Top 5 Kpop MVs: Kicking Off the New Year

These MVs are so hot off the presses, they’re literally SMOKING. And maybe figuratively, too. Come check out the awesome new sounds I’ve found to kick off my new year!

Eric Nam – “Lost On Me”

Eric Nam’s new album, There and Back Again, dropped today! It’s full of great songs (crossing my fingers for a “Wildfire” MV!), and this MV for “Lost on Me” is full of beachy goodness and Nam’s dimpled charm.

ONEWE – “Universe”

Will I ever get tired of ONEWE’s gorgeous ballads? No, no I will not. Their ethereal harmonies and instrumental versatility are on full display in “Universe” and I LOVE IT. 

The Rose – “Beauty and the Beast” 

Oh man, the haunting beauty just does not stop with The Rose. This MV is AMAZING, and the song is touching. Love the metaphors winding through the MV – there’s a whole essay there — and I have to admit it: I’m totally in love with The Rose.

P1Harmony – “Do It Like This”

Disharmony: Find Out has been a BLAST to listen to and I’m finding a lot to love in P1Harmony’s comeback album. Their energy reminds me of MCND – youthful and energetic and solid. Crossing my fingers for a “That’$ Money” MV too. 

WOOZI – “Ruby”

This is a SUCH fun solo from Seventeen’s Woozi! He really leans into his charismatic personality, and the high fashion is wonderful to look at, especially when it’s used in contrast to his surroundings. 

What groups are lighting up your January, music fans? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!

Until the next comeback, I remain –

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  1. The Rose is back! I missed them.

    I don’t follow kpop regularly any more, so these posts of yours are always great. I would have missed releases of some of my faves otherwise. Loved ONEWE’s Universe, Yonghoon’s voice just soars…

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