Podcast Episode 5 – Pick Your Drama Pony!

Join us for today’s mini podcast where The Fangirls fight tooth and nail in order to have our listeners choose their drama pony.  Be sure to listen and let us know who your vote is for in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 5 – Pick Your Drama Pony!

    • So glad you’re loving Just Between Lovers. I’m also watching Chief Kim and it’s so funny. Junho plays a great villain that you just can’t hate.

  1. I really enjoy your podcasts fam! I think y’all have convinced me to give Money Flower a chance lol…I have seen Jang Hyuk in Fated to Love You and thought he was great but am ready to see him in a more serious role

    Also the dramabeans vlogs are so great, but I’m sad they haven’t posted one so far this new year :/

  2. Just Between Lovers!!!
    This drama was SO good. They acting was great, the pacing was perfect, the storyline was deep- I kind of jumped into it as an after thought, as I’ve got a full plate of dramas right now, but this one quickly moved to the top of my viewing list with all the feels. 😍
    I think I’m going to have to watch Chief Kim now too… you guys, there is just not enough time in the day! 😝

    So, a suggestion/query… is it possible for you all to keep a running list of what you’re currently watching, updated on the blog or on FB? There have been a few dramas lately that I’ve been watching and I’m curious if any of you are watching too?!

    Loving the podcasts ladies – keep up the great commentaries!! 😁

    • Yay!! So glad you’re watching Just Between Lovers. It is such a phenomenal show. I’m so sad it has ended though I still have the last two episodes to watch. I’ll take you suggestion back to the others and see what we can come up with. Thanks for listening!

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