The Fangirls End of Year Countdown – The Worst Dramas of 2017

Sadly, not every drama that airs is worth our precious time. So come join us as we discuss which dramas need to be labeled the worst of 2017.Kmuse:

When it comes to disappointing dramas one comes to mind above the others.  I was really looking forward to The Emperor: Owner of the Mask and seeing Yoo Seung Ho in a sageuk once again.  But instead of a drama full of wit and intrigue we got a boring mesh of crying and treating the leading lady like a cow who was being fought over by the two men.  She literally had no purpose and I am still in shock at how the writer/director misused Kim So Hyun’s acting talents.


How do you decide on the worst drama? I can’t write about those I didn’t even watch. Of those I dropped, Bride of the Water God lasted only one episode so maybe that was the worst, but Saimdang, of which I saw maybe four episodes, was the most boring. The most annoying would be Revolutionary Love because I was looking forward to Siwon and Kang Sora and just couldn’t take him being such an idiot.

Tomorrow With You- Of all the shows I watched clear through, this was the worst. I was excited to see Shin Min-a and Lee Je-hoon together and thought they would be a really cute couple but they took turns not trusting each other. He never demonstrated the business acumen he supposedly had. We are told he began time traveling because of a train explosion, but she was there as well, so why didn’t she time travel?  There was another time traveler that was built up as a big mystery, but that fizzled out as well.  This drama never lived up to expectations.

Karie the Maknae

The first and only drama that comes to mind for me is Bride of the Water God. I had such hopes for this drama — the premise was excellent, the trailers reminded me of Goblin in all the best ways, and Nam Joo Hyuk’s god hair was superb. Alas, the only thing that held up was the hair. The promising plot fizzled, drowned in a mumble-mouth sea of angst, and the resolution made me scream literary DO NOT DO THIS phrases at the screen. The Greeks LITERALLY had a term for a terrible solution to a play — deus ex machina. If a people from a few THOUSAND years ago had a term for a bad way to end a play, then MAYBE you shouldn’t use it. (I’m still mad. Waste of an excellent second lead in Im Joo Hwan too — he was fantastic. The rest of the main cast….grrrr.)


This year I have been really picky on the dramas I keep on my watch list. I’m a full-time college student and full-time mom, so I don’t have the time to waste sticking with a bad plot line, horrible acting or a snoozefest.  I started a lot of dramas this year and dropped more than I have ever dropped before. I totally agree with the rest of the group about Bride of the Water God. I was so excited for that one and it was so horrible. I think I made it through 4 episodes before I moved on to something else.

My vote for worst drama goes to Missing 9. It had a good cast, and I loved the whole Lost feel to it.  It had a quirky OTP that I liked, and we even had a good villain.  It was interesting to see the back and forth from the past and the present and I just knew this was going to be a great drama.  Until the writing went completely downhill in the last few episodes, and it was so bad I screamed at my TV. I thought about dropping the drama with only 3 episodes left, but I stuck it out.  I haven’t been this mad about a horrible plot line since that horrible drama with Yoona and Ji Chang Wook last year.  To me, the worst dramas aren’t the ones you drop early, it’s the ones you watch all the way through thinking they are going to be stellar and then the writers completely give up.  When they start giving you every trope in the book or even worse, give a redemption arc to a bad guy that really needs to go down in flames, it makes you wish for those hours of your life back.

Kdrama Jen:

I don’t have time to waste on boring dramas, so if I am not drawn in by the fourth episode, then I abandon ship. I found this year, though, that I would start some dramas, but then forget to finish them. So, I have to assume they were not good enough to keep my attention. What I want to talk about here, though, are the dramas that had potential, but ended up disappointing me.

Bride of the Water God: I never finished it. I was so excited to have something to fill that Goblin-sized space in my heart. This one just didn’t deliver.

King: Owner of the Mask: I persevered and watched until the end because of Yoo Seung Ho. There were some moments of brilliance, but the plot was convoluted, the main heroine faded into the background, and I was rooting for the daughter of the villain instead of the leading lady. It was disappointing.

My biggest disappointment, though, was Lookout because I absolutely LOVED it right up until the very end. The ensemble cast was amazing and the leading lady had substance and grit. I totally forgot to nominate the evil killer rich boy for worst villain too! I just want them to change the last bit and then it could easily surge to the top!

Did your least favorite drama make the list?  Let us know in our comments and be sure to check out all our End of Year lists HERE.

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8 thoughts on “The Fangirls End of Year Countdown – The Worst Dramas of 2017

  1. Missing 9 – easily the worst. I admit to finding several of the others boring. I also totally agree about King of Masks – it was uneven & I was completely on team Yoo So Hee LOL. She was soooo much more interesting than the other girl. I cheered for Kim Myung Soo’s performance, tho!
    I don’t agree that Revolutionary Love was bad – I enjoyed it a lot & don’t understand the hate. As for Habaek, well, I was expecting pretty, & I got pretty. Plus it was very funny much of the time, and I never for one nano-second took any of it seriously at all. So I escaped all the let-down & worry over plot holes & logic fails :d
    Now, Lookout, tho, WHY is this even mentioned here? I mean, cause it’s not a happy ending? Really? Cause how boring that would be – all happy, or all sad, or all anything for that matter. Lookout was very good indeed & does not need mention in a ‘worst of the year’ column.

  2. I was sadly disappointed in Strongest Deliveryman. I was so looking forward to Go Kyung Pyo’s leading man debut, but the female lead character was violent, obnoxious and unlikable, the plot was tedious, and the whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth.

  3. Mine would be Bride of the Water God. Well fans of Nam Joo Hyuk might not like this, but its best for him to not to take on any leading roles just yet, because his skills really doesnt up to the par! I liked him enough in Bok Joo, but it seems to me that Nam Joo Hyuk clearly doesnt up yet for heavy roles; its best if he chooses much smaller or supporting roles to honed his acting skills first. I was not the kind of person that choose looks over skill; so no matter how handsome he looks as the Water God, its just doesnt work for me. Plus the heroine; sorry i couldnt remember her name but there’s not chemistry either. Hot kissing scenes, but i couldnt even feels the tension. I’m rooting more for the second lead couple; they made the drama sound at least a little bit interesting, and nothing more. Hope the production team would take much further consideration whenever they want to make an adaption out of manhwa, because for sure there are much factor that need to be look out for; but certainly this Bride of the Water God was a failure product.

  4. Every Asian drama that I did finish watching this year (which wasn’t a lot to begin with) was pretty good. However, I did drop “My Shy Boss” halfway in. It just wasn’t my taste. I didn’t like how it dealt with social anxiety and mental health.

    • I talk about this a little bit in the podcast, but I like half of Hwarang. If it could have been JUST the flower knights, I think it would have been a great series. But the politicking and the romance (which I didn’t hate but didn’t love) dragged it down.

  5. The biggest disappointment this year was Suspicious Partner. I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pizza product placement that I just couldn’t watch it any more.

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