Top 5 Kpop MVs: Doing What They Do Best

I love weeks like this, when some of my favorite groups drop some absolutely amazing MVs, songs, and albums all at once. I mean, happy holidays to me, right?? Come see how ATEEZ, Monsta X, Kang Daniel, FT Island, and debut group Xdinary Heroes have made my holiday merry and bright.

ATEEZ – “The Real”

Somehow, this MV feels like the essence of ATEEZ – talented, over the top, and completely themselves. I love the anime-flavored theme of the storyline, the fusion feel of the instrumentals, Yunho on a motorcycle and Yeosang busting a move. (I don’t usually like mullets, but Mingi is totally rocking his!) This song is on my regular rotation because it makes me so happy!

Monsta X – “Kiss or Death”

Monsta X is bringing it, as usual! This MV and the song are slick and gorgeous, with rich vocals and rich visuals. I spy me some Shownu as well – check it out!

Kang Daniel – “Outerspace”

What can I say? I always love Kang Daniel’s vocals and choreo. Pairing his voice and this song with a rap by Loco was a phenomenal choice and holds up all these months later. 

FT Island – “Unthinkable”

FT Island is back with depth – depth of voice, depth of emotions, and depth in those instrumentals. I would definitely issue an ugly sweater alert for the MV, but who cares, because THAT VOICE. Lee Hong Ki is back!!

Xdinary Heroes – “Happy Death Day”

WHAT A DEBUT! Xdinary Heroes has a different sound, a different look, and “Happy Death Day” hits different in a really good way. Loving this brand new group.

What are you listening to when you aren’t listening to holiday music, kpop fans? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!

Until the next incredible comeback, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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