In Time With You (JP) Episode 14 Recap

Ren feels that he has lost Yo and it is too late to tell her that he likes her. He decides not to let the same thing happen to anyone else if he can help it.

Yo watches people go by, guessing which of them are lovers and talking to Ren in her imagination. Over in Shanghai, Ren does not imagine that he sees her, but his mind wanders enough that his friend, Yang, wonders what’s going on.

Ryusei’s company website uses the wrong promotional picture for their link to Yo’s shoe company, and Director Hayashi is ready to terminate their contract. Yo offers to arbitrate, and when Ryusei and Mr. Tokura come in she explains to them why they were wrong. My Tokura argues with her, but Ryusei apologizes and promises to set it right.

Back in Shanghai, Yang and his childhood friend, Shurei, meet at Ren’s apartment for dinner. Ren tells them he had an opposite gender childhood friend too. He admits he liked her but was afraid to say anything, and now she is dating someone else. Right away, Shurei offers to date Ren, and gets a jealous reaction from Yang!

Director Hayashi announces that Aoe is being transferred to Shanghai. (She is the one who made fun of Yo’s name in Episode 1.) Aoe is being nice now; she thanks Yo for solving the website problem, and apologizes for having been difficult. She says she knew Yo didn’t like her, and is surprised when Yo says, “You’re the one who didn’t like me!”

Yo goes home and catches her dad smoking. She thought he had quit, and muses that she needs to also quit. Quit her habit of calling Ren every day. She almost dials Ren’s Shanghai number, but stops and dials his Japan number instead. (We know that his old phone is turned off.) She leaves a long message just to be able to talk to him, even though she can’t hear his voice.

Meantime, Ren is sitting alone, writing a postcard to Yo. He is having a hard time adjusting to a life without her and really wanted to hear her voice. But he never sends the postcard, putting it away in a drawer with his Japanese phone.

Mr. Tokura changes Yo’s shoe advertisement on his company website again. She questions him on it and he argues heatedly. He has no interest in her input, and walks out when Ryusei comes in. Realizing the problem, Ryusei tells Yo not to worry about work, and that their private life together is more important.

She asks if he wants her to to quit her job, and he turns and blurts out, ”Don’t you love me?” He wants to be first in her life, and asks which she would prioritize, something happening to him, or a problem at work. Then he tells her that he is going to China for a week. As he leaves he sends her a text, which she ignores.

Over in Shanghai, Shurei comes looking for Yang at work. When Ren tells her Yang is out she is about to leave, but he stops her. “I apologize if I’m wrong,” he says, “but do you like Yang?” Ren tells her that he lost the person he likes because he was afraid to say anything, and hopes that doesn’t happen to her. Just then Yang comes in and doesn’t look too pleased to see them together.

Yo and Aoe come across each other staying late at work. Aoe talks about finishing up loose ends before she moves to Shanghai, and about being a single mother. Referring to her ex-husband she asks, “Why do we fall in love with someone who’s not right for us?”

Just then Yo gets a call from Ryusei’s secretary that he was in a car accident. Aoe calls their Shanghai branch, and Yo calls Ren. He, Yang, and Shurei start calling hospitals and police stations. They find the right hospital, notify Yo, and are waiting there outside Ryusei’s room when Yo arrives.

Ryusei is wearing an oxygen mask, but he is able to talk and tells Yo about the accident. He promises to never make her sad and asks her to marry him right then. She tearfully agrees, he pulls off his oxygen mask and she kisses him.

Once again Yo calls Ren on his Japanese number just to talk. She thanks him and says she’s decided to marry Ryusei. (I thought that ring on her finger meant that she already decided? Yes? No?) She promises to be happy and that this will be the last call, and calls him her dearest best friend.

I am a little bit surprised, after seeing Yo start to appreciate Ren in the last episode, for her to be so firmly back with Ryusei. Part of the reason is how controlling he is, which we are recognizing now. After his initial attempts at pleasing Yo no matter what, Ryusei is becoming more demanding. I decided it’s appropriate that his office is decorated in black.

How are they going to solve this in two more episodes?


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3 thoughts on “In Time With You (JP) Episode 14 Recap

  1. I skipped the in between episodes because I just couldn’t stand her stupidity and willing blindness, it was irritating and unnecessary. You have more patience than me.

    • I agree that they dragged it out – it was several episodes longer than the original was. That’s what happens sometimes when you recap something! I would have liked more time with the brother and sister, I thought they had more spark than anyone else in the show.

  2. See, in my opinion no matter how much you want to get married you she shouldn’t have stayed in a relationship with Ryusei, he is super abusive and controlling. I just couldn’t believe sane woman, with strong family support and good friends will stay with him. Even counting the cultural differences and so on.
    And because I FF and skipped so much I didn’t even know there was a story with the brother and the sister…..

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