Podcast 61- The Dreaded Drama Slump

Do you have a case of the kdrama slumps? That horrible realization where you realize that nothing seems to be clicking with your drama watching needs? Come join The Fangirls as they share their current experiences and how they plan to overcome this horrible affliction in this week’s podcast.

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One thought on “Podcast 61- The Dreaded Drama Slump

  1. Nice Podcast! I’m in a big Kdrama slump and it’s not connected to scandals. This isn’t the first though. i’ve gone hiatus for months at a time before. I’m just not interested in what’s out. I would usually watch an older drama or a different Asian drama. I got into some Filipino movies on Netflix, and i have a few Indian ones in my queue – they’re just so darn long with so much music. I’m watching movies on Tubi and Norwegian films, and getting back into Retro American and British shows i’ve wanted watch.

    But I’m building a list of recent Kdramas to check out. I think it’s also because i prefer to wait and binge watch a finished drama then watch week to week. I also prefer some dramas over others. I’m not too into romantic fluff, but then I also don’t want to be a downer only watching crime-based stories. I’m still debating if i should cancel Kowcowa and rejoin Viki Plus. I’m not happy with Kocowa’s app at all and they have so many issues with subtitles.

    I’m really not into in Alzheimer’s tropes so I’ll be skipping those. I don’t find it as something cute and sexy. My grandfather died with it. It’s in the back of my mind if it will reappear in the family since it seemed to skip a generation.

    Youtube Creators make some really great short films too and i found myself binging on so many of those. And then sometimes I’m just not in any mood for any TV at all. I need to get back to reading again too.

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