1st Impression: Jugglers (Spoiler Free)

I don’t even know why I decided to start Jugglers. To say that my drama watching schedule is over-packed would be an understatement. In the end, it just comes down to the fact that I can not let a possibly good drama remain unwatched. Before I knew what was happening I had pushed play for the first episode and here we are. So come join me and see if this is somehow going to become a staple in my schedule or if I decide it is an easy miss.

UGH.  I think I am going to die with all the awesome dramas that are currently airing.  And Jugglers is included in this list.  I absolutely loved it!


The chemistry was spot on between all the characters. I am including the non-romantic relationships as well! We had cranky bromances, awesome sismances, and some serious sparks that are just waiting to explode into some skinship. Not to mention a cameo by the always sexy Sung Hoon.

I’m very excited to see more of everyone’s connections and how they develop both in and out of the office.


I would never have thought of putting Choi Daniel and Baek Jin Hee together as an OTP. But it surprisingly works really well. They have a peppy banter that just makes them entertaining.

Not to mention we also have Lee Won Geun thrown into the mix. That boy’s smile just makes me happy no matter the role he is playing. I especially enjoy when he is playing a rascally type of character and Bo Yool might be his most rapscallion to date.


I admit that corporate workplace dramas are not really my favorite genre. They either go super cheesy or seriously makjang. But so far and somehow, Jugglers has achieved that perfect middle ground.

There are a lot of inside jokes thrown in to make the audience laugh. But, at the same time, we are invited to care about the hardships these secretaries have to go through being at the whims of persnickety, and sometimes dishonest, bosses. I, personally, have found myself very invested in the leading lady’s story and am interested to see where the story takes us.

Would I Recommend?

I actually would recommend this drama.  Jugglers is one of the more solid dramas that recently premiered and I think it is a hidden gem that is being overshadowed by flashier shows.

I hope this helped a bit for those trying to weed out which of the new shows to watch.  Hopefully, it works better for you than it did me since I have weeded out very few shows so far.

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One thought on “1st Impression: Jugglers (Spoiler Free)

  1. I felt the same way, overfilling drama plate, not in love with Corporate dramas, not a huge fan of Baek Jin Hee…but I just had to add this one because…Daniel Choi. I’m so glad i did. I love the focus on Secretary culture. I’m seeing so many arguments break out in comments on this show about sexism, etc. etc. But I’m just here thinking: But That’s the real world. The majority of personal secretaries today are still women and this show is just focusing on a few. chill.

    All secretaries are over-worked and run into the ground sometimes. i ran into that problem years ago and my bosses were women! I never did anything to the extent that BJH’s character did though! Wow. Mostly i would pick up lunch, or drop off mail at the post-office or something. But it wasn’t a corporate setting, like that.

    There are millions of women in these jobs and just because it doesn’t fit the 2017 world view of certain people, doesn’t mean these Secretaries don’t deserve a voice. It’s a job, just like any other. And it’s a job that tends to stick to traditional hiring. But There are PLENTY of Kdramas out there with male personal secretaries.

    I’m glad these secretaries are getting a voice, even though it’s kind of slapstick, they have stories to tell.

    I look forward to lessons Baek Jin Hee’s character is going to learn along the way. She got quite a schooling in the end, but he was only saying things I noticed about her too. She came across as smug one too many times. I also had to step back and say, wow, that was me at one time too. Not the smugness, but I often got scolded for doing unnecessary things, when there i was thinking I was helping. “Going that extra mile” is great for most things life, but it’s not always appreciated in work and can cause more problems for the boss if you do it wrong or unnecessarily.

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