae Chan knows how to save Hong Joo. Otherwise, she would have been toast.

Needless to say Yoo Beom is not thrilled to discover that Hong Joo is alive and kicking.  Also, she remembers enough to testify in court that he is a murderer not a hero.

This is some top level bromance happening

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment and squeal about all the amazing bromance moments we had this episode. And I am not just talking about the obvious one between Jae Chan and Woo Tak. We had some pretty solid high school boy bromance as well as a Chief Choi and Jae Chan moment that brought me to tears. ACK! The feelz are real people.

Let’s start by discussing Chief Choi & Jae Chan who had one of the most heartfelt moments in the hospital after Hong Joo’s almost death. Jae Chan is ready to go and beat Yoo Beom but Chief Choi stops him before he can ruin his chances of being the prosecutor in charge of the case. Jae Chan just falls apart and cries out in sorrow over Chief Choi leaving him in his time of need.

Chief Choi explained that if there was going to be any chance at winning a conviction, then he had to do the right thing and leave the prosecutor’s office. Instead, he is going to work with Yoo Beom and add to the evidence against the crooked lawyer. Chief Choi brings Jae Chan in for a hug and provides the comfort Jae Chan desperately needs. It is so touching that even Hong Joo sheds a tear in her hospital bed as she dreams about the meeting between the two men.

A segment about bromance would be incomplete without sharing our Woo Tak and Jae Chan love. They are so epic together that I almost want to create a couple name for them? Woojae? TakJae? No matter how you combine their names, it just sounds melodious and perfect… just like them.

This episode we have the two men confirm both their friendship and where they stand about Woo Tak’s crush on Hong Joo. They both agree to just pretend that the feelings don’t exist since their friendship means more. Woo Tak asks if this means that he can start speaking informally now and Jae Chan quickly replies that they are not that close of friends. Ha. I love these two so much.

Can you feel the love tonight?

After a stressful bought of working to forget his girlfriend is in a coma, Jae Chan learns that Hong Joo has regained consciousness. Hong Joo awakes and waits outside of the ICU for Jae Chan, knowing that he would be late for visiting hours. Hong Joo admits that she had visions of him the whole time she was unconscious and was totally on top of all the events that had occurred, including Jae Chan’s conversation with Chief Choi at the hospital. Thank goodness she is already informed about all that happened since we can then sit and drink in the beauty of this couple together. So much pretty and so little time to enjoy it. #INeedMoreRomance

Team Psychic 4ever

I am so glad that these three character’s friendship has remained constant the whole drama.  Not even sharing the love of the same girl can tear these three apart.  This scene just made me happy so thought I would share.

Justice comes at a high cost

It would not be a While You Were Sleeping episode without an in-depth court scene.  Am I the only one that thinks that the court scenes have overshadowed the romance a tiny bit?  Not necessarily in a good way either.  But, despite my slight cranky feels regarding kdrama lawyering, this court scene was better than most.  The verbal action was intense as Jae Chan went head to head against Yoo Beom’s boss.  Every time the bad lawyers looked like they were going to sneak ahead, Jae Chan fires back with his truth and logic creating a figurative tie.

It all comes down to Woo Tak taking the stand and telling the court what he had seen on the night of Hong Joo’s almost death.  Which would be fine except when you have two different color umbrellas and a vision that shows if Woo Tak takes the stand his color blindness is going to come to light.  Which in turn means he is going to lose his job.

So here we are….. waiting to see what choice Woo Tak is going to take. Does he admit to his problem or is he going to tell the truth, and take the consequences? I know. I know. He is going to tell the truth because Woo Tak is all that is good and awesome with this life. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great moment. Can’t wait to see what happens. Which leads us to my final comment.

$%)($%*# Cliffhanger

I was so involved in the story that I shouted out loud when the scene stopped before we saw Woo Tak’s big reveal. UGH! I know that is a sign of a great drama but I want my emotional closure now. 24 hours is way too long to wait and see what happens.

Be sure to come back tomorrow as Karie the Maknae closes our While You Were Sleeping recaps.  Also, check out our End of Year reviews as While You Were Sleeping will be making appearances in multiple of our lists.

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