Top 5 MVs: The 8

You know what’s really fun, so fun that I do it ALL THE TIME? Falling down a rabbit hole! Come see the goodness I found when I took a deep dive into The 8’s solo works. SPOILER: I was NOT disappointed. 

So, a brief background on The 8, also known as Xu Ming Heo. He’s a Chinese member of the kpop group Seventeen and their lead dancer. In fact, he was chosen as a dance mentor for season 2 of Idol Producer — he’s that good! Trust me, that’s relevant later on. He’s also a phenomenal vocalist — his light tenor is perfect for the bops he’s chosen. 

“Side By Side”

This is an adorable little bop that just FEELS like flirting, and the MV is a great little push and pull scenario. 

“Dreams Come True”

I love this jazzy little number and how well it showcases The 8’s dancing skills … and his love of Versace.

“Falling Down”

Contemporary Art compilation — the simple stage and lighting highlight The 8’s ability to express himself so fluidly and evocatively. It really is poetry in motion.


Contemporary Art compilation continued — Traditional instrument meets modern melody and choreography in this interpretative nature-based piece. It’s fluid, it’s evocative, and the martial arts influence is highlighted by The 8’s breath-taking agility. In a word, this piece just FLOWS.

“Doodle Diary”

This is the comfiest looking of the MVs, with an indie coffeehouse vibe interpreted on a bare stage. The 8’s chameleon-like abilities to adapt to genres and environments is art itself.

Is there anything else that I should have found in The 8’s rabbit hole? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next deep dive, I remain —

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