First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Please Don’t Date Him

Sometimes there are dramas that fly under the radar, but still have a really promising cast and plot. Come see if Please Don’t Date Him is worth checking out!

The Connected Engineer

Song Ha Yoon (Devilish Joy, Fight for My Way) is playing Seo Ji Sung, an AI engineer who’s gotten into a rut. She’s intelligent and focused when she needs to be, but her character is well-rounded enough to be silly when she’s scared or when she’s with her girlfriends. Currently, she’s working on a fridge that keeps an inventory of its food and will make menu suggestions, but it never seems to work quite right.

The Analog Firefighter

Lee Jun Young (Good Casting) plays Jung Guk Hee, a firefighter who really doesn’t see the need to be as connected as the rest of society. He’s happy with his watch, his cassette player, and his own internal GPS. I’m loving just how sincere and good he is — he feeds stray cats and is always on the lookout to help people in need. The fact that he forgets that he even has a smartphone cracks me up, but also feels like a natural part of his character.

Light-hearted with Serious Undertones

Please Don’t Date Him isn’t shy about shining a light on social justice issues right away, but they’re written really well into the script, instead of just being a prop piece that the main character can lecture about. They definitely move the story forward, and I like seeing how well they’re being handled. There’s a lot of situational humor, too, and I’ve laughed during every episode I’ve watched.

Would I Recommend?

I ended up binge-watching the first three available episodes, so I would definitely say I’m addicted! This drama is funny without being slapstick, and serious without being heavy. The secondary characters are a lot of fun too — Ji Sung’s girlfriends have their own problems that don’t feel completely overdone, and one of them serves rather . . . interesting . . . organic juices at her cafe. They definitely speak for her, and have cracked me up more than once. I have high hopes for a happy ending, which I definitely need to cleanse my palate after the nonsense that was DoDoSolSolLaLaSol‘s ending.

What do you think, drama fans? Are you interested in watching Please Don’t Date Him with me? It’s only airing one episode a week for 10 weeks on Kocowa, which is just the perfect level of commitment for me right now.

Until Ji Sung kicks the fridge again, I remain —

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9 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Please Don’t Date Him

  1. Based on your recommendation I tuned in and laughed too! Thanks for the heads up. Will continue to watch the analog verses digital life approach. (secretly voting analog)

  2. I started watching after hearing it mentioned here, I think, and while it seems “drama lite”, I really enjoy parts of it. I like shows where people have jobs and enjoy doing them, I enjoy snapshots of various workplaces, I like heroines who have good girlfriends and who enjoy dressing however they feel like. I really disliked her fiancee’s behavior but – I’m even starting to feel a bit for him. He doesn’t deserve her but he is actually much nicer than his friends. Can’t wait for more!

  3. The movie shouldn’t be titled – “Don’t date him” it wud be precise to say “Don’t date HER” Cz both friends of female lead are ugly and undateable on the inside..worst personalities!
    Currently watching… Very predictable scenes but good drama until now… I am praying for the café owner and her husband’s relationship, I am currently in fourth episode and I feel a bit weirded out by the relationship between café woman and the firefighter guy… Café woman’s husband is going thru a fragile period, and she has kinda started to like this guy and also saw his 3 kids .. I don’t like where their relationship is heading to also, the look the ex of the female lead look waaay too bad and obvious. Drama producers shud stop with obvious roles and let the viewers adapt and decide a bit… Drama is about a story by development and not a statement/message which happens in movies. But, most k-dramas today are bland in that way and everything seems waaay too direct and statement-ish.
    Also, the other friend the female lead has…my god she is the worst!! Don’t even ask me whr i shud get started… This comment from an opinion will change into an insult… She doesn’t have a character per se.. just a sex maniac who expect s good from others wen she herself has a trash personality!
    Update1: ep.6 currently watching.. pretty much clear to me that the café owner doesn’t deserve her husband. The moment she understood his sperms were weak to reproduce, she subconsciously started looking into male lead’s firefighting partner ….. So dirty is her mindset that I am really pissed by her attitude..her true face is real ugly and I actually feel sorry for the husband.
    Update 2: reached Episode 7 and decided to stop watching this series… This is the first drama that made uncomfortable and squirmish. I mean except for the Male lead and Female lead evry1 else is a horrible personality/character. The one character of café owner that I loved in the start is the very reason I decided to stop watching anymore, her character makes me feel like vomiting on her face, I mean how horrible can u become? U emotionally and psychologically cheated with another man even let ur close friend know that u r cheating on ur husband (indirectly). Also, the worst part being u insulted him his manhood and his authority (in a loving sense) over u in front of the man u r cheating wid and guess what?!?!? GUESS WHAT?!?!?! U THINK UR HUSBAND ID CHEATING!!! SERIOUSLY!!! HOW WORSE AND LOW CAN THIS PERSON GET? SHE REALLY DOESN’T DESERVE HER HUSBAND I REALLY DON’T CARE IF HE’S A horrible person, she doesn’t deserve anybody.. literally!

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