Lawless Lawyer: Five Reasons to Watch After Just One Episode

I have been waiting for Lee Joon Gi to pick a drama that really allows him to showcase his multi-faceted acting talents and his ability to create stellar action scenes. Read on to discover my first impressions and five reasons you should be watching!

Lawless Lawyer tells the story of Bong Sang Pil, a lawyer with a bit of a gangster past, who is out to avenge his mother. Of course, there is going to be much more to the story, but that is what we know right now. Lee Joon Gi plays the part of Bong Sang Pil, and I think he is a fabulous reason to watch! Of course, I have FIVE reasons, so read on…

1. Lee Joon Gi Rocks!

Lee Joon Gi has found his role! He manages to convey a bad-boy vibe, but with a sense of morality and need for justice that just makes me want him to win. He is a lawyer with a past, and once you see where it all began, then you can start to understand what makes him so driven.

2. Seo Ye Ji is awesome

Seo Ye Ji is an actress I have not always appreciated, but she made me take notice in Save Me, and I am now fully on-board after seeing her in just one episode of Lawless Lawyer! Her character is strong and sassy, and I kind of love how she breaks a few rules of her own when her temper is sparked.

3. Baby Hong Gil Dong is in this!

The child actor (Lee Ro Woon) who played young Hong Gil Dong in Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People plays the younger version of Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi’s character). He is extremely convincing and my heart just broke for him.

4. Moms are important

The moms in this story are treated as heroes, and I am all for any show that reminds us of the importance of moms! Moms that sacrifice all for their kids make me just a bit sentimental.

5. Fight scenes!

There is this one jumping scissor kick thing where he ends up wrapped around someone’s neck… Yeah, you have to watch it for yourself!


I know I am only one episode in, but I am so excited about this drama. The gangsters are not buffoons, the revenge plot makes sense, there is potential for some crazy chemistry between our leads, and I am one happy fangirl! These five reasons are just after watching the first episode! So, I look forward to finding even more reasons.

So, what about you? Are you watching? Please comment below!

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8 thoughts on “Lawless Lawyer: Five Reasons to Watch After Just One Episode

  1. On your recommendation, I just watched the first episode. You are right, it is very compelling! I usually don’t go for courtroom/crime dramas, but I’m getting a HEALER/CITY HUNTER vibe from this one which makes me want to watch more. Thanks for the review!

    • Glad you are along for the ride! I agree. This doesn’t feel like it will be a courtroom drama as much as a carefully plotted revenge drama with lots of action.

    • Are you still watching? I lost a little of my love when the plot started to spin a bit, but I still adore LJK and his fight scenes.

    • If you have the time, you can enjoy LJK practicing his fight choreography on his Vlive channel. It is so much fun to see how they put it all together.

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