Top 5 Kpop MVs: Worth the Wait

It’s been a hot minute since this week’s list of artists has gifted fans with new music. But whether it’s a few months or over a year, waiting for the comeback of your favorite artist always feels like an eternity! Are these new songs worth the wait? Well, I think so! Keep on reading to see if you agree.

CNBlue – ‘Love Cut’

Years ago, CNBlue was one of the groups I added to my very first Kpop playlist. So I was thrilled when I found out that, after almost a year since their last release, they were having a comeback. From the opening strains, through the chorus, and into the bridge, their new song ‘Love Cut’ does NOT disappoint!! Bonus: the music video is a lot of fun too! 

Seventeen – ‘Rock With You’

Okay, so maaaaybe it’s only been four months since Seventeen last dropped an album. But I was still excited for the new songs (and amazing choreo) I knew this album would bring! The music styling of their title track, ‘Rock With You’, is giving me The Kid LAROI ‘Stay’ vibes and I’m loving it!! 

IU – ‘strawberry moon’

IU is back after a seven-month break with her sweet and magical new single, ‘strawberry moon’. Strong, yet soft, her perfect vocals combine with this dream-themed MV to delight both the ears and eyes!

Eunhyuk – ‘be’

Where are all my Super Junior fans at?!? Eunhyuk’s new single ‘be’ was a fantastic surprise! Not only did is his smooth and clear voice capture my attention, but the beautiful flow of his elegant dance lines were the highlight of this MV for me!! 

Eric Nam – ‘I Don’t Know You Anymore’

It’s been a little over a year since Eric Nam’s last album, The Other Side, came out. But he’s finally back as an independent artist with his all-new, all-English track, ’I Don’t Know You Anymore’. It may be a break-up song, but I’m in love with the sound and styling of this new single. 

Bonus Track: Paul Kim – ‘Gloomy Sunday’

On it’s own, this song didn’t immediately talk to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like me a good slow song every now and again, and Paul Kim is well known for bringing memorable ballads. But, it was the accompanying story, that played out in the MV for this single, that pulled me in and finally sold me on ‘Gloomy Sunday’. 

Kpop fans, what upcoming comeback(s) are you most anticipating?? Share with me in the comment below!

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