Top 10 Kpop MVs: Sizzling Hot Summer Songs

It’s August, which means summer break time for students in Korea! It also means Kpop fans have a huge variety of new songs to add to their summer soundtrack playlist. Join me as we check out ALL the fresh tracks this week! 

ONEUS – “Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!”

What do you get when you mix jazzy piano beats with rock guitar and throw in some Mad Max styling for good measure?! A fantastic new music video addition to the Oneus Theatre series. Originally a pre-debut song, this revamped version is, well, crazy hot!

AKMU – “Everest”

AKMU recently dropped a new album filled with a variety of songs, each featuring special guest artist. From IU to Crush, there’s easily a song for everyone! And bonus, each track has it’s own MV!! My favorite is this beautiful guitar-driven piece featuring Sam Kim.

ONF – “Popping”

Each comeback I’ve been adding yet another ONF song to my playlists, and this new bop is destined to get a lot of play at my house as well! The unique addition of the summery flute notes definitely makes this tune a stand out. 

Hi-L – “Too Too (22)”

This debut song from the new girl group Hi-L found its way to my YouTube feed. Before I knew it, I was up and dancing to the bright and catchy Caribbean inspired beat! Also enjoyed the well-balanced vocals and rap in this track.

10cm – “Go Back”

If you’re looking for a more nostalgic and wistful summer tune, this newest single from 10cm might just fit the bill. His unique vocal color makes this song of reflection one that lingers on your heart long after the final notes fade away.

Golden Child – “Ra Pam Pam”

Between the addictive salsa back beat and the dystopian storytelling of the music video, I was totally captivated by this newest song from Golden Child! In fact, their whole album Game Changer is really, really good – definitely check it out!

TEN – “Paint Me Naked”

TEN is back with a new solo single! Fun R&B/rock sound? Check. Smooth and groovy choreo? Check. MV incorporating TEN’s passion for art? Check. Yep, it’s a bop – go watch!  


These rookies are giving me all the throwback, early 2010s girl-group feels! The catchy, energetic beat and the cute costume change-ups are the perfect combo for this new single!

The Boyz – “Thrill Ride”

The Boyz’s summer concept is on point! Whether it’s poolside or at the arcade, they are bringing all the party vibes. I love all the vivid colors and dazzling smiles. Prepare yourself. . . this mv is a whole lot of pretty!!

Gaho – “Ride”

Gaho just dropped his newest single and this fangirl is excited to jam along! The rock beats combined with his signature blues-y high-notes are fantastic – I’m definitely loving this new era of Gaho music and styling! 

What’s your summer music playlist count? Mine’s nearing triple digits! Be sure to share your favorite new songs with me in the comments below! 



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