The Fangirl’s End of Year Countdown: Favorite Drama Sismance

Most years we tend to focus more on the bromances than the female relationships.  It is just the way our mind works.  Not to mention that it is only recently that Dramaland has allowed females to have healthy female friendships that didn’t fall apart because of a man.  So we decided that the girls need equal billing and the sismance post has been created.  So come join us as we share those great female friendships that had has squealing throughout the year.


Because It’s My First Life: These three have been friends since their school days and have each other’s back all the way. They never criticize even when they don’t approve. Ji-ho and Soo-ji watch Ho-rang drink and cry and never tell her what to do; they just sympathize.

Father is Strange: It is partly because of the whole family dynamics, but the three sisters are great and support each other really well. Hye-young takes her responsibilities as oldest sister seriously and trouble-shoots for the others to the extent of threatening a bully. She has sleep-overs and gives them presents. Mi-young indulges the youngest sister and lets her sleep on the bed while she is on the floor, and Ra-young looks up to her unnies and asks their advice. Really a lovely family.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: I still remember the squad of women who worked in the ER. Head Nurse Oh was the heart of these; sometimes siding with her nurses agains the doctors, but always supporting Dr. Kim against outsiders. The resident from China, Dr. Woo, is really part of this as she was a volunteer in the beginning. I would say Nurse Park is an honorary member, as he was always right there to back up Nurse Oh.


We are still counting Legend of the Blue Sea, right? Because I loved the friendship in that drama. I mean, come on, they meet at a clothing donation box and a lifelong friendship is made. I pretty much loved all the friends in this one, but it was awesome to see Jun Ji Hyun and Hong Jin Kyung reunited. They also played friends in My Love From the Star and I want to be a part of any Girl’s Night they have.

Fight For My Way wasn’t my favorite drama, but I loved the relationship between Ae Ra and Soel Hee.  This is what true friendship looks like, you are there through the good and the bad and you share everything. These two were practically sisters and I loved their interactions together.

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(My two favorites were taken by Tellzeytalks)

Suspicious Partner: When this drama started I HATED both Yoo Jung and Ji Hae. They seemed to feel like they deserved their respective guys over Bong Hee and I wanted to kicked them both to the curb. But somewhere after the halfway mark they provided some pretty great comedic breaks with Ji Hae getting all the digs in on Yoo Jung we wanted to and then eventually the girl allowed Bong Hee (her frenemy) to crash on her couch. By the end these three were a total hoot to watch together.
Go Back Couple: The three main girls in this were such cute friends and I was so happy when they managed to change Choen Seol’s future. There friendship added to the college feel of the drama and it was nice to know that in the future they’d all still be there for each other when they were older. I also feel like we should add Mom into the sismance for this drama. Jin Joo got to go back in time and be her mom’s friend for a short time. It gave me so many feelzzzzzzz.
Girls’ Generation 1979: One of the true to nature things Jung Hee does is instantly dislike Hye Joo. They live in the country and Hye Joo is a pretty girl just transferred from Seoul. Who wouldn’t be a little jealous at first? Jung Hee is pretty honest with herself about the fact that it doesn’t really make sense not to like the new girl since she didn’t do anything wrong. The slow and steady way these two become best friends was a lovely thing to behold. Even when Hye Joo’s family was accused of being communists Jung Hee stood by her side. The scene when Hye Joo had to leave school brought me to tears. In the end they never let the boy come between them and it made their relationship that much stronger.


I think that everyone has mentioned most of the great sismances of 2017.  I suspect that a few of the dramas I was not able to get to yet (Age of Youth 2 and Avenger’s Social Club) had some great sismances… at least according to my twitter list.  Sadly, I won’t get to watch those til they are up on Netflix so can’t comment 1st hand.  There is one that I remember loving that has yet to be taken.
School 2017 : I have to admit that this was not a drama that I loved.  For some reason I just couldn’t connect.  HOWEVER…. the two main girls were adorable together.  I could watch them bumble through life forever.  Sadly, there was a lot of other stuff that I didn’t find as interesting and I dumped it half way through.   But since they had a memorable sismance I think they deserve to be on our list.
So many positive female relationships.  As kaddicts and female ourselves, we could not be happier.  Be sure to share your favorite sismance in the comments and check out our other End of Year posts HERE!
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  1. Well, you didn’t say Korean drama only so – I vote for the girls friendship in Rak Kan Panlawan – a just finished and also just subbed Thai lakorn.

    The lead, Tulyana is a tomboy – she dates girls – but when she gets dumped three times in a row, her two best friends are there to lend an ear, take her to the fortune teller to find her next love and support her when she unexpectedly decides to start dating men. They’ve known her a long, long time and they are ready to act as her wing women no matter what. Her nerdy friend, Anoma, is even ready to follow her lead and try dating someone she would never have approached before.

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