First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Todome no Kiss (Kiss That Kills)

Japanese dramas are usually not on my radar as much as Chinese or Korean. But every now and then something just catches my eye and I have to give it a try. OK, I’ll admit that I am watching this because the leading man looks really really hot in this poster. Luckily, the drama turned out to be top notch and I can’t get enough of Todome no Kiss. Come find out why I think you should join me for this fun and quirky descent into smooch induced time leaps.

Sexy leading men always are a good thing….

I think the first reason everyone should give this drama a try is the talented actor Yamazaki Kento who portrays our leading man Eight.  He dazzles as the sexy host running from his angsty past.  His style, expressions, and pretty much every ounce of his vibe is perfect.   He is so realistic as a host that I also can only nod my head and admit I see why all these women are paying for his company.

A complex and engaging plot

Even more important than a sexy leading man/lady is a well-scripted plot……and so far Kiss that Kills has it in spades. One thing I love about Japanese dramas/anime/movies is that the writers are often allowed to go outside the box for their ideas. It doesn’t get more outside the box then a serial kissing stranger who’s smooch sends one back 7 days in the past. It is especially exciting when the lead actor connects with the character and adds the outlandish plot a bit of realism. I am thoroughly engaged with the characters and wondering where the story is going to take us.

Twists and turns

I won’t give any spoilers, but just take it from me, that everything is not how it appears at first kiss.  Again, I am excited to see where this quirky concept takes us.

Memorable side characters

Before you write me off as a shallow fangirl, let me assure you that the side characters are equally interesting. Their quirks complement our sexy leading man. I love how odd our kissing girl is. Creepy and earnest in equal measure. OK, maybe a tad bit more creepy than earnest but the bare bones of character depth are there to be unearthed in future episodes.

If I had to say one negative regarding the drama it would be that the rich princess girl is a bit boring. Maybe she will grow on me in the future, but right now. Meh.

So there you go.  All the ins and outs of my Kiss of Death first impression.  Is this going to be something you check out?  Let me know in the comments and check HERE for other first impression posts.  We love to help connect you to the best dramas airing.

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Todome no Kiss (Kiss That Kills)

  1. Thanks for this article. I am watching it too. I am curious about something. Now, after 8 episodes, did the rich princess girl grew on you? For me, she is still a tad boring (though I appreciate her occasional sparks of sense of justice and her willingness to fight for love), but I think she needs to stay that way, for the plot’s sake.

    • I have to agree that she is boring and without a lot of personality. I really wish I could like her at all. But I still enjoy the story.

  2. I havent watched this. But I’ve been meaning to since discovering Kento in Alice in Borderland. I usually don’t like Japanese acting but Kento seems really natural… That, and his face is satisfying to look at

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