Top 5 Kpop MVs: What Are You Listening To?

Y’know, without MiataMama, these posts would not happen nearly as often as they do. She does a great job of curating the new kpop that comes out every week, throwing the songs I like most my way and pushing me to try new groups. I totally need to credit her as a co-writer!

Come see what has caught our ears this week and tell me if we missed anything!

Mamamoo – “Destiny”

This one actually goes to Kmuse. She’s a huge Mamamoo fan and posts their videos on our kbesties group chat all the time. What can I say? I have caved — Mamamoo’s stage presence during this performance completely won me over.

Stray Kids – “Astronaut”

The ability of Stray Kids to go from hard-hitting anthems like “Miroh” to playful songs like “Astronaut” never ceases to amaze me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to nail down their concept in just one word, but I DO think you should enjoy this light-hearted entry into the Stray Kids’ discography.

Eric Nam – “Congratulations”

I guess it was only a matter of time before Eric Nam gave us a fully English album! “Congratulations” embraces the irony of a long-awaited breakup and the relief it can bring.

Hynn – “Bad Love”

I’ve never heard of Hynn before, but this woman has some pipes! I’m not even sure her full potential was tapped for this song, and I’ll keep an eye out for more from her for sure.

Changjo – “Never Anything”

This song was recommended on ATEEZ’s radio show by JongHo, who is a talented vocalist in his own right. I was telling MiataMama that if Gaho ever decided to go the R&B route, Changjo might have some competition.

There you go, kpop fans! Let these tunes delight your ears while you drop down in the comments and let me know who influences what you listen to.

Until the next record spins, I remain —

Karie the Maknae (with co-author credit to MiataMama!)

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