Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 5

One true wish for Doom will end the world. Withhold the wish, and the person you love the most dies. Dong Kyung has decided that Myeol Mang is the person that she’s going to love the most. The lines between our OTP are already starting to get a little fuzzy thanks to the childlike god who runs Doom’s life. Speaking of Doom’s life… it’s obvious that his life isn’t “normal” for an immortal. He has too many human emotions. Love is the most human of all emotions, and our OTP are obviously falling in love…

Who Are You?

Doom just made a man slit his own throat, and Dong Kyung isn’t reacting in disgust as she should. Actually, none of her reactions are normal and this makes Myeol Mang ask her, “What are you?” He’s so confused and it’s delightful to see him being the one who doesn’t know what’s going on. I love how both of their lives have been turned upside down.

Sibling Complications

Dong Kyung’s little brother is now aware of her illness, and he’s a sobbing mess. That’s a normal reaction to finding out that someone has a terminal illness. Meanwhile, his sister is more irritated than upset. She’s so calm and composed; it’s actually kind of funny. They are in the car, and it’s like parents with a toddler throwing a tantrum. When they get out, he says he supports them, and then he’s off to find a job so he can take care of this sister. As luck would have it, he’s hired by the Hottie Cafe Owner. Our circle of friends is getting tighter because Hottie Cafe Owner is the past love of our writer.

Human Nature or Nurture?

Apparently, Myeol Mang can time travel. He’s gone back through what happened when the crazy guy tried to kill him, and Dong Kyung stepped in front of him. He’s not the only one. Childlike god is there too, and she wants to know why he protected Dong Kyung. He says she did it first (protected him). Now the big question is this: Is it just him or anyone Dong Kyung would have tried to protect? He starts quizzing her, and she’s having fun with it. I love how she twists everything around. Now she’s decided to teach him what makes people do the things they do. It’s time for people watching at the grocery store! They bicker about what drives people’s responses, and it’s so cute. Not as cute as her falling into his arms. Even in her afghan of a sweater, I bet she can still feel the heat from his hands!

Workplace Distractions

Poor Dong Kyung, she just can’t get a break. Doom keeps showing up as her clients and coworkers. Speaking of coworkers, Cha Joo Ik seems a little obsessed with writer Lee Hyeon. I’m so excited! It looks like we will have a fun little love triangle with the writer, her former love, and Cha Joo Ik! Since Myeol Mang has taken over the spot of one of her coworkers, he’s made it his job to annoy her as much as possible. This girl is a saint! He’s handsome but completely annoying. Oh, he’s got the whole office thinking they are a thing! Poor Dong Kyung’s life is one complication after another. He’s taking her suggestion to observe and think to a whole new level. I may have giggled out loud multiple times. He’s annoying, but he’s also charming.

Love Triangles and Brothers

I’m not usually a big fan of love triangles, but I do like a good love triangle for the second lead. This one is shaping up to be interesting. Our lovelorn writer has a childhood love that she can’t forget, and he’s the brother of the chief at the publishing office. I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next with this little grouping. Hottie Cafe Owner is the lost love and he’s so clueless. He seems like the kind of guy who would be careless and break a girl’s heart and never know it.

Temperamental Writers and Immortals

One of the novels Dong Kyung’s company publishes had a mix-up when they released the chapters, and it’s caused a bit of trouble. Now Dong Kyung has to convince a snotty teenager to continue writing. She takes him out for “expensive food,” and he orders spicy rice cakes (snort-laugh). As he continues to be petty, the King of Petty (Myeol Mang) has taken the place of the shop owner, and suddenly they are out of everything. When Dong Kyung rushes to buy more food, Myeol Mang sits down and has a little chat with the writer. It doesn’t quite go to plan, and the writer leaves.

Fate is Fate

While she tries to unravel the mess with the writer, Dong Kyung notices that Myeong Mang is walking with her. She asks how long he’s been following her and he tells her, “Since you were born.” His job is to follow humans since they were born. He follows them privately and sometimes publically, and right now, he’s publically following her. She tells him everyone lives a hard life and she can’t waste her wish on something petty. He covers her eyes and transports her to the ocean. I don’t know about y’all, but the ocean is my happy place. As he reaches out his hand to put it on her head and comfort her, he sees the band-aid she put on his finger earlier. It reminds him that some things are shallow.

Do You Want to Kiss?

Heck yeah! Pucker up, Baby! No, wait, something isn’t right here. She asks if he wants to kiss and he leans in close. It’s beautifully staged with the ocean in the background, but it feels off. She pulls away. The viewer can tell that she’s confusing herself. Part of her really wants to kiss him, and that’s both good and bad. She’s still following her plan, to make him be the one she loves the most. I think she forgot the most important thing about love, though. Love is wild and it does its own thing. You can’t control who you love or how you love.

A New Male Lead

While our OTP agonizes over that almost kiss, our writer and publisher meet up to strike a deal. Oh my gosh, you guys! As he tries to get her to sign a 1:1 deal with him, he asks if she got her hair done. This is a golden unicorn! A man who notices when a woman changes something about her appearance is a total keeper. He asks her not to go to her reunion because she doesn’t need an old love. She needs a new male lead. Fan, a fan, Mama needs a fan! Lee Soo Hyuk is making me go weak in the knees. Those eyes and that voice are just too much!

A Star is Brightest When it Dies

It’s time for Doom to go to work. No, not to kill someone or make them miserable. He’s watching a moment unfold in someone’s life that will change their future. A man in his 50s is getting married. It’s a beautiful moment, but it’s the end of an old life. Our OTP sit on a hill and watch, pondering the ways of the world. She tells him a star is brightest when it dies and that the energy from the old star helps a new star be born. She is so different from the people he knows, and he tells her that he chose the right person when he picked her. He gives her permission to love him.

Final Thoughts

Oh man, this is beautiful and horrible. Beautiful, because our OTP has so much chemistry, and I want to see them fall in love. Horrible because all signs point to a really sad ending. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Childlike god will change things, and the world won’t end. We’ve reached the point of the drama where I’m fully invested, and I want my people to be happy. The main story is interesting, and the side story is fun. I appreciate a well-thought-out drama, and so far, this seems to be pretty cohesive.

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